Hello, I'm Daniel. I can't really profess to any official martial arts knowledge as what I know is self taught through knowledge of the body, sparing w/ friends, and following out logical thought patters of cause and effect. I just came across this site today and have already learned some. I also have a tendency to study one form for awhile through books and research and go to another form for awhile to learn different perspectives. When it comes to experience mine is mostly street. My base styles are ground forms emphasizing on choke holds and submission tactics. But also use aspects of various hand strikes from the foreknuckle strike, to the standard punch, even the tiger claw; I mainly only use my legs to attack the legs of my opponent and keep them on edge. I posted this introduction in the pressure point section because the recent style I've looked into is Hapkido which utilizes the atemi and the like and i'd like to learn more about them as well as Reiki. In this area there isn't anyone to teach about such and it's good to know, through this site, there's people whom do know about it if I do have any questions. I have some books and such, but you can only learn so much from a book. Anyway, looking forward to future conversations with you all.