Lesson # 3:

"The 1-1-2 with fast circular movement".

Muhammad Ali used to dance "revolving" around his opponent while simultaneously hitting them.

His famous expression "Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee", came from these movements.

This is one of Ali's classic combinations (see figure 1).


Figure 1.- Sequence.

Let suppose that you dancing on your toes around your opponent (see figure 2).


Figure 2. - See the line, you will be moving away from it during the sequence.

Throw a fast jab crossing your back foot as seen on figure 3.


Figure 3. - Try to block your opponents vision with an open hand.

Retract your arm or glove, but not much (see figure 4).


Figure 4. - Your back foot lands and full crosses the front one.

Throw a second jab uncrossing your feet (see figure 5).


Figure 5. - You connect with this second jab while your front foot is still in the air.

Once your front foot lands, follow with a right. And let the inertia work for your body. Just move with your inertia, flow and don't worry that you may get hit as you have disrupted their pattern and their timing while attacking (see figure 6).


Figure 6. - This punch is aimed a little to the right where your opponents face should be because of the angles you made while circling.