Hi keyboardsamurai:

Interesting to hear what you do. I don't neccesarily agree with it but there's more than one way of skinning a cat.

One thing I always do when hearing these kind of things is to question them, so;

1. If holding a weapon have free hand pointing out to the side (in a spear form).


2. While standing ask the judges permission to enter the ring or mat (whatever ur using)

Why ask permission. They've called your name and obviously want you there.

3. When permission is givin, bow

See 2 above.

4. Walk up to the judges stand 3 feet from the judges.

If there are 3 judges facing you, this means that you are now only addressing the one in the middle (Unless you're moving your head from side to side, which looks really wierd)

5. Get into horse stance while holding your weapon of choice out for the judges.

Why get into a horse stance? It doesn't signify anything and would appear to be irrelevat.

What are you holding the weapon out to the judges for.

6. State your name, your dojo and the kata you are performing.

They know your name (They called you to the square) they don't care which dojo you come from, Kata name (Great)

7. Ask permission to begin Kata, Bow and step back.

Too much asking of permission going on here. If they didn't want you to do the kata, they wouldn't have called you into the square.

8. Begin Kata


It's just that people seem to accept this kind of thing without question, generally because sensei says so. I just wonder why.