Mr. George Dillman
1997 Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year
9th Dan Ryukyu Kempo and World Renowned Kyusho-Jitsu Expert
“Dillman’s contribution to the martial arts is unparalleled and unique” -Hashi Richard Kim

This will be a hands on seminar Featuring
Humane Pressure Point Self Defence
Joint Manipulation
Chi Flow and Energy Manipulation
Kata Breakdown and Application

Session One
Saturday March 15, 2003
1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Modern Martial Arts
London Ontario

Session Two
Sunday March 16, 2003
1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
York Karate-do
Toronto Ontario

Pre Registered One day $50 Both days $80
At the Door One day $65 Both days $99
Each session will be unique and different. This is an incredible opportunity to train with a living legend and recognized Master at a fantastic value!
Don’t miss it

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What is being said about Mr. George Dillman

Hanshi Richard Kim
“You are a genius of the martial arts. No superlative is good enough for your accomplishments”

“My opinion you are the best in Kyusho-jitsu. Nobody can touch you.
(and) I have been in the martial arts since 1927”

Leo Fong
“In the later fourth of the 20th century, I personally believe you define martial arts history with your extensive research and work in the art of pressure point fighting. Undoubtedly you have established a true legacy that will benefit generations to come”

Chosei Motobu
“I can tell you that this Kyusho-jitsu is wonderful”

Patrick McCarthy
“Dillman’s diligent efforts have forced a generation of martial artists to re-evaluate their understanding of kata”

Eri Kusano
“It’s a great study and it’s eatable for all who are hungry enough, and willing to except the fact that you don’t have to be Japanese to research and teach the hidden aspects of budo”

Professor Wally Jay
“Pressure point knowledge will enhance any martial arts style and I have encouraged my students to learn it. George Dillman’ pressure point knowledge is for real”

Here is your chance to train with the instructor that these other legends of the martial arts world hold in such high esteem. The information you will gain just from one session will astound you. As Professor Jay states “Pressure point knowledge will enhance any martial arts style” so it doesn’t matter what art you study you will be able to apply these principles to it and enhance your understanding and advance your ability.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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