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#101039 - 01/30/05 06:02 AM Re: knives on the streets?

I agree with you completely^^^, i also have never used for anything but its "outdoor" and working capabilities and i also agree that is puts u at a liability if u do use in the streets which is why when ever i carry it i will never use it unless my life is threatened, thx for all the responses guys

#101040 - 02/07/05 09:19 PM Re: knives on the streets?

I agree with those who have posted stating that a kinfe will likely put you into a dangerous situation, both physically and legally. Depending on your local laws, I belive that a Kubotan, with appropriate training and practice is a much more useful tool for self defense if staying out of major trouble with the law, and your school administration is also desired. Once you have a grasp on the use of the Kubotan, you can replace it with a Mini Mag, or a thick shafted steel pen, both of which you can carry with no questions asked, and can be hidden in plain sight. Knowing how to use one effectively opens up all sorts of options for improvised replacements as the situation allows. Like all self defence skills however, whichever tool you choose to use, it will be of little to no use to you if you don't have proper training and practice with it regularly. In an ideal world, you should also learn a Martial Art that provides a strong basis in self defense as well, so if you become disarmed you can still effectively defend yourself (especially useful when the pointy end of that knife you carried to protect yourself is now pointing at your parts).

#101041 - 02/08/05 05:51 AM Re: knives on the streets?

First off, I think that if you don't feel confident about being able to defend yourself without a knife, why would you even think about carrying one? It would certainly be taken from you. And surely, if you cannot defend yourself in an unarmed fight, you won't win a knife fight, but by drawing yours you've ensured you're going to get stabbed.

The logic that follows is that there is no reason to carry a knife.

I live in a bad neighbourhood and worry about my personal safety at times, and it's possible that somebody maybe might pull a gun on me. Not very likely, but of course it's possible. So should I carry a gun about everywhere I go? Well, I don't think so, you can't live your life in fear like that. Somebody might pull a knife on you, but you're better off thinking of ways to avoid that ever happening, to stay out of fights if possible, keep away from crazy people. If someone does pull a knife on you and you don't think you can handle it, its still possible you can avoid being stabbed. Maybe it will cost you some pride or the contents of your wallet, really a small price to pay compared with living in fear.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that people who carry knives end up getting stabbed (or injured by other potentially lethal weapons) much more often than those who don't.

#101042 - 02/15/05 04:02 AM Re: knives on the streets?

I don't like carrying knives, i find them the pu$$y option, so i dont. Its simple, if someone pulls a knife on you then just leave it its not worth getting stabbed, but if they dont, then fight them if they threaten you.
(Why is it everyone has to carry knives now? a little while ago you could pick a fight with anyone and it wouldnt go beyond kicks and punches, but now you cant tell wether they have a weapon or not and you have to be careful).

#101043 - 02/15/05 03:10 PM Re: knives on the streets?

well it depends on what kinda people hangs around the street your walking on and what time it is. if its a very dangerous street filled with mugglers then you should definately carry some sort of self defence weapon like a knife. don't act like the mucho muscle man and use your fist to defend yourself, because 90% of the time your muggle will probably be armed with a knife or stick. anyways you always have the option to run, but if you get surounded by like 4 people then having a knife is better then nothing.

#101044 - 02/20/05 01:37 PM Re: knives on the streets?

Quote:" In South East Asia......will want a bloody fulfillment of its natural tendency"

In the wild province of India thats my home people regularly carry machetes,swords and knives on their person as a matter of tradition and defence.If needed they use it too.However it is never unsheated in anger except to strike--a weapon unsheated in anger but unquenched with blood is believed to take it from its bearer later through accidents etc.
Also war swords were never sharpened except when a confrontation is planned/imminent as a sharpened sword becomes thirsty for blood and in peacetime may egg on the bearer to strike an otherwise nonthreatening opponent.

#101045 - 02/20/05 02:20 PM Re: knives on the streets?

Well carrying a knife should be carried only if you live in a rough neighberhood or your in danger. I personally don't carry a knife but I find a pair of kali sticks better. Or one is just as good..........


#101046 - 02/20/05 08:59 PM Re: knives on the streets?

I wouldn't carry a knife because I'd never ever want to use a knife. If I ever got into a fight, the temptation would always be there to stab him, and that's a can of worms that I would never ever want to deal with, as well as I just am not cruel enough to stab someone.

That being said, if you're going to ever take out a knife, make sure you're going to use it. If someone ever pulls a knife on me, I'm not going to stop until he's unconscious or damn well near dead...a knife is a sign of murder in my eyes, and if you're going to try and kill me, I'll do it right back.

#101047 - 02/21/05 01:08 AM Re: knives on the streets?

this(all of the above) is exactly why I carry a tazer [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] ZAP!!!

#101048 - 03/02/05 03:27 AM Re: knives on the streets?

This is an interesting topic.

I carry a blackpowder gun everywhere I go. It holds 6 shots. You can buy them at any gunstore right over the counter.

They are handy, but it just takes too long to measure and load the powder, and ram the lead ball into place.

But once all that is done, woo! Look out!

Unless it rains....

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