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#106675 - 11/30/04 04:28 AM Karate Do

hiya guys ive been many of u karateka study goju ryu cuz what ive read most of all karateka here seem to be wado ryu and other styles...

so plz goju and other shorei ryu write .. thanx cya nice day 2 u all

#106676 - 11/30/04 04:51 AM Re: Karate Do

I study Goju ryu.

You use the Shorin - Shorei nomination to indicate style. Any reason for that ?

#106677 - 11/30/04 05:00 AM Re: Karate Do

shorin/shorei is what i think the basic difference between the whole karate styles isnt it??

u got shorei which is most ibuki, techniques on short distances whereas
shorin (e.g. shotokan i think) uses light, faster moves, and is mostly deducated to fast people

if im not right im sorry

thanx 4 reply

whats ur tokiu kata??? i was asking this lately on other forum...

[IMG][/IMG] have a nice day

#106678 - 11/30/04 05:06 AM Re: Karate Do

sry shorin also longer distance like more kicks but im not sure 'bout this one

#106679 - 11/30/04 07:42 AM Re: Karate Do

The difinition you give on Shorin and Shorei is based upon the idea's displayed by e.g. Funakoshi and Myagi in the 1920 - 1930. It was Funakoshi's idea he could classify kata into either Shorinjiryu or Shoreijiryu. He made that distinction as you describe and added that Shorinjiryu was for a fast slim person and Shoreijiryu was more for a solid muscular person.
Myagi also made the distinction but was not convinced about the body type preference. Apperently he stressed more upon the fact wether techniques are internal or external. He did not classify kata into Shorin or Shorei.
Apperently the more recent teachings (1828 - onward) were classified as Shorei and the older teachings were classified as Shorin. But apperently it might also refer to Shaolin (Shorin) teachings and teachings from Wudang (Shorei).
Sometimes people like to generelise and say that Shotokan is Shorin but I think it is not true because seishan (hangetsu), unsu, useishi (gojushiho) ... are I think more infunced by Shorei techniques.
If any of you have more info on the subject I welcome their comments.

Regarding Tokui kata, it comes from WKF competition.
Kata competition currently works with shitei and tokui list. In general (there are exceptions) first 2 rounds a kata from the shitei list must be performed, as of round 3 kata from tokui list can be performed.
Tokui kata are style specific, it can be performed as your style prescribes. Shitei is not. Shitei list contains 8 kata, Sepai Saifa(Goju) Jion Kanku dai(Shotokan) Seienchin Bassai dai(Shito) Chinto Seishan(Wado). They must be performed as described by WKF (who has taken the format from JKF (Japan Karate-do Federation)). Currently a shitei-II list is in the making.

#106680 - 11/30/04 08:10 AM Re: Karate Do
cxt Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 09/11/03
Posts: 5844
Loc: USA

Will you please, please, pretty please knock off the e-speak.

You may have noticed that most folks here do not use it.

Please do the same. Hard to work through your post to answer your questions otherwise.

Not trying to be a horses-arse, just a polite request.

#106681 - 11/30/04 03:35 PM Re: Karate Do
Alejandro Offline

Registered: 05/02/02
Posts: 940
Loc: Las Cruces, NM USA
There is some confusion and uncertainty in Funakoshi's shorin/shorei kata classification. He listed Naihanchi as a shorei style kata, but, at least by what most of us think of shorei(being naha/goju), and because Naihanchi is the fundamental/ultimate kata of the shorin styles, that just doesn't fit. I suppose it would be better to classify kata into internal and external, as one could go on forever trying to figure out the shorin/shorei classification. Or as Multiversed would probably say, skrew classifications and just practice your kata! [IMG][/IMG]

igapetrik: There are practitioners of many styles on this forum. There are several goju-ryu-ka, and you should do a forum search for goju-ryu topics; you'll find alot. There are also Shotokan, Wado, Shito, Matsumura Seito, and Isshin and Shuri-Ryu (both styles practicing a combination of both okinawan styled kata)practitioners among others.


[This message has been edited by Alejandro (edited 11-30-2004).]

#106682 - 12/02/04 02:26 AM Re: Karate Do

CVV thanks for explanation but isnt tokui kata a kata which you should practise the most, like the old shaolins the practised one kata for maybe 30 years, i think that tokui kata is such kata.

and as you grow (internally) through your tokui kata you are able to practise the other kata better too.. realy didnt know about the tournaments, i dont realy support tournaments

CXT im sorry trying to work on not using the e-speach [IMG][/IMG]

thanks to u all very much

#106683 - 12/02/04 09:18 AM Re: Karate Do

You should ask someone who speaks japanes to have the correct translation of 'tokui'.
In WKF rule competition, it has the meaning as I decribed.
However 'tokui waza' is translated as 'preferred technique'. (e.g. in fighting). So 'tokui kata' could be interpreted as preferred kata, somewhat as you describe it.

#106684 - 12/06/04 03:55 AM Re: Karate Do

CVV thanks
in our school "tokui kata" has realy the meaning of "the favourite" but it is chosen by our teacher according to physical preferences of the student
thanks for the discussion CVV
nicce day to u


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