Highschool Problems?

Posted by: BrianS

Highschool Problems? - 03/11/06 01:54 PM

All threads concerning bullying or any such highschool problems will be locked or deleted.
If you are being bullied tell a trusted adult. You need a record of what is happening incase it continues.You may not want to,but in my opinion this is the best option.
Take my advice as you would with any advice you see on the internet. I am not the be-all end all solution giver.Again,ask an adult about it and good luck to you.
1)Avoidance-stay away from places where trouble might happen. This includes social events where alchohol might be served.
2)Awareness-be on the lookout for suspicious people.Walk in groups and in well lit areas.
Be home at a decent hour.For some reason the later it gets the more trouble people want to get into.
3) Start excercising.There's lots of tips in the strengthening forum. The stronger you are the better.

If you have more or better advice to give please pm me with details.