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#104287 - 03/01/05 08:56 PM Boxing vs. Martial Arts

My father is a boxer, and we have a lot of arguments brewing about the differences and similarites between our arts. The latest question has been the topic of control. He doesn't believe in it. Is this the boxing mindset?! I'd liek some info from boxers on their opinions of their arts and of the martial arts, and also specifically what the purpose of each (in your opinion) is.



#104288 - 03/01/05 11:56 PM Re: Boxing vs. Martial Arts

Boxing is a hand to hands combat, they use there hand to strike majority of the time, and there footworks. They don't kick or use joint lock,throw, or choke hold to beat their opponents.

Martial arts we use punch, kick, knee, elbow, joint lock, throw. In martial arts we also use what ever avaible to us to win the fight. Example we can use certain weapon to defend our self, like sword, spear, bow, stuff, nun chaku.

In martial arts we have more option in striking/attacking our opponents. Example in boxing most boxer beat there opponent by punching at them and knock them out.

But in martial arts we can use punch,backfist, kick, joint lock, choke hold, break limb, throw.


#104289 - 03/04/05 06:27 PM Re: Boxing vs. Martial Arts

Boxing as an MA.. dunno, too much martial and not enough art? But I guess that can be applied to any street-effective-emphasis MA springing up these days. But its always going to be my sincere belief that boxers are crazy good fighters.

No, they dont have locks or throws or any kicks to speak of, but this is also their strength. They only know how to hurt you via the body or head. And they get very, very good at this. Boxers know the end of combat only as the loss of consciousness (sp?) of their opponent.

Just like TKD guys can kick you from fifty different directions and BBJ guys can break every joint your body. When boxers get a chance to box, close range, they do so in a powerful manner, thats their MA.

So it comes down to if the boxer can close the gap or get kicked in the side of the head. Oh, and lastly, they're nefarious counterpunchers.

- Op. Skinny Ninja

#104290 - 03/04/05 10:36 PM Re: Boxing vs. Martial Arts
lungqino111 Offline

Registered: 01/18/04
Posts: 14
Loc: ireland
the "objective correlivative" is a term used by t.s.elliot. it refers to a writers ability to create a specific emotional response in a reader due to use of imagery and style. I think this sums up and art, a "martial arts practitioner" may be able to break boards - the science, but to faint and draw to enable one to land that devastating blow - that is the art. Good Boxers definately have this ability. Control what do you mean? if you mean the semi-contact rubish i.e.withholding a strike's power then your Da is right, if you mean punching and kicking on target with power against a serious opponent then this is an art - perhaps what its all about.

#104291 - 03/05/05 05:08 AM Re: Boxing vs. Martial Arts

We really need an automated response for all these "art vs art" questions.

I mean, really the only way to determine which is more competent is to get a population of MAists (maybe 100) from each art and pit them against one another. However, such an event will surely degrade into some kind of riot and the technique will go out the window.

The question of which fighting style is better is null and void before it's asked. No MA I know of covers all aspects of hth combat.

However, the question of who is a better fighter, between two people, can be answered. It's the individual that's the deciding factor, not the fighting style.

#104292 - 03/05/05 10:57 PM Re: Boxing vs. Martial Arts

Boxing and MA have both have there good points and there is no real way to see which is better.

Boxing Pros:
Very Fast hand speed: they specialize in punching so quick hand for them is a must

Very mobal and evasive: since both feet stay on the ground they are very balanced and mobal. They can create and close distance in a heart beat. Most are trained to infight so dodging at close range is'nt anything new to them

MA Pros:

Virsital: They may not be as mobal as a good boxer but they don't have to, they work well at all ranges. So they can control a lot of space.

Attacking options: Boxer's fist are there weapon while a MAist body is there weapon. There is rarely a positon where a MAist can't attack with something.

#104293 - 03/09/05 09:28 AM Re: Boxing vs. Martial Arts

every style has its strong points theres really no way to tell what is better.
but boxers fight other boxers and they are used to close incounter. and they are not use to getting kicked in leg presher points or being arm bared. so when they have fists, legs, knees and elbows comming at them the probubly wouldnt know what to do.

#104294 - 03/09/05 02:18 PM Re: Boxing vs. Martial Arts

Okay, so on reflection, I just realized what a stupid title for a post that was. (My brain was fried from homework that night. ha ha) What I was mostly curious about is the various mindset that permeates those two fighting styles. And to comment, I respect boxers greatly... and bow to their expertise, guts, and stamina.

In regards to control, I think he finds that all sparring or practice fighting should be full contact... no minor- to light contact (e.g. point sparring = a joke. (to which I agree...)).

I hope this sort of explains the topic a little more. Thank you.


PS I wasn't asking which was better. (you'll note I never mentioned that.) I was merely comparing the two as a basis for educated discussion. (Perhaps, a poor choice of words just now... -.-)

[This message has been edited by Tsubasa (edited 03-09-2005).]

#104295 - 03/27/05 08:48 PM Re: Boxing vs. Martial Arts

My friend's brother always told us stories about his MA experiences when he was growing up. He said there we're 2 MA school in his neighbor hood. One was Kung Fu the other was Tahi Kickboxing and most people at his school went to one or the other. Whenever there was a fight at his school the person taking the kickboxing course would usually win. However, later on as people stuck with their arts and their skills grew the Kung Fu people started evening out the score because they learned the advantages to their art and how to use them practicly. Boxing, is more straight forward then those complicated martal arts but also is much more limited. Boxing is good if you're just looking for some quick action or that little edge aganst the school bully. (case in point: Rocky 5) Kung Fu or similer arts are practiced for hundreds of reasons. Some people do it for self defence, some for health, some for exersize, ect. There's deffinatly more to MA then just destroying the world and everyone on it.


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