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fudodachi - 12/13/03 12:52 PM

had anyone noticed that the stance fudodachi is identical to the way the statue of the god fudo stands in a buddhist temple in japan{ the one thats the largest wooden structure on the planet} and does anyone think that theres more than just a name connection, and that the stance is based upon it for religeous purposes?
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Re: fudodachi - 12/13/03 12:54 PM

and btw if you havent seen the statue or dont think you have, its on the cover of karate-do kyohan (the master text)
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Re: fudodachi - 12/14/03 07:37 PM

First of all, if I remember correctly, fudo dachi means "fighting stance", correct?

And if so, that would make the god "fudo", a war god of some sort, logically guessing of course.

Id say theres a connection, due to how much eastern religion is already incorporated into some martial arts.
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Re: fudodachi - 12/21/03 02:42 PM

I have always understood Fudo Dachi to mean 'get ready stance'
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Re: fudodachi - 12/22/03 02:59 AM

Fudo Dachi means "immovable stance" Fudo Miyoo is usually depicted standing on stone for immovability and resolve, surrounded by flames for ferocity, is holding a rope to bind evil, a sword to cut it away and is the Shinto guardian of the Buddhist way.

He tends to be the guardian of Dojo shrines (including mine).