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#103578 - 04/28/05 03:49 AM Fight statistics

I hear all the time that most fights end up on the ground. Yet there's no way to prove it. I also hear that most fights last only a few seconds,no way to prove that either. Anyone have some statistics to prove or disprove these? Or thoughts?

Statistics show that 3 out of 4 people make up %75 of the population. [IMG][/IMG]

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#103579 - 04/28/05 04:18 AM Re: Fight statistics

Yes, and statisticts also prove that 35% of people dont believe the statisticts.

#103580 - 04/28/05 06:02 AM Re: Fight statistics

[QUOTE]Originally posted by SANCHIN31:
I hear all the time that most fights end up on the ground. Yet there's no way to prove it. I also hear that most fights last only a few seconds,no way to prove that either. Anyone have some statistics to prove or disprove these? Or thoughts?

I can only say from personal experience from seeing fights break out (usually in pubs, bars and clubs or in the street, usually drink related) that they have only lasted between 10-30 secs. It's usually a shove, wild punches lashing out or bottles being thrown. I've seen it go to the ground once but that was only because they were so leathered, and even then they rolled off one another and staggered back to their feet being pulled away by their mates.

I don't think statistics really prove anything and I've only heard the statement that 90% (or whatever) of fights end up on the ground by word of mouth and usually from grapplers.

#103581 - 04/28/05 06:07 AM Re: Fight statistics


Well if you start Martial Arts training under an experienced teacher he will know the truth from experience not the net or books.

This 90% of fights go to the ground is rubbish.

I've never ended up on the ground and as far as I can remember none of the fights I've seen in pubs etc have.

It is a marketing ploy by the Gracie boys.


#103582 - 04/28/05 06:09 AM Re: Fight statistics

The problem with statistics is that they are STATISTICS.
What if 99.999999999% of the time people throw a right hook as their first punch, and so you train to counter that, but when you get in that fight he throws a left, because he happened to be a southpaw!

You can generalise as much as you want, but there are always exceptions, and you can never assume that the generalisation wil hold for your case.

But the fact that fights always last only a few seconds (between two people) is generaly true. Because you get really tired when you are fighting, if you are not trained, and its not like the movies were they throw 50 full punches and kicks, and they are still standing.

We all know that that poop hurts!

I was curious about the chances of fighting another MA, have any of you ever gotten into a fight with another MA without knowing obviously?

(language edit)

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#103583 - 04/28/05 06:12 AM Re: Fight statistics

If I were to go by my fights alone since gradeschool I'd say %90 never went to the ground. At least I didn't. [IMG][/IMG]

#103584 - 04/28/05 07:14 AM Re: Fight statistics

I did a lot of statistical modeling when studying epidemiology in school. Couple that with the fact that I also spend alot of time in conflicted parts of the world where, like it or not, fighting is a daily routine, and you'll get this opinion.

I would say that roughly 75% of fights I have seen or participated in, end up on the ground at some stage, but don't always finish there. They usually start with a push, or a grab or someone slips, etc.

Sometimes everybody gets back to their feet, sometimes they just get stomped. Often somebody gets hit with an impromptu weapon (board, shovel, once with a goat, but thats a whole different story [IMG][/IMG] ).

Remember when analyzing statistics to take into account who is doing the reporting.

If it is reported law enforcement officials, the number is going to be high. Their fights always end up on the ground, because thats where they want to get you to pummel and then handcuff you (In South America, not necessarily in that order)!

If it is reported by Chanters or MadFrank, the percentages are going to be very low. No less a valid analyses, just a different focus group.

Statistics are a nice tool, but they are just one of many tools. You have to use your head. 80% of the worlds population is Right handed. If I go to the Convention of Left Handed Bad-Ass Outlaw Bikers with that little piece of info and start shooting my mouth off because my left arm is super quick at blocking, there is 100% chance of me going to ground, and them practicing the kick start stomp!!


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#103585 - 04/28/05 08:04 AM Re: Fight statistics
kenposan Offline

Registered: 08/23/01
Posts: 633
Loc: Columbus, Ohio
The only evidence to support the 90% thing was done by the LAPD, which found that 90% of altercations involving LAPD officers went to the ground.

However, officers are trained to restrain suspects (cuff 'em and stuff 'em) so it is only logical that 90% of altercations ended up on the ground. The suspect resists, leading to an altercation. In order to regain control, the officer (or officers) take the suspect down to gain better control.

That is the problem with statistics. Unless you understand the study behind them, people take the number at face value. Same is true of the "50% of marriages end in divorce" statistic. The stat is true, but unless you understand how the data was collected you don't realize that it is misleading.

#103586 - 04/28/05 09:04 AM Re: Fight statistics

In my personal conflicts off duty or as civil
only a couple of my fights ended with us on the ground most ended with them/him doubled over or on the ground and me escaping or running out of harms way, to my car or home.

I'd say 91% end with somebody standing over the other and only 9% with both guys rolling on the ground. Unless you fight like a Gracie, they also say that its impossible to
fight more then one person. I see their point if you fight like them, like Boas.

But hereand everywhere else you hear of people fighting multiples all the times, some do well others survive to write their story, which is a Win.

Kenposan - I agree with your LAPD statistic, but what does that have to do with John Q public/us. Arresting is not quite fighting.

Here I risk the rath of my ex-fellow officers, but its not. Most officers are injuried off duty then when their in full gear. But let the truth be told.

#103587 - 04/28/05 09:36 AM Re: Fight statistics

Depends on your definition of a fight. The people that use this quote do not apparently feel that a 10-15 second skirmish is a fight to the extent that it will end up on the ground.

The definition is drawn from the idea that if two people fighting, fight for long enough, the chance of it going horizontal at some point is great. This is reinforced with the resisting arrest statistic reported by the LAPD.

While I don't necessary believe the 95-99-whatever % stat, I do believe that any slugfest that goes past the initial flurry usually ends up in a clinch. From the clinch it is very easy for it to hit the dirt.

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