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#1030 - 06/15/04 02:15 PM Re: Karate vs Tae kwon do
1st Round KO Offline

Registered: 06/11/04
Posts: 1497
Loc: New York City, USA
TKD is basically accepted as a weak, defficient martial art with poor ring fighting applications. karate has a much stronger track record in the ring with respect to full contact fighting.
if i had to choose between the 2 it should be karate.

#1031 - 06/15/04 02:37 PM Re: Karate vs Tae kwon do
Raven Offline

Registered: 04/13/03
Posts: 549
Loc: Sin City
Are you sure these are your only choices?
What is it specifically you are looking for.

#1032 - 06/15/04 04:30 PM Re: Karate vs Tae kwon do
Uriel Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 764

John L makes me larf (the boxing question you posed)
Christian makes me wonder (ju-jitsu guys being really big and muscular. How big are any of the gracies?)
and first round makes an ass out of himself.

Talk what you know about, not what you read or guess.

#1033 - 06/15/04 04:51 PM Re: Karate vs Tae kwon do
goldencrane Offline

Registered: 02/23/04
Posts: 432
Loc: Kansas City Kansas USA
Both Arts have their respective weak and strong points. Personal opinion speaking, I feel that it depends on the man or woman, not the art itself.
You could have a master of each art squaring off against each other, the one that wins will be the one with the most heart.

This debate could be about any art. Judo vs Akido etc......

One should not conform to the martial art, the martial art should conform to the person.

#1034 - 06/15/04 08:54 PM Re: Karate vs Tae kwon do
Christiancadet Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 553
I was judging by all of my friends who do Ju Jitsu (none of whom are under six foot) I as just stating what I have seen. If I was mistaken I apologize. Though I would have thought that Ju Jitsu would have placed a greater emphasis on upper body strength than TKD.

#1035 - 06/15/04 09:28 PM Re: Karate vs Tae kwon do
Uriel Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 764

We can only speak (hopefully) of what we know. You made an observation based on what you know. Nothing wrong with that.

I do believe the muscle type build for JJ might be more wirey muscular. Big muscles tend to wear out faster.

But you know it's the person really; not the art.

#1036 - 06/16/04 11:42 PM Re: Karate vs Tae kwon do

This is extreamly interesting since I have just started training in Isshinryu Karate, and had spent over 3 years in Tae Kwon do as well.

In both arts most of the kicks are the SAME. Albeit in TKD the kicks are much more acrobatic, AND you could use your feet to block as well as strike. Rather handy when someone has your arms tied up from behind and you are being doubble teamed.

Due to a medical condition in my spine (won't bore you with specifics) I had to stop my training at the green belt level...sigh.

In Isshinryu katate I find that the kicks are more direct, and not ususaly about waist level. Also, the rigorous training in hand techniques allows you better reaction time all around.

I still kick as I would in TKD, but with the hand techniques under my belt (no pun intended), I feel much more confident in my sparing and self defense ability.

I guess my point is this: Choose your art based on what you are looking for. Sport, or personal defense. Even a Martial Sport style will help you defend yourself in a pinch, but a martial art may prove too violent for compition.

#1037 - 06/17/04 12:20 AM Re: Karate vs Tae kwon do
kyokushinkid_9 Offline

Registered: 06/13/04
Posts: 154
Loc: Sydney,NSW, Australia
i find that a Karate student is trained harder than a TKD student
EG: this girl i know (she is 14) is a 4th Dan in TKD!!!!!!! and yet she maybe has the ability of a Karate Brown Belt.

it all depends on the Dojo and teacher as well. TKD has more flashy, attractive hollywood kicks while Karate tends to have uglier kicks that get to the point(better in street situation).

if you just want to learn kicks and punches, not an art, do Kickboxing (Muay Thai not Savate) there is a big diffenance between learning kicks and punches and learning an art.

#1038 - 06/17/04 01:13 AM Re: Karate vs Tae kwon do
Chen Zen Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/09/03
Posts: 7043
Loc: Ms
Both arts are plagued with McDojos so pay close attention to both schools and student instructor relationship. As for the better art it depends on what your looking for. Tkd is mostly kicks but it does have a fair variety of hand techniques and counters. Also the kicking will get you in great shape and good flexibility. Karate is more hand and counter focused but is still a good style in its own right.

#1039 - 07/04/04 07:47 PM Re: Karate vs Tae kwon do


well if TKD if I get to learn all the HOLLYWOOD KICKS, then sign me up!!! ahahah

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