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#107999 - 12/30/04 06:06 AM Re: How the "death touch" works

The notion of the 'death touch' is UTTER RUBBISH. Unless of course you're not a martial artist, but a member of a suicide/flagellant cult. There are however more efficient, less drawn out ways to kill yourself. *Sigh* What happened to the good old fashioned overdose???

#108000 - 01/05/05 07:42 AM Re: How the "death touch" works

say this chick walks in da dark alley this punk comes up to her confident in her dim sim skills she contiunes walking slowly he catches up to her she turns around to comfrot him then relising that the guy intended to be agresive she throws at him one of her death touches she misses/too lil power/wrong angle/it dont frecking work she gets hammered/raped/killed. now why would anyone relay their life on something as **** as something that havent been tested that havent be proven and that have a high chance of failing futher more it provids the ppl that know lil about them a false sense of securaty she was wasting time beliving in her own skills while she could have been RUNING then she confroted the guy with things that might not work while she could have goten a brocken beer bottle/piece of wood/random rubbish from the ground and smashed/stabed the bastard to death
and da ppl that were arguing about strenght and dim sims been the most important factor in a fight ur both wrong pychological training is the most important the skills that keep ur brains working in a dangerous situation like improvasing weapons controling fear and avoiding tunnel vission(very hard) is so much more better than streght and some much more better than dim sims there have been MA masters that are betten up but street punks because they were jumped and been used to a fair fight in the arena they couldnt defend themselves properly with 2 guys kicking them while their on da ground

#108001 - 01/05/05 06:20 PM Re: How the "death touch" works

Ever think hitting someone with a broken bottle may not work either?

I train in some very basic weapon defenses. What's to say a determined attacker with these skills won't survive.

I don't think you really know much more about pressure point fighting than people who think it's a magic bullet.

When I punch to the head, it may not work either. What do I do? Keep on attacking and evading for one thing, on the other hand, I try to use techniques which will quickly take out my attacker.

If it's tornado throw, so be it. A neck crank ditto.

The same for a PP KO like the application of an upper block as striking the fire point on the forearm and striking the vargas nerve.

This is very simple and works on anyone, and creates anatomically vulnerable positions (i.e, head foward, body bent over). From here, you can finish with a multitude of PP or non PP attacks, such as a gullotine choke, throwing the body around the head, etc....taking then down into a figure four choke or a knee to the back etc..

#108002 - 01/07/05 09:10 AM Re: How the "death touch" works

hi i live in laval a city in the province of quebec canada and was wandering if there is a school or a place where i can buy books so i can learn dim mak or naytihng concerning the death touch

#108003 - 01/07/05 11:13 AM Re: How the "death touch" works

ive done aibt of research and found some interesting things concerning the death touch nad PP

#108004 - 01/08/05 06:12 AM Re: How the "death touch" works

i may have missed the point but i believe we all know some pressure point stuff and may not be aware of it. i remember as a kid beofre knowing much about ma that when mucking about we would punch each other on the arms and legs to the effect of "dead arm" or "dead leg syndrome. in hindsight we were all hitting pressure point to get that effect. next time you do a low roundhouse kick to the thighs or see one in k-1 or ufc that pressure point are being aimed for and if a strike can 'knock out' a limb there muct be a point that could do taht to a person. an elbow strike to the back of the neck could knock someone out..

#108005 - 01/08/05 08:17 AM Re: How the "death touch" works

when i was a kid me and my mates used tohit each other and give 'dead' arms and legs. when you hit with a low kick to the thighs pressure points are being aimed for to knock the limb out and if you do an elbow strike to the back of the neck your opponent will go out light a like. i am assuming the death touch will be something along these lines. but we know that pressure points will be useful in a fight. a low kick results in many tko's in muay thai.

#108006 - 02/04/05 10:17 PM Re: How the "death touch" works

Hi everyone, I just thought I'd drop a reply to this thread, it seems interesting. But it is my understanding that the deadly blow to the pressure points is made when 3 or more pressure points are struck at once, sending the blood at all 3 points back to the heart at once (the pressure points could be in the wrist for example), this overloads the heart and kills the person... This is just what i have been told

#108007 - 02/05/05 09:13 AM Re: How the "death touch" works

Another late join in the topic..this is in reply to everyone fussing about 'touching or rubbing PPs' earlier in the topic.
1. Touching or rubbing pressure points DO work, but I wouldn't trust just this in a real self-defense situation. As JohnL said, this is best used in seminars. I'd much rather have to seriously injure the attacker by using pressure points such as TW-17 or GB-31 (TW-17 can dislocate the jaw and GB-31...obviously they're not gonna be using their leg for a while.) than get seriously injured myself due to ill-will against using force in PPs.
2. There's a story told at our dojo every now and again about a girl that was trained here going to Florida. Apparently, a mugger thought he could easily over-power her and grabbed her purse. She used a technique that broke his arm, but he couldn't let go of the purse, so she did it again. The guy was screaming in pain but still could not let go of the purse. The police were shocked :-. Maybe it was sheer luck, but for whatever reason, the PP training did pay off.
I guess the point to #2 is to say that a smaller people can successfully defend themselves against an attacker if they know what they're doing. I wouldn't tell a white belt that he/she could take anyone on the street, but once they advance to around blue/green belt, I don't really think they're at a bad disadvantage if their attacker is more powerful than themselves, at least they're not if they've paid attention in class [IMG][/IMG]. Still, the person may or may not have the abilities to execute any technique that may stop the attacker. Every situation is different as is every person and every person's skill level. Therefore, you really can't say whether a person that's been training with PPs can use them effectively. It all depends on the skill and mentality of the person.

[This message has been edited by ShotokanJujutsu (edited 02-05-2005).]

#108008 - 02/05/05 11:27 AM Re: How the "death touch" works

hi everyone i am new here and i really like the subject. I think it all depends on the blow that is used and location and time of day not because of anything magical but body functions are different at night and day. In the morning we get up and the first thing we do is use the bathroom ,thus the body laying for hours has been working.

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