[weapon] strobing LED flashlight

Posted by: xerxes

[weapon] strobing LED flashlight - 04/29/13 04:10 PM

It seems like I've seen some marketing lately about LED flashlights that have a strobe setting(or maybe the idea has been around awhile and I'm just now noticing it). The idea seems to be that you direct the strobing light into the eyes of an attacker as they approach you and it is supposed to disorient them. Has anyone used a strobe flashlight in a real situation? Did it have the desired result? Or, what did happen?
Posted by: xerxes

Re: [weapon] strobing LED flashlight - 06/25/13 08:53 AM

Okay, I guess the answer is "no".

In that case, have you tried it during self-defense training?
Posted by: Zombie Zero

Re: [weapon] strobing LED flashlight - 06/26/13 09:59 AM

I haven't had any experience with them, but they're certainly worth looking into.