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#102113 - 03/20/05 01:19 PM Retaliation to a mugging

Lately i've been hearing lots of cases of muggings happening. I was just wandering what you would do if someone pulled a knife out and demanded for your money, or mobile, or whatever. Would you give it to them, or would you tell them to **** off and see what happens? I would really appreciate your views on this.


#102114 - 03/20/05 03:17 PM Re: Retaliation to a mugging

Well, personally i would just give everything, if the mugger had a knife. Because what is a phone and a couple of quid then someones life? I have been mugged before a few years back, there were three of them who were twice the size of me. When it comes to it i got real nervous and didnt know what to do, i was in shock. So it would probably 20X worse with a knife.

#102115 - 03/20/05 04:19 PM Re: Retaliation to a mugging

I've never been at knife point but my brother and I train together and he has. He took the knife from the guy and popped his jaw. Another mugger bites the dust.

#102116 - 03/20/05 04:21 PM Re: Retaliation to a mugging

give him what he wants.
only if my life is in danger I would react.

#102117 - 03/20/05 05:50 PM Re: Retaliation to a mugging

two stories that you can learn from.
driving down Bardstown road going through a green light, aside a bus stop i witnessed a boy @19/20 yrs old come up from leaning against and behind the stop and pushed a man whom was passing by. he then began to swing wildly landing only twice before receaving a punch and kick in the groin.

as the boy decided to run a squad car lit lights and followed him. the man startled pick his guitar case out of the road. i had stopped and begun to exit the car at this point and offered him a ride down the street. he accepted. he had never been in a fight and was goint work.

more recently as i was walking down the same street new years a boy the same age stepped of his car and did that sholder bump thing and turned to push me .
i said back up, and led his hands a way.
at the same a second unseen person punched me in the back of the head twice. i turned with a press, and kick to the stomach. turning back the first grabbed me. i kneed him in the s/plexus, he went down and came up with a knife. he stabbed at my belly, i caught his hand with both hands. he pulled away sharply and pulled some fat out of my pinky finger. the second thrust was caught in a "kimura". during the struggle a hole was cut in my pants next to my groin, i was kicked and punched in the head and ribs by his partner. i held on to his arm and pressed until he dropped the knife and sank to the ground screaming that i broke his arm, his friend had grabbed some cash out my pocket and ran. i got to my friends house quickly to get a ride to the e.r. for four stitches.
i have never been ask politely for my cash it has been at the point of action. hit or run

#102118 - 03/20/05 06:04 PM Re: Retaliation to a mugging

Just give them whatever they want if that's all they want but don't get close to them, toss them your wallet and slide your phone across the ground if possible. They probably don't really want to hurt you if they haven't already. Better to walk away unharmed because any confrontation will get you injured.

#102119 - 03/20/05 07:58 PM Re: Retaliation to a mugging

Give him what he wants. You don't know what the mugger will do and it's not worth any amount of money to gamble your life by testing your fighting skill verses his.

#102120 - 03/21/05 03:57 PM Re: Retaliation to a mugging

I have never had a lesson in my life t do with any fighting arts but a year ago i was waiting at the bus stop and a knife comes up to my throat, instinctively i grab his wrist and push it away then i ran off because there were 2 of them. If it was to happen again id probably do the same as with it being that close they could easily have cut me...

#102121 - 03/22/05 12:43 AM Re: Retaliation to a mugging

Well one time i was walking down the street at around 9:00 PM Alone (i really should stop doing that) Well i was on my way to a friends house for a game of poker when i decide to take a shortcut through an alley (Yes i've seen the movies about dark alley's but hey im young and stupid i cant help it.)

So im halfway down the alley looking around and looking over my shoulder every 2 seconds when suddenly a large african american man around 6'3 and 200 some pounds comes out of the darkness and pulls a switchblade on me. I almost dropped a load in my pants and started crying before he said "Give me anything you got punk"

This was the first time i had been mugged and i hope it will be the last. Anyways i reached in my pocket and realized i had my brothers pair of brass knuckles on me (i had no idea) Well i slipped my fingers in the holes and turned around and began running knowing he'd chase me. Well i got about 15 feet before he was 2 feet behind me. He raised the knife but i spun around pulling my fist from my pocket and *POW*

I hit him right in the cheek bone and hit him in the center of the chest with my other hand to knock out his breatheing. I kicked him in the love sack and punched him again before he kneeled on the ground and i took off running. I never went down that alley again (nor did i go anywhere even near it now i just get a ride when i need to go to that area) I know i could of been killed and i may have done the wrong thing but atleast im alive.

Usualy i would say if a mugger asks you for cash give it to him and let him be on his way. I just got lucky.

#102122 - 03/22/05 10:43 AM Re: Retaliation to a mugging

Thanks for the views.

I also think that you should only retaliate if you think that they will attack no matter what you do. Or you could just try to make a run for it, unless you're cornered i dont think a mugger is going to run around chasing you in public places.
Either way, at the end of the day, no materialistic possession is worth your life.

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