I am interested in hearing from anyone in the North East( gateshead area preferably) that maybe interested in training together. I am particularly interested in application of Kata using pressure points, Sparring,Boxing, Chi kung etc.

I do have some permanent injuries to my knees which has prevented me from doing the kicks that i used to be able to do so i have now been looking for practical ways to enable me to train. I got sick of learning katas and obtaining 'empty' knowledge. I have been to some pressure point seminars and have several dillman books and vids etc. I do find it difficult to find someone that will let me apply some techniques...albeit gently ( at first!)
I consider myself just above novice at pressure points and i know i have an awful lot to learn. I would love to hear from anyone. I would also love to hear from someonethat has some wing chung / kung fu knowledge to swap for some karate jitsu stuff. replies please