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#101863 - 03/10/05 07:49 PM I need to decide: Jujutsu or Kenpo?

So I'm finally going to start studying martial arts, something I've been meaning to do all my life. I've done my research and had pretty much settled on Jujutsu being the form for me. Tonight while doing more research, I found that Kenpo might appeal to me more.

My main goal in studying martial arts is to feel secure, in control, and safe in unexpected situations. Living in a city, you're never sure when those will pop up, and while I haven't had many encounters such as this (knock on wood), I would like to know that I am full prepared.

Jujutsu seems to focus a lot on immobilizing an attacker by any means necessary, and seems to be a very defensive based task, but possibly with less focus on attacking than I'd like. Kenpo seems to concentrate more on using your fists as deadly weapons, should the need occur.

Basically, if I find myself attacked on the street, I want to be able to immobilize the person, and I don't want them getting back up to ask for more.

I've also noticed that people in this forum place boxing as the first in a list of the most practical martial arts. Is this referring to your typical Rocky/Sugar Ray training, or another more martial arts based way of training?

So, based on this, which way should I lean? I think I can find classes for both in my area. Thanks.

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#101864 - 03/10/05 07:54 PM Re: I need to decide: Jujutsu or Kenpo?
nekogami13 V2.0 Offline
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Registered: 04/10/04
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Loc: Texas, USA
jujutsu's goal is to immobilize the attacker by either rendering them dead or mechanically unable to continue fighting.
I would take good jujitsu over karate any day.

#101865 - 03/10/05 08:38 PM Re: I need to decide: Jujutsu or Kenpo?

Try them both and see what you like. Not all schools are fair representatives of their styles. Some are superior and some barely qualify as average.

You be the judge.

#101866 - 03/11/05 08:21 AM Re: I need to decide: Jujutsu or Kenpo?

Ju-Jitsu. In my opinion its the most practical of them all.

#101867 - 03/11/05 08:38 AM Re: I need to decide: Jujutsu or Kenpo?

While I personally study Jujutsu, I would reccommend looking at both schools and trying to figure out what works best for you.

Some people are built to be strikers and some people are built to be grapplers. It's a good idea to start with what you are naturally good at and when you are technically proficient at that move on to fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Many schools have a hands-on introductory lesson, try both and see what you enjoy more.

#101868 - 03/11/05 10:58 AM Re: I need to decide: Jujutsu or Kenpo?

I thnk Leo_49 made a good point, find out what you do best as a base and either learn to counter waht you lack or add to it. But don't force yourself to do anything unnatural it won't be fun and you will want to quit.

Note: All of it is not going to be fun, nobody likes being choke out and revieved, both arts will do that, no escape. In my day thats how it worked.

#101869 - 03/11/05 11:36 AM Re: I need to decide: Jujutsu or Kenpo?

Just go to the schools personally and see their training personally. Both Jujutsu and Kenpo are good styles. It's more of a matter if the school trains them properly for combat. You usually can't go wrong with Jujutsu as usually students that come out of a Jujutsu school have a clue bout fighting. Kenpo's a good style if you join up with a good school. If all schools taught their respective styles properly to be effective, only then it's a matter of choosing style. But unfortunately not all schools out there teach good martial arts, you'll have to use your better judgement if the school is realistic in their approach to using their respective style for fighting. The styles are never at fault but usually it's more of a poor training methodology of a school that weakens a style to the point of nonusable in a fight that's at fault.

[This message has been edited by Walter Wong (edited 03-11-2005).]

#101870 - 03/12/05 12:11 AM Re: I need to decide: Jujutsu or Kenpo?


Well, I'll go with Flech on this one. Try them out and see what you like. All systems properly taught are good. Remember that the student makes the system. Jujutsu is a very well rounded MA. Kenpo is so as well. I have studied both. Nevertheless I have stuck with Kenpo (American Kenpo) because it allows me the flexibilty on techniques I like. Also, the systems teaches everyday weapons instead of the traditional weapons you see in Kobudo. Why? Because those are the weapons you might find or that you might be carrying, i.e., knife, pole or club. But in the end go with what you like and enjoy! Train as you fight!

Yours in the Spirit of the Warrior-Scholar,

Carlos M. Roman, H.I. American Kenpo Karate Studios
Orlando, FL

#101871 - 03/12/05 12:28 AM Re: I need to decide: Jujutsu or Kenpo?

Nice to see you back around Carlos!
Definitely listen to his advice here. Try them both and train as you fight!

All American Goju Karate

#101872 - 03/12/05 12:56 AM Re: I need to decide: Jujutsu or Kenpo?

since u want this for street fighting i would definatly choose jujitsu over kenpo because most "americanized" karate forms are for for sport then self defense but there are exceptions but if u want a really good self defense style i recommend bujinkan ninjutsu at least research it

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