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#102501 - 04/08/05 08:21 AM Re: Self defense seminars

I agree with Dave Turton.

SD seminars can have some value - assuming the students practice what they learn.

I have personally attended some SD seminars from other styles, and picked up some great stuff.

I assume SANCHIN31 was really refering to MA beginners, not more experienced folk. Still, I think if someone can pick up one good technique from such a seminar, it is worth it.

All hail the return of intelligent discussion on the SD forum!!

#102502 - 04/08/05 12:49 PM Re: Self defense seminars

[QUOTE]Originally posted by SANCHIN31:
Do you think people benefit from these one time seminars? Will they be able to apply what they've been shown in such a short time? Do they do more harm than good?[/QUOTE]

Sahchin, good question!! The answer I think depends on what is taught.

I designed and taught a few. They were not even full day seminars - ran just over 4 hours. Although ther wer not desinged specifically for women that was who showed up.

A lot of thought was put in to it and had, what I think, were realistic goals. The idea was not teach anything complicated but convey basic life saving ideas. It also recognized that most of the people who attended, especially the women, probably had NEVER truck anyone in anger in their whole lives. (This proved to be dead on!)

The whole concept was to open the door to personal safety awareness, avoid becoming a victim, and offer some basic techniques on how to escape an attacker.

This is generally what we covered;

1.) The "victim selection process" - why bad guys picked certain people - which has very little to with age, race, physical size or gender. It is based almost exclusively on body language.

2.) Awareness - recognizing and staying away from potentially dangerous situations. Then developing street safe, srteet-smart habits.

3.) Understanding your personal safety zone -he coventional 3 ft circle and getting people to recognize when someone appears to want to and/or does compromise it.

4.) Introduced about 12 -15 techniques to escape a variety of common attacks like grabs, chokes, etc., We also re-enforced over and over that this was a situation they needed to AVOID but if they couldn't that they had do SOMETHING.

**In this part the first thing I did was to have them punch, kick and knee a kick bag. It was amazing because I actually had women start crying because, even though it was very supportive, they had never done it before. After we got through that the rest was pretty good and they enjoyed it. At the very least they experienced what it might be like to strike someone and had a reference point.

5.) Having a plan and excecuting it at the earliest (most appropriate) time.

I also did some decent handout material so they left with "home work" hoping that that evening or over the next few days they would be jazzed up enough to review it.

I had my daughter and several neices in these classes. None of them have ever had anyhing happen to them. Not sure what that means but I hope it helped some.

Personally, I dont' think you CAN teach anyhting else that meaningful in a day other than what I described.

I know a lot people have other ideas, just my thoughts.

Be well,

- KiDoHae

[This message has been edited by KiDoHae (edited 04-08-2005).]

#102503 - 04/08/05 03:06 PM Re: Self defense seminars

I think a trained MA can benifit from seeing and experience anything new hands on, book or Video if you continue to practice the things that you were taught in the seminars. All it takes is to have that light bulb come on where you see how you can use or how you can counter this move with what you already know.

I think in the these seminars you can always pick up something weather its verbal presentation, phyiscal delievery or hands on hands teaching teachniques. I still use the take what you can use and discard what is useless to you. If either the mental or phyiscal explaination is too long or jumbled, I evaluate weather I can use it and of course change it so it works for me.

Is it benificail in teaching beginners applicable self defense techniques, No. But it can wet the whistle so they will seek out whats the quote " Please seek out a quailfied Instructor".

#102504 - 04/08/05 08:40 PM Re: Self defense seminars
JKogas Offline

Registered: 01/25/03
Posts: 10818
Loc: North Carolina
Depending on how they're run, you can pick up a few things from seminars - IF you have some game already developed. Most of the time you're taught stuff that you'll end up forgetting about anyway within a week.


#102505 - 04/08/05 09:57 PM Re: Self defense seminars

Last year i went through a combat lifesaver course. It covered shock treatment,bullet wounds,dehydration,starting an I.V.,CPR,cuts,mental breakdown,etc,etc.....
The class lasted 2 days,12 hrs a day.
The next weekend I don't think I could do a whole lot in a combat situation if the guy next to me was wounded. I might could help some though.
My point is it just covers too much in such a short time to be that helpful.

#102506 - 04/09/05 09:43 AM Re: Self defense seminars
Shadowfax Offline

Registered: 10/08/01
Posts: 296
Loc: Mason City, IA
[QUOTE]Originally posted by KiDoHae:

4.) Introduced about 12 -15 techniques to escape a variety of common attacks like grabs, chokes, etc., We also re-enforced over and over that this was a situation they needed to AVOID but if they couldn't that they had do SOMETHING.

If you are teaching 12-15 techniques in under 4 hours, and then you never see the students again, I don't see how the students are possibly going to retain that.

#102507 - 04/09/05 10:16 AM Re: Self defense seminars

For beginners, if a self-defence class teaches some common sense about keeping safe and avioding trouble them Im all for it. If its teaching techniques that take practise to perfect, I aint. Its funny, Im a better fighter now than every before in my life (not to say Im accaully good though) but Im less sure about my self defense ability. I think Im just more realistic now, but I could be wrong.

Is it better to be underconfident or overconfindent? Good question, I think.

#102508 - 04/12/05 04:35 PM Re: Self defense seminars

I think if a seminar is based on 3-4 techniques combined and practiced for various different situations something can be gained in a seminar.

When I'm a visitor or guess Instructor at a Seminar I usually show 3-4 techniques, setup 5-6 various simulated attacks at different level of intensity for the young and old. We practice these attacks and counters until we sweat. At the end of the my hour or 1:30 minutes I usually asked for random applications of the 3-4 based techniques vs. different or even total different scenairo (to make them think) and know that it works.

Instead of basing my seminar after numerous classes I've attend with 15-30 technique used to amazed the student.

I based my seminar outline from a CPR & 1st Aid class that I took years ago from a Fireman, he stressed know your basic and apply it to various situation. I changed the topic and applied it to what I do in M.A., having seen people and help use CPR after these basic classes.

You shout hey U "call 911", I'm gonna start CPR come back and help. Of course we are now using the AHR (Aullixary Heart Restorator/shocks the heart). There are various acroynums for it.

#102509 - 04/13/05 04:35 AM Re: Self defense seminars

Ages ago when I was still at school they would give us a self defense session that was like an hour long. This would happen about once every three years.

I think this is definitely a ridiculous approach to teaching self defense.

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