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#102387 - 04/03/05 06:24 AM Women in fights.

Sorry, But I did post this at the end of another topic but I was interested enough to start a new topic on it. Hope thats ok with the mods [IMG][/IMG].

This might be opening up a whole can of worms but my intuition says "Why should'nt a man hit a woman any more than a man shouldn't hit a man or a woman a woman or woman a man? (think thats all the combinations)"

I do mean this as a serious question. Does gender become an issue in fights? If your in the right (not the aggressor) then what difference does it make? As for being brought up that way[to not hit women] thats a horrible justification! Parents do not always know best. Now I appreciate I might be wrong be majority vote in this but I really want to hear other people in the forums' (especially some women) perspectives. Is it ok to hit women? (Obviously in the same curcumstances that you would hit a man. e.g a fight)

I also apoligize if this has come up before.

#102388 - 04/03/05 07:01 AM Re: Women in fights.

I've gotten into several fights with females. You know it just...I dunno. I tend to feel more guilty, this problem has been less occurent the more I do fight them.

Like they say, "if you want to challenge someone like a man, be prepared to get beat down like a man!"

You can just let go, it makes it easy to hit anyone. But remember this, don't let go, it'll hurt your opponent more.

#102389 - 04/03/05 07:05 AM Re: Women in fights.
still wadowoman Offline
Improved beefier techno-prat

Registered: 04/10/04
Posts: 3420
Loc: Residence:UK- Heart:Md, USA
It is wrong for anyone of either gender to hit anyone else of either gender except in defence of self, another or property.

If the above criteria is met, gender is as irrelevant as the colour of your attacker's hair.

#102390 - 04/03/05 07:29 AM Re: Women in fights.

Yeah, I'm sorry. I forgot to say "don't start it under any circumstances!"

#102391 - 04/03/05 07:44 AM Re: Women in fights.

Thanks for the replies Oozuru and Sharon. Sharon, I feel the same way, only you put it much more elegantly than I could have [IMG][/IMG].

#102392 - 04/03/05 11:03 PM Re: Women in fights.

i'm a female, and have boxed (just for fun) against a lot of my guy friends. A lot of my girl friends also box with the guys. From my experience, it is okay to hit a girl (whether you're a girl or a guy). HOWEVER, there is a particular person who is always saying that if a girl did so-and-so (usually something totally ridiculous), he'd hit her even though she's a girl, blahblahblah. It is NEVER okay to be the aggressor and hit someone because they're irritating you or what have you, whether you or they are female or male.
With that said, the only ones who seem to have a real problem with the whole "hitting girls" thing are the guys.

#102393 - 04/04/05 02:15 AM Re: Women in fights.

Only time i hit girls is in a competition or in Kickboxing, I find it disrespectful to hit women outside of the ring. If she attacks you, Use grapple moves and judo or something, Don't HIT her, Lock up her arms and legs or something untill she calms down...i dunno...i just don't belive in hitting women.

#102394 - 04/04/05 03:55 AM Re: Women in fights.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Amaya Raine:
the only ones who seem to have a real problem with the whole "hitting girls" thing are the guys.[/QUOTE]

The issue, from the guys point of view, is also where you hit the girls, even in a MA training context. Just telling the guys to go right ahead and hit hard anywhere does not make it any easier for them.

Most men don't really have female enemies; all familiar females are either mothers, wives, girlfriends or sisters. Hitting a fellow female MA trainee makes you feel you are hitting one of these people.

So its not that the men don't want to, its more like they can't.

Its like killing and eating a chicken which you have reared from a chick as a pet.

#102395 - 04/06/05 10:21 PM Re: Women in fights.

i'm a male, and i believe it's wrong to hit females unless it's in a competition, or self defence. if they want to act like a man and hit you, then they can be treated like a man and be hit right back. but if their just playing around, or annoying you, it's not right to hit them for many reason, most being your prolly stronger, and females are easily hurt quicker. but when fighting, liek they suggested before try to just put them in a lock, or something and refrain from hitting them. but if neccesary, it's ok to hit them if they hit you first, and intend serious harm.

#102396 - 04/06/05 10:31 PM Re: Women in fights.

Unless you're playing slap 'n tickle.... [IMG][/IMG]

#102397 - 04/07/05 03:23 PM Re: Women in fights.

Legally there are consequences in fighting a woman, even if the same weigh. Physically women aren't built as tough and in the U.S. it would really look bad before 12 jurors for you to appear in court (3 times UFC champion or 6th degree Black belt) after injuring woman in a "fair fight".

On the other hand the new reality is Street gangs now consist of girls with the same agenda rob, mug,steal, cut, shot or kill to get ahead in the Gang. I've been raised not to strike a woman/girl as a patrolmen I've never had to knock one out. Alway stun and restrain no matter how big.

But once I bumped into a young lady in a shop meet, she didn't except my apology, she whistled and 4 others girls (15-18 yr old surronded me). I immeadiatedly went from smiling apologetic, concerned adult to predator, if you want some come get it, Male aggressor, no words just actions.

They sized me up and decided that it wasn't worth it or that they would get hurt really bad.

So I don't condone fighting girl/women, but if they threaten my life with a weapon or serious intent, they become the weapon and I'll take it where ever they want to go. Even, whatever.

In training its good that women should work with mens, in training I've been thrown or floored while in a full commiited attack on a woman. But in a real street fight I still teach women to counter and run or gain access to a weapon, to secure her escape.

There are some really tough and mean women out there, but FBI statistic still state that women are killed by men more often, spousal abuse, serial killers, accidental ManSlaughter, ect... . Then women kills men.

[This message has been edited by Neko456 (edited 04-07-2005).]

[This message has been edited by Neko456 (edited 04-07-2005).]

#102398 - 04/08/05 02:47 AM Re: Women in fights.

Personally, I don't like the idea of fighting a women.

I'm in the Canadian Forces so obiously if a female picked up a weapon in war time, I would put a couple rounds in her.

I guess the same would go for in the streets to, but if she had just hit me in the face, I'd laugh it off.

In the testicles, she better be prepared for a good hard beating, thats personal. No one touches the twig and dingleberries, and if they do (man or woman) they get it hard.

#102399 - 04/08/05 10:11 AM Re: Women in fights.

Self defense is not competition. My employment requires self defense fairly often. When it comes up, the client, aggressor is USUALLY in the inferior position because of the number of staff available to manage the potentially dangerous situation.

Self defense requires that you do the minimum you need to do to get away safely. (talking about the position of advantage). I am female. There is little I could do in an aggressive temper tantrum to injur a large male. Even if he is in the right, he is not really at risk and harming me should not be his first option.

It would be the equal if I am defending against aggressive behavior in my job, or even defending myself against someone in my Jr. High martial arts class or younger. I would never harm one of them on purpose, I would just manage the behavior safely until the threat was over.

I teach a course at work in how to avoid physical conflict. The physical portion of an episode is actually short lived. If you are male, defending against an aggressive, inferior fighting female, remember this. It isn't necessary to meet THIS encounter with an all out warrior spirit. Manage the situation. The high calorie output in a short space of time for her, can not be maintained for long. When it is over, you will not have to deal with the legal system if you only do what you need to do to defend yourself.

#102400 - 04/08/05 09:41 PM Re: Women in fights.

when i spar with women i tend to go easier for some reason, except for 1 who joined my clubs fight team after going to 1 normal class so i spar normally with her..

#102401 - 04/09/05 02:44 PM Re: Women in fights.
mark Offline
sword of magnamity

Registered: 03/04/03
Posts: 1284
Loc: uk
I have had several “fights” with woman workings doors.

Just treated them as smaller opponents, as such, restraints normally work.

Long time ago, we had a scrap with some guys, threw them out a side door, we walked them off the grounds…. one colleague, had someone jump on his back and grab him round his neck, he had no time to think and just threw his attackers over his head onto the ground……

Yep, you guessed it, a girlfriend of the group we had ejected, she was somewhat splattered…

I Did drag a real spitfire out of a club by the hair one night, she had knocked 7 bells out of her BF, and when I got to them she had a go at me….she was screaming all the way out the club…up 3 flights of stairs. My argument was that if I wrapped her up and took her out the club, I was open to an indecent assault charge,…...” he touched my breasts” …………so to protect my self I used her hair……

We live in the 21st century, and time of equality and non discrimination, Chivalry is dead, the woman’s liberation movement killed it , thank god!
Our woman can fight in the military, work as LEO & security, they have insisted in being treated as physical equals, so it surely cant be no worse a man hitting a woman than a man hitting a man. To state otherwise is being sexist isn’t it?


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