I have noticed a trend on some websites and forums and even in some seminars lately to ignore tuite when applying techniques.

As always the "Law of Complimentary Opposites" or polarity needs to considered in this case. There is a yin(tuite) and a yang(kyusho) side of the art, and they work best when combined.

One of the first ways to begin to apply polarity is to use the tuite/kyusho connection. One of the best kata that shows this relationship is "Naihanchi". Almost all of the movements have a tuite/kyusho action in them. Grabbing/twisting/tourqing/locking and then striking.

Not only does this give you a polarity "player" but it completes a connection to the uke for energetic transfer.

Try adding a tuite lock before you strike and compare the results to just striking alone.