Help: Stretching Machines

Posted by: EasyKicker

Help: Stretching Machines - 09/04/10 10:30 AM


I am new to martial arts.

What is the groups opinion on stretching machines?

Do they work?

Are they worth the money?

Which one(s) are you recommending?

Thank you

Posted by: JKDGuy_1985

Re: Help: Stretching Machines - 10/18/10 02:18 PM

Stretching machines can be of help, but they will allow you to stretch in only a few positions, in my opinion they aren't worth the money. The positions and type of stretch you can do on your own are almost infinite and it won't cost you anything. You can find a lot of information about stretching on the internet or in book, i'm also pretty sure your martial arts instructor can guide you to do the right stretches to enhance your martial arts skills. If your looking to kick higher, I would look at dynamic stretches, but knowing what you want to achieve could help us guide you in the right direction.
Posted by: ninpopo

Re: Help: Stretching Machines - 10/19/10 02:02 AM

Hey easykicker

This topic has been covered many times before though, check out the search function. When i posted the same query a while ago, Derec gave me a nice recommendation. Check it out