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#107807 - 08/29/01 04:13 PM Re: Taikyoku Shodan...A beginners Kata?!?
TomSwiss Offline

Registered: 08/15/01
Posts: 21
Loc: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
[QUOTE]he tells you to raise your hands, and you do.. only youre so good at projecting your chi, that he starts to get dizzy, and you overtake him...[/QUOTE]

Uh huh. Well, here's a practical application of this: if you think you have the ability to make people dizzy through "chi projection", contact the James Randi Educational Foundation ( ) and try to claim their million dollar prize for proof of "paranormal" phenomena.

Of course, they would like to set up a few controlled tests...but if you're willing to trust your life to this power against an armed attacker, I'm sure that'd be no problem.

#107808 - 09/01/01 10:18 PM Re: Taikyoku Shodan...A beginners Kata?!?
Kempoman Offline

Registered: 11/15/00
Posts: 1484
Loc: Houston, TX

Actually that has been done. Randi showed some interest but, then backed out for some reason. I think that he was going thru some difficult legal times. He was kind enough to send some suggestions for a test and how to make it double-blind and whatnot.

The person tested claimed to be able to move people with his chi. He falied. Does this mean that it can't be done? Nah, its been done to me(KO'd) and it is very strange. I am a cetrified hypnotherapist, and a magician and do my fair share of debunking and exposing frauds. But there are those who can do it. I will contact some who are very good at it and suggest that we try again with Mr. Randi.


#107809 - 03/04/02 10:46 PM Re: Taikyoku Shodan...A beginners Kata?!?
joesixpack Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/04/02
Posts: 2282
Loc: Australia
First two moves in Taikyokyu Shodan - a little interpretation of mine.

The block is a release from nearly any hold which the opponent is in front of you and close.

The left hand (forearm actually) smashes into the base of the skull.

The right hand, as an ippon ken, strikes the Tan Tien, Lv 10 or any appropriate point around that region. The hair, or cluster of vital points of the opponent is seized and the head controlled downwards. The right hand is applying pressure to the "fire point on their right wrist. I don't know if that will accomplish anything in the long run, but whatever is open could be attacked with a right hand technique that uses a lunge. GB 20, trachea, sternum, solarplexus could be attacked with a punch, elbow or bicep bump. The bicep bump obviously leads into more on the second lower block, which, as a basic bunkai is you spin them around, and knee them in the bakc of the head, attacking the medulla/brain directly. As for feet and attacking feet and legs on the points, any ideas anyone?

#107810 - 07/17/02 02:26 PM Re: Taikyoku Shodan...A beginners Kata?!?
NAUMatt Offline

Registered: 07/16/02
Posts: 68
Loc: Flagstaff, AZ, USA
Kempoman and KenpoSecrets, way to keep your cool with JA. It's good to see respect and the Way is still held above all else within the martial arts world.
And by the way, where do you train? I am so dojo-less...

Peace and Love

#107811 - 07/25/02 10:31 AM Re: Taikyoku Shodan...A beginners Kata?!?
dkigirl Offline

Registered: 07/25/02
Posts: 4
Hi all....I have seen this particular KO of double ST 25's on several occasions and have to attest that the opponent does propel back several feet and falls to the ground. It doesn't always render them unconscious, but causes some serious pain.

dki girl

#107812 - 07/30/02 12:47 AM Re: Taikyoku Shodan...A beginners Kata?!?
Gordon Travers Offline

Registered: 06/22/02
Posts: 34
Loc: Toronto, ON Canada
Good day all

First of all it would seem to me an open mind is required by anyone wishing to explore and study the martial arts. Especially in the area pf pressure points, which is not a common sport application, but rather a true study of the art of karate. So taking an approach that says this won’t work because, seems a little out of place here. Rather would it not be better to see why it would work and even better yet experiment and try it prior to passing judgement and questioning?

In terms of this attack I agree and have seen this outcome from a double ST25 attack. It like many attacks does not assure a KO or stun but it will get a strong reaction ie rapid and violent movement backwards and the attacker may even vomit.

With the opening move noted I also use the attack to the inguinal crease with effect and a similar response.

Good luck and keep an open mind it is the best training tool you have

Gordon Travers
York Karate-do
Advancing The Arts Through Research
GoJu Karate · Kyusho · Tuite · Self Defence
42 Goodmark Pl Unit 10
Toronto, ON M9W 6S2
Email />Web Site
Phone 416-834-7400
Affiliated with
Dillman Karate International

#107813 - 09/18/02 09:44 AM Re: Taikyoku Shodan...A beginners Kata?!?
SenseiTank Offline

Registered: 09/17/02
Posts: 24
Loc: Bronx, NY
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Kempoman:

This form is know by many names in many systems and is usually the first kata taught to beginners. A series of low blocks(?) and punches done from a front stance in an H-pattern.

We all were taught that you are blocking a front kick and punching the attacker in the solar-plexus...over and over and over until the cows came home.

I would suggest that this kata has nothing to do with front kicks and punches to the solar-plexus, but is one of the most deadly kata taught.

Look at the first movement of the kata(not the down block). The first move of the kata is what is normally called "ready position".
This is where the fists shoot out in front of the body at about belt level and in some systems the left foot makes a small twist. Every movement in kata no matter how small or unimportant looking has meaning. This movement which is overlooked in most bunkai sets up the attacker for the next movement that looks like a down block.

When "ready position" is executed as shown the result is usually a KO. There are always at least three levels of bunkai for each move in kata. The first level for this move is for the fists to shoot out and attack a point that is about two finger widths on each side of the navel. This point is called stomach 25(St-25). The foot twist is on the large toe on the termination of the spleen meridian. The stomach meridian is yin/earth and the spleen meridian is yang/earth so you get a yin/yang attack. You also get three earth points(two stomach, and one spleen) so you have the makings of a KO. The stomach points should be struck down and out toward the outside of the body. The spleen point should be twisted with the foot.

As always the next move in a kata shows you what to do if your movement did not work as expected. When you attack the stomach points the body will bend and drop down placing the head around the area of the "fold" for the down block movement. Look closely at the position of the hands in the fold. They are perfect to grab the head at two key pressure points that release the muscles of the neck. The left(top) hand grabs the hair on the opposite side and digs the knuckles in at Gall Bladder 20(GB-20) which is located just under the occipitial bone about three finger widths away from the spine. The bottom hand crosses under the head and taps(strikes) the jaw at stomach 4(St-4). The down block and turn is executed and you can imagine what happens. The step and punch completes the technique and would be overkill.

Just the tip of the iceberg of how pressure points enhance the study of kata.

Let the questions commence!!!


#107814 - 10/16/02 01:00 PM Re: Taikyoku Shodan...A beginners Kata?!?
Kempoman Offline

Registered: 11/15/00
Posts: 1484
Loc: Houston, TX
Moving the attack from St-25 to the Liver points in the crease is another level up and you shouldn't have to use as much force. The attacks should come in a rapid 1,2 count. One have striking just before the other. The other way to almost guarentee a KO is to include the spleen points on the foot.

#107815 - 06/21/04 01:58 AM Re: Taikyoku Shodan...A beginners Kata?!?
reaperblack Offline

Registered: 04/30/04
Posts: 558
Loc: Victoria, BC, Canada
So I am unsure how to start this reply. I guess at the beginning. First let me say that I have never been taught that the low block in taikyoku was for a kick, although you could easily apply it that way and it would have the same effect as the technique that I have been taught. As long as the technique comes from the left side of your opponent and it is directed at your hara (or lower) then the low block will turn their body to show you their back, at which case you can strike any point you like, including the base of the skull to seperate the spinal column. Seems to be a lot less complicated, and just as practical. This was taught to me by a kyoshi, who teaches bunkai to the majority or the 7th dan and up instructors in both styles of tkd and several styles of karate. Pretty much anything that has forms which are descended from te. And yes it is a beginner form, of course it is, look at the stances and the duration, the complexity. Of course it has practicality, but it's practice, and that's about it.
Naihanchi now that's a different story, that whole kata is bunkai, I think kyoshi said something like 900 different bunkai he had come up with at last count, I don't remember but it is a pretty tremendous number.

#107816 - 08/19/04 04:41 PM Re: Taikyoku Shodan...A beginners Kata?!?

hi im new to this forum and really like it. the double strike to the points low will bring the persons head forward and with the left hand you can catch the head on the right side of the persons head grabbing hair. The right hand will strike on the jaw where,if you had a mustach that went to down to the chin .there is a pressure point on the jaw line there and would set up a low block (neck crank). You then could step pull punch into his neck . If you did yoi to hard they would go back and pass out. This yoi is a dangerous strike,under this strike is heavy blood flow and intestines yoi is angled in thus aims a major blood flow. Grays Anatomy.

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