I've noticed that several postings are very hard to read or understand. Here are some suggestions to make it better.

1. Please try to keep each posting on the subject of the topic.
2. Please do not attack people or their style of MA. There is no reason not to be civil.
3. When using someone else's post, please make it clear as to who is saying what. Some of you have been quoting a line, adding your remarks about that line, and continuing this process for the rest of the other person's comments. Using quotation marks for the other person's comments is not so bad but it really gets confusing when there is a rebuttal.
4. Do not simply contradict what someone has said. Support your arguments. Use references when appropriate.
5. If you have a large post, break it down so that it is easier to digest.
6. Whenever possible, please try to use terms that most people will understand. Almost everyone has learned their art in many different ways which may not include the same terminology that you learned.

Thank you.