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#103914 - 01/06/05 03:01 PM Re: How do you deal with a charging bull?

You could, roll into the fetile position with your back fasing up and he would trip over you. XD
Palm strike on the tip of the chin with the front hand, a strong punch from the back hand, short punch to his side w/ front, then w/e..
stick your finger and gouge his eye balls out!!! ARR!

I don't know... There's a big guy at our school and always starts fights by rammming into people's stomachs and knocking them over. If he rammed me my reaction would probably be putting all my weight in the leg farthest from him and hammering his leading shoulder. Should put him off balance

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#103915 - 01/13/05 10:38 PM Re: How do you deal with a charging bull?
FearlessJones Offline

Registered: 05/05/04
Posts: 28
Loc: San Francisco, CA, USA
If I remember correctly the original poster said he knew some judo. If so why not just give ground fast eough and far enought to establish a grip and use the "bull''s" forward motion as kuzushi. At that point, any forward throw will work. As for punches and kicks that he'll have to endure on the "bull's" way in... most likely they wont be accurate or effective because of lack of balance.

#103916 - 01/18/05 01:09 AM Re: How do you deal with a charging bull?

Geez this is a strange argument. Im very impressed with 1st Round KO's bravery and skill, anyone who can kill a bull with one nut-kick is obviously not to be messed with! Im a little confused as to whether the 'charging bull' you are all talking about is someone actually running full tilt at you (as some people seem to be implying) or a slightly more sane martial artist driving forward relentlessly.

If its someone running full tilt, I have to chuckle and ask why you're worried. Running people tend to be slightly easier to hit than people with a guard and a brain behind their horns. Pick somewhere vital, and drop them. If its the other case, not so easy.

First of all, whats moving the bull? Its legs. If you stop someone at their legs their body stops. If its a buddy, jam their leg. If its someone out to get you, kick straight through their knee and drop them.

Next, use your footwork. If they have bulk on you, you have agility on them. Keep the fight at your distance, wait for the inevitable gap, and then hit them so hard and so fast that they lose a bit of their eagerness to chase you. Hit accurately. Dont waste your strikes, hit places that will demoralise, slow, or drop your opponent. Straight after you stop them at the legs is often a good time to close in and hurt them. If you're a grappler, use this moment of unbalance as that gap you wanted, take them down.

Last of all, don't try and use one sweeping tactic. Don't just stand your ground, dont just run. When you need to step back or sideways, do so. When theres a gap, use it. Why limit yourself to one half of your possibilities?

If this was all misinterpreted, Im sorry. Oh, Im not talking about a real bull by the way. Im talking about a PERSON. Go on, say Im full of crap.

#103917 - 01/26/05 09:05 AM Re: How do you deal with a charging bull?

[QUOTE]Originally posted by JohnL:
And yet again the perpetuation of myths and legends.

If Oyama, who was no doubt a strong karateka, faced a strong bull that was charging at him, and hit him with oi-zuki (or any technique for that matter) the mess of a human being that would be left would be hardly recognizable as either animal, mineral, or vegetable.

Guys, use your brains. Stop spewing forth garbage.


Easy there big fella, Oyama did fight a bull, not once but twice. Sorry to disapoint ya but I have the (very)poor quality film and he doesn't just punch the bull as it charges he strikes and kicks at it and frustrates the beast until he can get close enough to wrestle it to the ground. He has it on the ground and strikes the neck until it is immobile (dead hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I don't think it matters, at that point it would just be a matter of hitting it until something breaks)

Marketing, certainly but effective, he said he was going to do it and he did.

for the "Godhand" title, that refers to a nickname given to him by the press junket following his '58' tour of the States where he broke various objects with his strikes, I believe the original quote to be "the brick broke, shattered as if hit by the very hand of God" The nickname stuck and OF COURSE Oyama let it.

Myth? nope, marketing? absolutely

As to the remark about it being a small bull,that is not true. The second time he attempted the feat in Tokyo (1960) the bull gored him and put him in hospital for several months.

He was not invincible it seems but certainly tried very hard to be.

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#103918 - 02/08/05 08:07 AM Re: How do you deal with a charging bull?

i fink you should just avoid getting ran at in the first place

#103919 - 02/16/05 02:56 PM Re: How do you deal with a charging bull?

i suggest that when he runs at you then u give him a full power thrust kick to the gut!

#103920 - 02/19/05 07:32 PM Re: How do you deal with a charging bull?

If ur smaller, use that to ur advantage - be fluid and agile, keep on your toes and move around alot, circle him. It is very rare for a big guy to have fast movements. Also hit the weak points - the knees (try and hit from side on and put him down so he can't get up), throat, nose, Solar pelixis (i can't spell). But most of all DO NOT GET STUCK IN A CORNER. The only way out of this is to wait for a punch and counter-move, go under it and smack him from behind. Its almost impossible just to run out of there cause their often wide enough to cover that.

I'm 5'10, and 53kg - i know what i'm talkin about cause i do this all the time. The full powered thrust kick to the gut works only if u have enough momentum - Its called physics and u risk jarring ur knee if u do go for it and that can screw u over in the street.

#103921 - 02/25/05 09:24 AM Re: How do you deal with a charging bull?

[QUOTE]Originally posted by NomindNotrouble:
Ok, I'll set the background. I'm about 195lbs at 5'11''. I've taken judo, Brazilian jujitsu, tkd, kungfu, and a few other arts. I'm not much to sneeze at and I knw my stuff. My buddy does the pretty much the same but with only one differece between us, he's built solid like a mac truck. When we spar against each other its more like a hight speed chase. I had plenty of people say that I should stand my ground and use tatics, while they simply do the same. He's very intimidating. So question is how do you deal with your mack trucks? I don't want to hear from mack trucks themelves because I already know you have an advantage. I want to hear from others who dealt with them? How do you deal with a charging bull?[/QUOTE]

Learn to wrestle; if he shoots sprall and brall; if he stands punch a combo and shoot. never pull guard; always turn to your belly and work on standing up (look out for the rear naked and leg locks)

#103922 - 02/28/05 04:15 PM Re: How do you deal with a charging bull?

I'd go for a takedown. The bigger they are... Just make sure you're always moving faster than he is because if he's bigger and moving just as fast it's going to be hard to take him on even with flawless technique.

#103923 - 04/06/05 02:41 PM Re: How do you deal with a charging bull?

ok so, he's charging towards you and by the look of things you're gonna get flattened. wait till hes about 2 and 1/2 to 3ft away and start to step outwards to your 'strong side' for me this is my right. as you do this raise your left hand to his eyes so he either has to close them or move his head which will break his concentration. the chances are that because you are going to his left he'll go right to avoid you so his left side will now be open to strikes. i usually find the kidney area works for just sparring with a freind but in real fights i've been caught up in i find the side of the neck and legs work better for an instant imbolisation/setup for a takedown.

hope this helped.


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