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#104062 - 09/12/04 10:41 AM How do I deal with biggies

How do I beat a guy whose bigger than me and can move quick and doesnt throw his shoulder into his punches which makes side stepping almost useless and impossibel to do. I'm 15 and am entering a competition in a month and need advice please help.

#104063 - 09/25/04 08:54 AM Re: How do I deal with biggies

first off, it is good to get out of your mind that your opponent in competition is bigger than you, other wise it will make you doubt yourself and your abillities to win and you have limited your chances already-have confidence in your training and skill.

As long as you train hard and put the effort in then you have done all that you can to improve your chances of winning, focus on that. between now and then do lots of sparring, try and increase your hand speed. try out some feints that work for you in competition.

maybe a tactic you could employ the fisrt round as soon as the judge says 'start' explode!!! suprise him by unleashing a furry of fast hand attacks advancing at him-hopefully this will take him off gaurd and you will gain the advantage, if you do this in the 1st round you have the rest of the rounds to make up points or maintain the lead. some competition fight they test each other out to see what each other is like- but if you don't wait-explode, hopefully you will damage his confidence at the begining- it could quick, after all he is only another human being just like you.....lets hope he doesn't read this!!!

best wishes for the competition.

#104064 - 09/30/04 06:39 AM Re: How do I deal with biggies
otobeawanker Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 192
I guess it depends on how much bigger he is than you. I myself am as about as big as they come, 6'6" 300lbs. Since I have natural size I have always concentrated on speed and endurance in my training. So I think i can give you some ideas.

- alot of bigger guys don't have good inside/close quarters punching, but thats nothing to rely on, I would recomend scouting your opponet, watch him fight, look for weaknesses, if he doesn't have any inside punching ability, stay close to him and work the hooks and short choppy strikes, film him if you can,

- concentrate on your speed and timming, if he has size on you, you have to out speed him, cause speed equals power, but power doesn't equal speed, like getting hit with a speeding bullet will kill, but getting hit by a truck going 5 miles an hour is no big deal. similar idea.

-if he has alot of bulky muscle, that will work to your advantage, when it comes fighting, large muscle mass gussels oxygen, restricts speed and range of motion

-lastly but most importantly, Will, the human mind is so powerfull, I believe you can will yourself to do just about anything, but you have to really want it, thats what it comes down to really, is who wants it more, you need to be willing to sacrifice your body to win, to hang in there no matter how much you hurt, no matter how light headed you are, you stick it through because giving up is not an option, heart man, you gotta have heart most of all.

-download and listen to Al Pacinos speech he makes, before the last game in the movie "any given sunday" that'll give you an idea of what the winning attitude is like, its all in your mind, its 90% mental, the physical is only 10%,

-I don't know if that'll help at all, well goodluck and train hard,

#104065 - 10/28/04 05:35 PM Re: How do I deal with biggies

I QUOTE: "About four years of hard training in the art of gung fu, I began to understand and felt the principle of gentleness - the art of neutralizing the effect of the opponent's effort and minimizing expenditure of one's energy. All these must be done in calmness and without striving. It sounded simple, but in actual application it was difficult. The moment I engaged in combat with an opponent, my mind was completely pertubed and unstable.Especially after a series of exchanging blows and kicks, all my theory of gentlenesswas gone. My only thought left was somehow or another I must beat him and win.

My instructor Professor Yip Man, head of the Wing Chun School, would come up and say, "Loong (Bruce's Chinese name), relax and calm your mind. Forget about yourself and follow the opponent's movement. Let your mind, the basic reality, do the counter-movement without any interfering deliberation. Above all, learn the art of detachment."

I think this would be your problem, forget about his size while you're sparring him. your mind is the only factor that is blocking your fighting skills. if you can get that off your mind, you'll be twice the fighter that he is.

Many people don't know about Bruce Lee's articles and books that he wrote. I've started reading his articles just recently. All I can tell you is that you can learn a lot from his words. You can actually learn the whole thing about psichology of a true fighter. His articles radiate with wisdom and true knowledge.

hey Kungfu kid, you can email me on />I have Bruce's articles and books in *.pdf format. trust me, u'll be a new man when u start using his advices.

#104066 - 11/04/04 01:21 PM Re: How do I deal with biggies
New_ageSamurai05 Offline

Registered: 10/06/03
Posts: 14
Larger opponents usually have longer arms and legs. That is where you will get beat. Stay close, do not let him stand at a distance and take shots at you. Be like water, flow. Bruce Lee once said, when my opponent expands, I contract, and when he contracts, I expand. When your opponent throws a kick or punch, move in. If he moves in at you then counter or move out. Keep your kicks low and use them only for counter attacks. When he charges or moves in use a swift kick to his stomach. And protect, protect, protect. Keep your body small, protect you head and abdomen. Keep you guard up. Exploding off the line will work, but only once or twice, after that you have to options. If you take an early lead you can play defense. Or you can use counters to finish him off. And finally and most importantly, when a bigger guy moves, all of him moves. It is harder to stop a big truck than a small compact car. Wait till he moves one way, the change direction and get behind for a kidney shot. Be light and ready to change your plan of attack at a moments notice. Alon these same lines use feints. Once agian if you fake him it will be harder for him to change direction once he knows what you have done. I hope this gets to you in time. And post the results of your match, I would like to know the outcome. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Stay safe. Peace.


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