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#100781 - 01/07/05 02:53 AM Got A Situation

Hey guys, I would like to see how you guys would handle this.

I was smsing this chick and her friend got cheecky to me and I was like bro p*ss off. Then he said he was gonna give me a unpleasant beating. So I threathened. And I saw him at MacDonalds and he done nothing only when he was riding away did he pull a sign so I stood up to show him come if he wants cuase i dont want to start the fight cuase even his friend said that hes gonna get a beating. ok hes a rugby player so he sporty about 6'0 Ft 100 Kgs can take a punch but cant fight. back to my point so I gathered he one of the talkers now his girlfriends keeps at me and cuase I cant hit her i tell her to bring her boyfriend and i will show her why they should just leave things alone I dont want to fight just got outta trouble with Police. But now if he comes its not gonna be a fair fight, He will bring friends. and I want to get the problem out the way so I can carry on doing my own thing. Ive aquired alot of info on him. I know more about this guy then he does, Ive done my home work "Know they Enemy And Know Thy Self And You Shell Not Fear The Result of a 100 battles" You guys think I should just go F*CK him up. just show him how much i could do to him by just telling all my friends it will only be a matter of time tell on of them run into him. Of just get a chick friend to show her that doesnt mean cuase she a girl she wont get hurt?. And 2night she said They not scared of me and my friends cuase they have FRIENDS aswell. Where I know her friends arent like us (They all have silver spoon in their mouth they the Rich kids who think they Tupac).

Hope you guys can give me some advice on the situation.

#100782 - 01/07/05 03:50 AM Re: Got A Situation

It is obvious that you are sadly immature and you know what you are gonna do anyway so why ask?!
You explain this dumb situation you are in then say (oh look at me i'm bad! I just got out of trouble with the police)then,you want to philosiphise about it!! If you really want some advice I'll give it. Stay away from him! Is that so hard? You think you have to prove something or what? If you want to get into philosophy read this:
"The only reason men fight is because they are insecure;one man needs to prove that he is better or stronger than another.The man who is secure within himself has no need to prove anything with force,so he can walk away from a fight with dignity and pride.He is the true martial artist a man so strong inside that he has no need to demonstrate his power."
I know it is not what you want to hear,but read your story from someone else's viewpoint!! It is painfully obvious what to do so DO IT!!!!

#100783 - 01/07/05 04:54 AM Re: Got A Situation

Maybe I misworded alot of that stuff cuase i was still angry when I typed it. I apologize for comming across as a **** .

I dont think im tough, I know lots of dudes can kick my ass. And I wasnt in trouble with police cuase of any form of Violence or anything or to impress anyone here why do they even care who i am, but im not a fool any trouble with them will come back to you. Cuase i know the guy will go to the cops if he loses. And the reason im asking you guys advice is one more topics on the forum and two you guys will see it more for what it really is.
And the reason I found out about him cuase Im not gonna going to rush into something without knowing who or what my opponent is about. I wasnt trying to be intellegent just cuatious.

and his girlfriend is the cuase of the problem she keeps the fire fueled and him been a guy tries to push his chest out front of all the time. (she is one of those girls who likes guys fighting for her)

I dont want to fight the guy, but they searching me out saying they gonna put a bullet in my head and I know they all talk.

But Thanx for the reply abit Harsh but all good.

And you are 100% correct they only want to fight cuase they insecure.

#100784 - 01/07/05 05:26 AM Re: Got A Situation

Ok good you don't want to fight! You came across like you were looking forward to it.
You should read the post on bullies in the ma talk forum by Mist it has alot of good info on the subject. This guy sounds like he's full of hot air. I would take him seriously though and look out for yourself. Remember sticks and stones........... [IMG][/IMG]
Until he does something to you you don't have a reason to do anything to him so just ignore them.
Do you train in ma? what style? how long? How old r u?
Me 29 yrs. old JKD BJJ stylist!10yrs now
Good luck and keep training [IMG][/IMG]

#100785 - 01/07/05 05:58 AM Re: Got A Situation

Nah Im not looking forward to it but if does come I must be prepared.

Yeah I train in Martial Arts, I do Tong Long for about 2-3 yrs now had a break inbetween though when I cut my finger off. Ive dabbled in a few other arts and just spar alot (We try make sparring as close to street fights as possible).Im 19 got into Martial Arts when i was about 15 also had a passion before that though.

and yeah "sticks and stones will brake my bones but WHIPS and CHAINS Excite me" hehe [IMG][/IMG]

And Thanx and I will read that info that Mist posted.

#100786 - 01/07/05 11:22 AM Re: Got A Situation

i see alot of this on this forum.there is too much therapy, if someone decides to fight can't people accept theres a good reason. martial artists like to fight. and alot like to fight well and deserve advice.what are pacifists doing in an martial art forum?

#100787 - 01/07/05 03:19 PM Re: Got A Situation
Chang Wufei Offline

Registered: 06/09/04
Posts: 358
Loc: Spokane, WA
1. Find him
2. Apologize
3. Shake his hand
4. Walk away unshaken


1. He finds you
2. You beat him up
3. He comes back with a gun
4. You don't walk away

#100788 - 01/07/05 03:25 PM Re: Got A Situation
Chang Wufei Offline

Registered: 06/09/04
Posts: 358
Loc: Spokane, WA
6. Prithivi has absolutely no discipline.

#100789 - 01/07/05 05:42 PM Re: Got A Situation

I'm sorry prithivi,
You are sadly mistaken.
Bully's and small minded people like to fight.
True martial arts practitioners prefer to avoid it.
We can dish it out, and we know if it's our time to die, then to do so in righteous battle taking everone trying to harm us to final judgement with us.
BUT, If the fight can be avoided. why waste the effort and cause unneeded bloodshed?
MantisFist, I like you and I want what is best fro you, forget about these people, cut them loose from your life. Just seek happiness elsewhere. If they bring violence, then you are in the right to take the fight to them. If they're just trying to goad you into a fight, it just shows how small they are. Don't be smaller than them my friend.
I say that from my heart.


#100790 - 01/07/05 05:43 PM Re: Got A Situation

i read your other posts, you are too pretentious to be a monk so i don't know what to call you. plus the discipline thing is not true at all,unless you mean obeying authorities and such. i just assumed fighting arts forum involved fighting and not other things like telling people not to fight, i could do a great analogy using a tobbaco nothing i say is meant as being hostile.

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