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#103482 - 04/24/05 09:27 PM Scenario 3

You are in the back of a convenience store. Suddenly you hear shouting. An armed robber wielding a knife has come in and ordered everyone onto the floor. He hasn't noticed you yet. He's pacing around with his back to you robbing their valuables and beating them for no reason. He then smashes away at the register and continually comes back to the front pacing again and again with his back to you. The customers sneak peeks back at you desperate for help.

What do you do?

#103483 - 04/24/05 09:33 PM Re: Scenario 3
nekogami13 V2.0 Offline
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Dial 911 on my cell phone, seek an exit in the back.

#103484 - 04/24/05 09:47 PM Re: Scenario 3

What do I do? Do you mean before or after I use my jedi powers to fling the knife from his hand, and then knock him out with a flying chi-strike of death? [IMG][/IMG]

Seriously, since you didn't take our cell phones away in this one, I discreetly call 911 (assuming he still hasn't noticed me). Even if I cannot talk to dispatch discreetly, my cell phone has GPS capabilities that will alert the police to its location in the event of a 911 call (or at least Verizon tells me that it will do that!). If the knife is the only weapon I see, I feel confident that a few gun toting cops can take care of him (assuming they start from over 21 feet away! [IMG][/IMG]).

If a cell phone call is impossible, and his violence continues, I may feel a need to act. Again, if the knife is all he has (that I know of), I would most likely use objects in the environment to even the odds. Which objects depend on whether or not he notices me before I am able to act. Convenience stores are rife with potential (if unconventional weapons). A cup of hot coffee in the eyes, perhaps? How about a can of pop (soda for you non-midwesterners) in the end of my sock, or tied up in my t-shirt, and upside his noggin? Are there broomsticks around? Cleaning chemicals that might sting his eyes, incapacitate him long enough to try to control his knife? A Zippo lighter and some hairspray might work as well. Who knows? Depends on what is around and what I would have opportunity to get my hands on before he saw me and rushed me.

As a last resort, I usually carry a legal-sized lockback in my pocket. If I had to, I might utilize this for SD. Slash at the knife hand in an attempt to disarm him...? I am no knife expert, but a couple yrs of Kali have given me at least some familiarity with blades. This would be a last resort, however, as I would NOT want to have to close to that distance if he still had his knife.

All of that said, I am a pretty fast runner. If there is a back exit, the safest bet might be to hightail it for that and make my cell call once I am in a safer spot.

Wow, you really got me thinking, Sanchin. Makes me realize how lucky many of us are to not have to face violence on a daily basis and have the need to make decisions about situations like this.


#103485 - 04/24/05 11:37 PM Re: Scenario 3

Grab the nearest glass, metal, or dangerous weapon around (beer bottle perhaps?) then call 911 as quietly as possible. If he notices me, I'm gonna throw whatever's around me at him, and run like hell, then call 911 again. If he doesn't notice me after I called 911, and if he threatens someone's life or is out for blood, I'm gonna hit him as hard as I can with whatever's in my hand, repeated times, and then take the knife.

If he's just raiding the cash register, I'll lurk in the shadows, scan the environment for other exits, see if anyone's in danger, and if no alternative exit can be found, watch him very carefully until the police come to kick his a$$.

#103486 - 04/25/05 01:00 AM Re: Scenario 3

Stay low, look for a back way out or look for the toliet. If there is a toliet and it free, get in, lock the door, call 911 or whatever it is in that country (its 110 here in Japan by the way, only for cops. fire and paramedics are 119. Weird.)

Call me a wuss but I'm scared s&^tless of knives and would rather not have to deal with them.

[This message has been edited by JayJay (edited 04-25-2005).]

#103487 - 04/25/05 05:18 AM Re: Scenario 3

[QUOTE]Originally posted by JayJay:
Stay low, look for a back way out or look for the toliet. If there is a toliet and it free, get in, lock the door, call 911 or whatever it is in that country (its 110 here in Japan by the way, only for cops. fire and paramedics are 119. Weird.)

Call me a wuss but I'm scared s&^tless of knives and would rather not have to deal with them.

[This message has been edited by JayJay (edited 04-25-2005).]

Hey...I never thought of locking myself in the bathroom. Good idea!


#103488 - 04/25/05 07:25 AM Re: Scenario 3

Gotta agree with Mike and UofM. Unlike Shanchin's other scenarios, you really have to get involved in this one, lives are at stake. He's endangered the other customers (beating them for no reason), and might maim or kill one unless he is stopped. If he had a gun, he'd have shown it by now, so he's probably just got the knife. Obviously, call 911 first. Then, using whatever you could find as a weapon (Mike had some good ideas) confront the robber and have at it. Advice him that the cops are on their way, and then take him on any way you can. Remember all the knife-defense practice you did in the dojo? Time to see if you learned anything.

#103489 - 04/25/05 08:09 AM Re: Scenario 3

Again I usually carry and being an ex-cop I'm armed most of the time. If I was in the back and unseen I'd ducked down and survey looking for the orppunity to alert the suspect that I'm there and armed and he at a safe distance form the customers on the floor.

Like most of you I'm afraid of knives but being armed that means if he doesn't follow my explict commands he is shot serveral times. He has already battered and robbed some of the customers so when he is trying to pocket his loot, I'd approached from behind 10 yards away, braced on a corner rack, easily within my kill zone and outside 7 yard rule.

Hey U, dropped the knife, put your hands up on top of your head, and drop to both knees.
I'm armed (Rack the slide), any other moment will get you shot. Do it NOW!!!!

If it was unarmed a mop stick, long neck bottle of beer from behind he never see it coming, no warning. Disarm and head smash, I'd preferr the mop stick for distance.

As a ex-cop I couldn't let it go on especially after he start battering the customers.

If he grabbed the cash and ran, before I was prepared he got away, I would not give chase.

#103490 - 04/25/05 12:34 PM Re: Scenario 3

I Think that, that is the best answer that anyone could give. Absolutly! If you are carry then you have the training to use that tool (gun) to defuse the situation. Im not saying that gun cure all but, its better than trying to fight the guy...unless you do have jedi powers [IMG][/IMG]

#103491 - 04/26/05 01:46 AM Re: Scenario 3

The bathroom is a good idea,but I'm afraid my nature would make me get involved directly to stop him asap.

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