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#101029 - 01/18/05 09:18 AM knives on the streets?

I was just interested what are your opinions on carrying knives as a form of self defense on the streets or in school(if u are my age)? I am asking this because i recently encountered a fight and one of the guys pulled out a knife and tried to stab at the other guy but he just knocked it out of the guys hand and got him in a head lock.personally i carry one everywhere(if i can) simply for self defense and security but do u think that a knife is really effective on the streets? or just a burden seeing as it can easily be taken from u and used on u or it can just escalate the enemies anger and pursuade him to pull out something more dangerous? anything thoughts, comments or personal experiences would be appreciated.

#101030 - 01/18/05 11:03 AM Re: knives on the streets?


Here is some advice that should be taken to heart from a man that knows more than a little something about the issue, Mr James Keating.
Please read this link:


#101031 - 01/18/05 03:11 PM Re: knives on the streets?
Chang Wufei Offline

Registered: 06/09/04
Posts: 358
Loc: Spokane, WA
I agree with the previously offered article. In the first place, I don't enjoy knocking someone out with my training when I need to defend myself, so much less would I seek to kill him. Knives are too dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. It can easily be used against you or accidentally kill you if you happen to roll over it in the struggling and wrestling for it.

#101032 - 01/18/05 07:43 PM Re: knives on the streets?

There is I suppose a difference between 'stopping' a fight and 'ending' one.

The former when no one is hurt and the loser didn't 'lose'.

The latter is when the fight 'ends' with someone hurt or killed and the winner didn't 'win'

I was in a rough neighbourhood school in the 50s / 60s where gansters roamed the streets freely. So I carried a knife to school (hidden of course) Later, afraid of being found out by teachers, I switched to carrying one of those old fashioned metallic can openers. At least I could say something reasonable, if caught, to excuse my self.

Even now, out of old habits, I still hang a small knife in my keychain.

Knives will never, can never be socially banned. They were in used since the stone-age. If you carry a knife for a while, you feel attached to it (like the old samurais and their katanas) you feel 'safe', like carrying a religious talisman.

I really have no answer to the problem. The primordial male hunter/killer instinct is and will always be with us.

Will my telling everyone not to carry a knife helps?

With due respect to Mr. Keating, knives have no eyes, but seems to have a life and destiny all of its own. In a dark way, they comfortably fits and forms a part of and a material extension of the users' hand. I have a small collection of knives and other short fighting weapons, like the Malay miniature fighting axe.

No matter how well trained a person is, once a knife is used, destiny takes over.

In south-east asia, fighting krisses and other personal fighting weapons are never un-sheathed unless a fight is imminent. It is believed that the spirit dwelling within the weapon, once let loose, will want a bloody fulfillment of its natural tendency; you can't blame the weapon, it is just doing what it is actually made for and meant to do.

#101033 - 01/18/05 10:59 PM Re: knives on the streets?

i saw a fight about a month ago where 2 guys were fighting and 1 of the guys pulled out a knife and the other ran away (a mate of mine)he thought he was the greatest until my mate came back with a steal pole and said if u wanna use weapons then so will i, he swung the pole twice at his head missing it by inches, the hit would have killed the guy easily. the other guy ran off and that was that. the point is, dont pull the **** out unless your prepared to go all the way

#101034 - 01/19/05 03:56 AM Re: knives on the streets?

i agree with u darko if i was ever put into a situation that was immenent(sp?) the knife would be my last resort, im not an agressive guy and have been in 2 fights in my life because i was forced to. i would only pull a knife out if i feared for my life or serious injury and evenc onsidering that i would only pull it out if i thought my opponent didnt have a weapon or if he does has already exposed it so i know wat im against. but i agree it is something definetly saved for the last resort

#101035 - 01/19/05 12:12 PM Re: knives on the streets?

I think pepper spray is probably a better and more effective option.

There is a company called ASP which makes a Kubotan with Pepper spray capabilty (the can is inside!)
It s called an ASP defender.
Super Idea. Blind'em then Bash,em!
And dont get charged with murder!

#101036 - 01/19/05 12:32 PM Re: knives on the streets?

I believe carry a knife is ok for civil/mechanic uses and even selfdefense (snakes and things) around the campsite, fishing or around home, but carry the same knife to school now days will get you locked up and kicked out of school for the year or more.

Using a knife to defense against a human is not school yard play, it's escalating the stakes to the use of a weapon or deadly force (the term use in law enforcement).

There are only a few incidents were a knife counter attack should be used, only when your life is threaten and you are in range of your intented target.

Maybe when a knife is drawn or when another weapon is attempted to be deployed. Still getting something (tbl/chair/garbage can top & a throwing brick) between you and the knife is the ideal defense.

Never draw a knife outside 15 yards and come toward an opponent. The ole addage of never bring a stick/knife to a gun fight, is as valid as ever, its a sound thought.

If you pull a knife you have Ok'd the use of a gun and vice versa, pending the range.

[This message has been edited by Neko456 (edited 01-19-2005).]

[This message has been edited by Neko456 (edited 01-19-2005).]

#101037 - 01/29/05 10:16 PM Re: knives on the streets?

I dont need any weapon i Just beat the sh*t out of them

#101038 - 01/30/05 02:02 AM Re: knives on the streets?


Well meweiss182, I will assume you are somewhat young so I'll be blunt. Unless you are prepared to accept the concequences of using a blade on someone, don't. Killing, somebody with a knife is not pretty. The images will haunt you your whole life. It is a very personal way to kill. Not to mention the legal implications of a society that sees the knife as the weapon of thugs and scoundrels. You have a 99% chance of loosing in court if you use a knife. There are many technical questions that will be raised concerning the cuts used and how they where used, how you carried the knife, why, etc. For those of us, ex-military or MAist, you are considered an expert and thus liable for anything that happens to the other guy; even if he was a mugger with a gun.

Now, the knife is a formidable weapon, with proper training. It is one of the fastest and more concealable. Easy to deploy and use. Many times by the time we see the knife you are alredy cut. It is very difficult to dissarm a trained knife wielder.

I, myself, carry a knife on me at all times along with my gun. I use the knife more for it applications as a tool than a weapon. Now meweiss182, you should concern yourself with other matters and leave the knives for the great outdoors.

Yours in the Spirit of the Warrior-Scholar,

Carlos Roman, H.I. American Kenpo Karate Studios
Orlando, FL

[This message has been edited by whitedragon_48 (edited 01-30-2005).]

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