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#101812 - 03/11/05 11:51 AM Re: How to Block

Leo_49 I think you are on the right track, I just feel that you need to stop thinking TKD inside kicking range. I mean still thinking about kicking inside trapping or knee range is asking to be hurt in the advance sparring or the street.

TKD is a good starting art, a complete course will teach self defense counters including knife/gun defense. But take what you can use and drop what is impracticle as you grow. I studied in Tang-soo-do (a more s.d. sytle) of TKD as a Teen and being a street fighter quickly took the good strong punches, kicks and footwork shifting stances. But I got rid of the kicking while in punching/grabbing range ideas, triple kicks but kept some of direct the double kicks. There some good things in TKD, but as you contiune to study you will find that they spend too much time at one or 2 ranges.

They spend too much time developing flying and jumping quadtriple one leg kicks and split kicks that are flashy but have little use in a real fight. And if they do (which I really trully doubt), you could have used a simpler technique to accomplish the same goal. Especially at Brown-Black belt levels this time could be used to learn more street proven techniques.

Simplified TKD makes a great base line art, that you can add to. Its teaches powerful movement and is a great kicking style. But as you allude to, if a guy grabs you, you have to think about what to do.

I immedaitely think if he grabs me he can't hit me with that hand, and has made it diffcult for him to block and thereby open to a attack on that side. Grab with both hands, the counter depend on if he pulls or pushes, after I head butt him.

Counter never defend for long.
You are on the right track, just sweep out the bad and keep the proven as you go.

[This message has been edited by Neko456 (edited 03-11-2005).]

#101813 - 03/11/05 04:51 PM Re: How to Block

I agree fully, that's why I've started learning Jujutsu. In three weeks I've gone from knowing no close in stuff to 3 takedowns, defense against strangulation from front and back and arm and shoulder locks.

The techniques are surprisingly less vigerous to implement than TKD and certainly less taxing. I don't even feel mildly exhausted at the end of class which was a big surprise seeing as how I'm usually exhausted after a TKD class. I must say getting to black belt level before starting a new art is a good idea, it really helps to understand the fundamentals and body movements easier. (Although you do have to learn a new way of moving)

I should have started learning this a good 5 years ago.

I still want to know how to grab a boxers arms without opening yourself to a jab to the face though.

BTW all the split kicks and flying kicks are for *advertising* purposes. We don't actually use them in classes. (At least where I studied) Some of them might have had a purpose a long time ago but now they just look good in the movies.

[This message has been edited by Leo_E_49 (edited 03-11-2005).]

#101814 - 03/14/05 10:47 AM Re: How to Block

Don't try to grab a boxers jab, its too fast for that. But concentrate on grabbing his body, start thinking street instead of sport grab his balls, throat thats what jujitsu/street TKD is about. Its not point fighting.

A fresh jab is way too fast to try to catch, now a slow jab you could probably setup a arm break on that, and rolling that into a choke.

I've been training for many years and trying to catch a good fresh jab or backfist will only get you hit in the face.

You have to set it up, if you really want to catch his arm, in a clinch push him and while he trying recapture his balance grab an arm. If you push him down use your TKD/Jujitsu side kick to his elbow joint as he trying to get up off the ground. Is a good safe way to attack the arm.

You got to start thinking outside the box.

#101815 - 03/14/05 12:05 PM Re: How to Block

Good idea. I'll start training those techniques.

#101816 - 03/23/05 12:28 AM Re: How to Block

Best type of blocks:

1. When he swings for your face grab his arm and or block it and retailate with your other hand (Or break his wrist)

2. Duck or move out of the way.

3. NEVER CROSS YOUR ARMS IN A FIGHT (as if you were making an x with your arms)

4. If they kick you just grab their leg and push up as far as possible untill they fall (or break their ankle or just twist their leg)

It's common sense. Someone swings at you, you put up your wrist and block it. Lol. Good luck.

#101817 - 03/23/05 01:34 AM Re: How to Block

It's common sense. Someone swings at you, you put up your wrist and block it. Lol. Good luck.

This is a good way to get a broken

#101818 - 03/23/05 10:04 AM Re: How to Block

Dont try to pull off any fancy block or wrist grab. Just jump back a step, and raise your hand quickly and strongly to brush aside any attack. Although, the 'Block' in this case should really be a back-up in case you don't step away enough, or as a reaction hand to prevent any further attacks to that area.
Always jump backwards, away from your opponent. Then onces your opponent hits Mid-air or brushes you, launch an offensive of your own.

[This message has been edited by yesisbui (edited 03-23-2005).]

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