Lesson # 2:

"Feinting a devastating hook to the liver area; to then elude the block and then make full contact".

Let us suppose that your opponent is constantly blocking your left hook to the body (see figure 1).


Figure 1.- With your opponent preferable against the ropes.

In order to hit him with your best left hook you could next time do the following.

Throw a fast but soft hook inside his guard to the liver area in order to force him to move his arm or elbow and block it as he has been doing before. But at the same time you must start a full step (both feet move) as seen on figure 2.


Figure 2.- Your front foot is in the air when your fast but soft hook is blocked.

Remember that you must throw this fast but soft hook feinting that you are throwing a devastating one. For more bluff; if your used to letting out noise and air with your big hits then do so this time as well, except don't put any shoulder or twist into the hit.

Once you have finished your stepping you are set to hit a second hook (this time a real devastating one) on the opening that your opponent made when he moved his arm to block the first one, the "feinted hook" (see figures 3 and 4).


Figure 3.- Notice how your back foot crossed the line yy.


Picture 4.- Compare your foot position to all pictures.