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#108173 - 07/05/03 10:44 AM Re: HELP!!!!!! Learning Pressure Points
York Karate Offline

Registered: 06/02/03
Posts: 132
Loc: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Glad to hear you have enough blunt force to drop people with a single punch, good for you.

I weight in at around 250 and am in good shape for a 50 year old man who has been training in one way or another for 25 years and I would be hard pressed to pull that off, nor am I willing to poke someone in the eye but while I have been in many street fights and was a bouncer in a bar for several years I have never found myself in a situation where I felt my life was threatened and thus would feel justified in poking someone’s eyes out.

With 361 regular points on the body with an area of activation the size of a .25$ piece the question is not can I hit a pressure point, but rather making sure you hit it the correct way – using the right method of activation, angle and direction.

So in respect to strikes to the forehead my guess is you are hitting pressure points and at the correct angle and direction out of luck and just don’t know it. The GB cluster on the temple/forehead is an easy KO if done correctly because there are 3 points ”clustered” here.

#108174 - 07/17/03 10:04 PM Re: HELP!!!!!! Learning Pressure Points
Ender Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/29/03
Posts: 2253
Loc: Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Blunt force nothing! It's all about where you strike and how!

You jab an eye, squeeze and twist a guys twig and berries, or smash the floating ribs, and the fight is over.

Who the hell wastes time with a haymaker to the nose?

Not I, said the fly.

#108175 - 09/08/03 03:32 AM Re: HELP!!!!!! Learning Pressure Points
darkside Offline

Registered: 09/08/03
Posts: 2
I am 20 years old....I was very impatient in my quest to learn...when I was younger i saw the movie blood psort, and since then dim mak has fascinated me as well. You can find what you are looking for online, for free. But I will tell you, it will still take a long time, and requires much maturity and respect for the art form....if you are in it jsut to understand how to bring down an enemy with one finger, then dont continue...there is much to take into concideration. 1. it can be lethal 2. these vital points were originally used in medicine and healing and were not intended for harm 3. there are different beliefs and methods to go about them, from Us military, basic functions of pressur epoints, to deep blief systems including ki channels and meridians along with vulnerability at different times of they said above, do not rush. I found that mastering the virtue of patience, and finding your own philosophy will aid you. I couldnt find a school of religion that encompassed wholly what I I devised my own meditation methods, and idea of divinity, and then, the techniques became more understood to me, and the responsibility that comes with the power of learning these techniques became apparent....slow it down a notch

#108176 - 09/08/03 08:28 AM Re: HELP!!!!!! Learning Pressure Points
JohnL Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/24/03
Posts: 4309
Loc: NY, NY, USA
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Ender:
Blunt force nothing! It's all about where you strike and how!

You jab an eye, squeeze and twist a guys twig and berries, or smash the floating ribs, and the fight is over.

Who the hell wastes time with a haymaker to the nose?

Not I, said the fly.

And you also leap mountains at a single bound [IMG][/IMG]


#108177 - 09/10/03 07:32 PM Re: HELP!!!!!! Learning Pressure Points
kempo_jujitsu Offline

Registered: 06/15/03
Posts: 1914
Loc: illinois, usa
i think it should be mentioned that at least where pressure points are concerned...hitting or kicking in an upward direction is NOT the correct angle for hitting the pressure points of the groin. all that does is "squash the family jewels" effective and painful yes, but also possibly considered overkill or unnessecary in the eyes of the law. try punching in and down at a 45 degree angle at the base of the genitals (in front/on top) and see the reaction you might be surprised.
but you dont have to hit directly at that point, that general area "ki center" as it is sometimes called is the area between the genitals and the knot of your belt. just strike or kick there either straight in or down and in at a 45 degree angle.

#108178 - 09/18/03 01:06 AM Re: HELP!!!!!! Learning Pressure Points
BaiginLong Offline

Registered: 09/18/03
Posts: 56
hmmm I'm big on Chinese medicine but I've never heard of these Americanized abbreviations
Oh heh forgot to mention I'm new here

But anyways
Yeah I've been studying martial arts for a long time and it sounds to me (no offence) that YorkKarate learned some McDojo martial arts. Honestly, those points can't be scientifically deduced. I believe very firmly in the old old school teachings of martial arts and mastery of chi. The lines of energy are different for each person and though they may generally lie azround the same area there are varying effects. There is no surefire pressure point you can use against someone. at most I can say that there's a 85% chance of it working each time. However the more experienced you are and the more you've learned about chi you can throw away the diagrams and "divine" the points on your own. I say divine because it evuidently seems way too mystical for the majority western peoples to realize and truly appreciate the foundations of Oriental medicine and martial arts. Nowe I do not mean to insult anyone here. Evidently there are some impressive modern martial artists out there but they will always be diluted from the old world apprenticeship training and techniques.
(gets off soap box now)

also advice for the little guy [IMG][/IMG]
Pressure points are only good if your fingers are really deft and precise. And it takes too long to get yourself to adjust to making extremely precise strikes consistently.
for your situation I would suggest learning how to attack in terms of areas
in less technical terms than YorkKarate I'll say this
the knees and thighs are good areas yes (make it hard for him to stand baby)
also go for kidneys and solar plexis (right under the ribs in the center)
if you know your striking techniques then try knocking the air out of his lungs
if you're small then try using it to your advantage and work on dodging and speed
manipulate his centers of gravity and movement (torso, shoulders)
if you can't hit his head well Adam's apple may be your friend

if you're in a close and you don't want to be lift your leg plant your foot at his hips and shove away

otherwise, try to get close in and use elbows and knees since if he's tall and has long limbs he'll prefer range

in other words you'll be better off with thai boxing in this situation

i would suggest trying panther fist for this but then if you screw up you'd break your own hand so heh oh well
I hope this helps

#108179 - 09/18/03 09:15 AM Re: HELP!!!!!! Learning Pressure Points
York Karate Offline

Registered: 06/02/03
Posts: 132
Loc: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Firstly yes you did mean offence with a comment like that

I must say this is a first however, A DKI school being called a McDojo, I have been called and labelled many things over the years but never this one. (That title is normally applied to large commercial sport karate type schools.) Now according to Black Belt Magazine September 2003 “George Dillman has probably done more for the traditional martial arts than any other person alive”.

Lets see .......I am Canadian therefore I not only know but understand hockey and can play better than all those who aren’t. Well that makes about as much sense as the ethnocentric nonsense you are making in respect to TCM and "westerns".

Pressure points do work, frankly I have never had a person they won't work on when you use them correctly. This deft fingers comments - I assume you are referring to the area of activation. while in acupuncture it is a small area in striking it is an area the size of a $.25 piece, or the size of an eye, people tell you to strike to the eye all the time, so why then is it so difficult to strike a pressure point, just think of dozens of eyes all over the body to hit . If one knows point location and combines this with the correct method of attack and angle and direction them Kyusho works wonderfully. If you combine Kyusho with Qi projection or transfer then you attack is even more effective.

You focus seems to be blunt force and vital points, nothing wrong with them I suppose, but I wouldn't limit myself to this methodology not when Kyusho-Jitsu, Kia-Jitsu, and so many other things are available to be used.

#108180 - 09/18/03 10:36 AM Re: HELP!!!!!! Learning Pressure Points
Kempoman Offline

Registered: 11/15/00
Posts: 1484
Loc: Houston, TX

Welcome to the forum. A few things for posting in the Pressure Point Forum...

We don't get into name calling here and let's do without any references to McDojo's.

If you intend to make these references please provide factual evidence or do not make the claim.

I do not know Gordon personally but I do know his teachers and they are stellar. This will not become a DKI bashing issue.

Thank you for your co-operation, and please continue to post.

Your friendly moderator,

#108181 - 09/22/03 01:51 AM Re: HELP!!!!!! Learning Pressure Points
BaiginLong Offline

Registered: 09/18/03
Posts: 56
hmmm I think I'll have to apoliogize for a misunderstanding
a McDojo as I see it is any standardized school of martial arts
I guess that's a very skewed definition but it took me an insomniac night to figure it out
my apologies YorkKarate

I am a huge opponent of overstandardization as it limits it's further development in the modern world

#108182 - 09/24/03 06:51 PM Re: HELP!!!!!! Learning Pressure Points
Judokid Offline

Registered: 06/04/03
Posts: 184
Thanks a lot for your replies, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This site has definetly the best MA forums on the web that i've seen, and believe me, i've seen a lot of them!!


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