Sorry to post this here and not in the book section, but my posts dont recieve as much attention their as they do here.
What are you oppinions of the bunkai shown in this book? I had heard good things about this book. and although i have only read through it once, it wasnt what i thought it was going to be.
The defences were mostly from a karate attack. I am not sure if this is done to make the movement easier to view? SOME of the bunkai were good though and definately thought provoking.
My other question concerns one of his (elar t.schmeisser) princiapals on finding kata bunkai:

"...reduce the number of opponents dealt with in the entire kata to as few as possible."

For tekki kata it is maybe not so difficult, but for kata such as bassi is this so correct. Is this also taking away from the "one stike to kill" principal of finding a kata bunkai?

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