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Anybody here involved in WW2 Based Combatives?
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#103991 - 02/01/05 07:12 PM Re: Do tournaments hurt martial arts?

Keep on preachin' I agree compleatly!
Tournaments not only ruin good katas but, fighting also in my opinion. You learn bad habits. Especially in no-head-contact tournaments. I love fighting people who don't have head contact in the schools, their hands are down so, Iz pop em.
Go in peace and may the horse be with you.

#103992 - 02/03/05 01:06 AM Re: Do tournaments hurt martial arts?

...And the rider too?
Lousy joking aside, I wanted to comment a bit on the forms thing... even though this is a pretty old thread. (I'm notorious for digging up dead or dying threads... *sigh*) In any case, this tournament that I am participating in this March has divisions for "contemporary" forms, and traditional kata. i wonder though... American Freestyle is a newer martial art... does it's kata belong in contemporary, or in traditional?
On another note,I prefer the traditional kata of my style, but I find it a challenge and lots of fun to make up new sequences... ^_^ Kinda like imagining a fight in your head. Seeing as I'm not a gymnast, fancy flips belong in the Matrix for me...


#103993 - 02/04/05 11:02 PM Re: Do tournaments hurt martial arts?

This is late I guess but anyway..people just make up a bunch of crap for kata because if it looks too plain in competition you won't get anywhere. The sparring in tourneys is fun but kind of annoying. It gives the public the idea that MA is all fun and games. [IMG][/IMG]

#103994 - 02/04/05 11:14 PM Re: Do tournaments hurt martial arts?

The question is not wether or not tournaments are inherently bad or good.

The question has more to do with the ruleset.

1: Hard contact must not just be allowed but expected.

2: The ruleset must not be restrictive. If it's a striking tournament, kicks to the leg, punches to the head, clinching, knees and elbows should all be allowed.

Boxing and sport karate both have tournaments, but boxing is much more effective. Why? Because the goal in boxing is to KO your opponent, while the goal in sport karate is to score points.

#103995 - 02/08/05 10:02 AM Re: Do tournaments hurt martial arts?

hi everyone,i'm new to the forum so go easy on me guys and girls! last sunday i competed at the cimac national superleague open tournament(my first one) as a practitioner of traditional karate my eyes were opened to the fact that form stle and control were totally thrown out the window in the kumite(semi contact) i managed to win my first fight using one technique scoring six points from it.everyone had the mindset of i must punch that guy in the face as hard and quick as i can,also with all the padding we had to wear it stopped you from using hooking blocks and open hand techniques effectively.but at the end of the day it was good to pit traditional karate(i was the only person in a white gi from 300 people!)against kung-fu,kickboxing,tkd and freestyle,so i will be competing again just to show the essence of true karate in the competitive arena...steve-uk

#103996 - 03/01/05 09:41 AM Re: Do tournaments hurt martial arts?

Have you ever been kicked/punched in the face during sparring? Dunno about you but the matches I entered weren't games of tag. If we can't practise our martial arts against others in a supervised fashion then all we'll ever be able to do is hit the air or little pads. There's something about going against a real opponent that teaches you about how ingenious (and sometimes outright random) people can be. I think it'd be a waste to lose this aspect of MA.

#103997 - 03/24/05 12:19 AM Re: Do tournaments hurt martial arts?

When a martial art actually teaches someone to turn their back on an opponent (in most tournys, its a violation to hit the opponent in the back) I'd say tournys actually hurt the style.

#103998 - 03/24/05 01:32 AM Re: Do tournaments hurt martial arts?

It depends on what kind of tournament. I'd say the one you were in sounds like it could be a waste.

However, I was recently in a tournament where it was continous, full-contact, face punches allowed. Let me tell you, that kind of competition definitely allows you to put some validation behind your training, as well as giving your future training some direction. It helps.

Tournaments can be good or bad, its all relative.

[This message has been edited by traz (edited 03-24-2005).]

#103999 - 03/26/05 08:03 PM Re: Do tournaments hurt martial arts?

Dixon I agree one million percent. Its a shame to see things this way. I can remember chopping up and changing forms so they would be more appealing to the judges. I have a room full of plastic won by such forms. As I look back now im not even proud of them. I am curently relearning all the forms needed to test for my blackbelt. I feel changeing the art just for the sake of winning a tourney is sad. Dont get me wrong mixing and changing styles to better yourself is very good. But changing just to win a pile of plastic, marble, and screws is stupid cause you are screwing yourself and your students in the long run. It took me a long time to learn how to hit hard again and to stop holding back my blows. And as I said I am still trying to learn the correct forms.

#104000 - 03/28/05 12:41 PM Re: Do tournaments hurt martial arts?

I've been to good tournaments, where traditional kata meant traditional kata, and I've been to tournaments that weren't so good, where dancing and gymnastics won kata divisions, and the tall guys won sparring because all they did was rush up on you and swing wildly. It all depends. tournaments can be a good thing because they allow you to have some fun, but they can be a bad thing when they start to be too much about who can win that trophy.

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