Posted by: Speedy Zee

Cramp - 09/13/03 10:19 AM

Greetings my fellow martial artists. I have a rather strange problem. After about an hour of training or activity, I suddenly develop cramp in my legs, especially behind the calves. Sometimes its my right leg, sometimes its my left leg. It has occured in both my legs before. The seizures are very painful if i attempt to continue, and so it therefore means that i become inactive for the rest of the training session. Can Anyone help?

Many Thanks
Posted by: Yoseikan Student

Re: Cramp - 09/13/03 01:09 PM

Pull ya big toe, as in away from your foot. This will straighten the tendon in that foot. Helps cramp in the foot, should work for the calf as well.

This aint a wind up. Works for me.


Hope it helps.

Posted by: Yoseikan Student

Re: Cramp - 09/14/03 02:02 PM

Also make sure that there's enough sodium and potassium in your diet.
Posted by: Speedy Zee

Re: Cramp - 09/14/03 03:30 PM

Ahh, many thanks Alec. It does sound kinda strange, but i'll have a go when i can. What sort of foods have potassium and sodium in? Are there any particular ones?

many thanks again alec, Maybe i can soon have a proper training session sometime.

Posted by: DragonFire1134

Re: Cramp - 09/19/03 09:04 AM

Bananas and a tad of salt maybe? Thats the first thing that comes to my mind
Posted by: Reiki

Re: Cramp - 09/22/03 04:32 PM

Also have a look at your water intake.

If you are a bit dehydrated then often the muscles will cramp especially if you are working them hard and then let them cool off a bit.
[it happens to me sometimes after teaching the juniors class and then when I start the seniors class my muscles go into cramps!]