** Introduce Yourself! **

Posted by: TimBlack

** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/13/07 08:02 AM

A thread for new users to introduce themselves. Tell us your martial arts experience and anything else you feel is worth sharing!

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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/13/07 11:44 PM

Hello I'm Ken hettinger i've been studying martial arts since I was 16 around 29 years I've studied chinese red guard self-defense as well as tae kwon do jujitsu and tang soo do.I live in Nc .
Posted by: Emsanon

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/14/07 11:37 AM

My name is Emily and I've had a total of 6 years, 9 months in MA. I trained in Goju Ryu for about 3 years then went to Taiku Kaikan for another 3 years and I joined TKD about 9 months ago. So, I'm pretty new to MA, especially since I've jumped between styles before really getting to know them. I think I'll be sticking with TKD though.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/14/07 02:33 PM

Greetings to all. Feel free to read around and jump into any of the discussions on any of the forums.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/15/07 07:17 AM

Well... I already made a few posts... but I am 26 years old girl-woman-thing and I started TKD lessons 7 months ago. I loved the forum and most of people here. I have found some interesting characters!!!! (I am not going to say who those are...)

My main problem to post is the language: I am crap at English!!! lol, so sorry if you can't understand me, I'll try to improve.

Enjoy the place all of you!
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/15/07 07:43 AM

Welcome everybody!
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/15/07 08:04 AM

Your English looks fluent to me, even the idioms. If you want to struggle with something, I'll use my Spanish OK?
Posted by: Taison

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/15/07 10:54 AM

Hey hey!

Tranquilo, tranquilo! Habla Englaise por favor!


I have found some interesting characters!!!! (I am not going to say who those are...)

Someone thinks I'm a character?

Welcome to all new people. Us old guys greet you.

-Taison out
Posted by: staticman

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/16/07 02:08 AM

hello- ive been visiting the site for a while and only recently joined. i find it very useful to read others' opinions/thoughts especially from practitioners of other styles. great that people are willing to share knowledge- thanks. i trained in wing chun for 4 years before having a break (kids!!)- but restarted and feel i am just about ahead of where i was before the break-muscle memory is a great thing. i guess my main motivation to my training is my main obsticle:age- i'm 40 next. any thoughts on training as you get older?
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/16/07 07:57 AM

I'm 58. At 40, hey kid, you just got here.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/16/07 08:29 AM

Yeah, staticman - here's a thought. Train HARDER. We don't have as much time to get better.
Posted by: TimBlack

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/16/07 03:25 PM

Hello all you new guys, it's great to hear from you!
Posted by: coldron

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/17/07 09:01 AM

Hi. My name is Coldron. I've been studying kung fu in Taiwan for the past 4 years. I and the guys I have been training with are looking for full contact fights and tournaments in England and Europe. In fact, we are looking for fights anywhere in the world. If anybody could help me find events or get invitations to fights, then I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/17/07 11:19 AM

Sure! Come to Detroit, go to just about any bar in town, and insult someone. You WILL get an invitation to fight, unless you get shot first.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/17/07 11:32 AM


Hi. My name is Coldron. I've been studying kung fu in Taiwan for the past 4 years. I and the guys I have been training with are looking for full contact fights and tournaments in England and Europe. In fact, we are looking for fights anywhere in the world. If anybody could help me find events or get invitations to fights, then I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

Check here -

Posted by: menina

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/18/07 02:51 AM

LOL, ok... you do not play with your luck, Underdog, I may like your Spanish... ha ha ha!

So Taison... do you think I was talking about you, mmmm? hey, hey, Taison, tranquilo... do not get too excited, lol.

Ahhhh! You are so much fun, sometimes...
Posted by: Taison

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/18/07 04:31 AM

Coldron, try coming to Thailand and go into a random bar and insult someone. I'd be amazed if you didn't get shot or stabbed the same night when you leave the premis

Menina, I'm fun all the time, it's just people don't really understand me sometimes. English is hard.

-Taison out
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/18/07 04:21 PM

I haunted this site for a month, figured I might try to add my voice to the throng on occaison. So: My name's SaintBastard, or the Organ Thief, take your pick (long stories both). I've been studying Shito-Ryu karate for just over 12 months now, but as I'm only seventeen I've got a long time to axpand that resume (knock on wood).

I apologize in advance for any posts I make while listening to metal.

In retrospect, I should have realized that my username would trip censored lists.....is there any way for me to change to something that is neither offensive nor dumb-sounding?
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/18/07 05:03 PM

Yes. Check your PM's.
Posted by: silenthand

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/20/07 10:15 PM

Newbie here. So far I like what I have been reading so I signed up. I recently entered a hybrid school to learn ground fighting as well as better hand techniques. I have eight years of Tae Kwan Do and hold a belt in the style. I also have some Judo and Boxing experience.
Posted by: suda

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/21/07 01:34 AM

Hi all of you guys and menina

well i am suda and i started doing tkd about one month ago and have been doing since. unlike what i did earlier i enjoy tkd each day more for many reasons .

but some times i find it soooooo irritating that i can not do kicks and punchs with the quickness along with the power that i imagine they should be.i mean so far i try and practice a lot but it is not coming naturally so far.any way i daydream of the day i would be able to fight with my opponent who are mostly seniors in an aggresive yet more natural manner in which my body can fight throwing kicks and punches naturally without using my brain to think of my next movement.

hey by the way if my english sounds like crap , sorry people i am still improving my english.

hey menina how are u and i read many new things about u , mmmmmm they are interesting and seemz you enjoy being here a lot.... take care
Posted by: silenthand

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/21/07 03:08 AM


Hi all of you guys and menina

well i am suda and i started doing tkd about one month ago and have been doing since. unlike what i did earlier i enjoy tkd each day more for many reasons .

but some times i find it soooooo irritating that i can not do kicks and punchs with the quickness along with the power that i imagine they should be.i mean so far i try and practice a lot but it is not coming naturally so far.any way i daydream of the day i would be able to fight with my opponent who are mostly seniors in an aggresive yet more natural manner in which my body can fight throwing kicks and punches naturally without using my brain to think of my next movement.

hey by the way if my english sounds like crap , sorry people i am still improving my english.

hey menina how are u and i read many new things about u , mmmmmm they are interesting and seemz you enjoy being here a lot.... take care

When that happens to me I just stop, take a step back and breath. Like any art it takes time to develop the skills you seek. I found that the best thing to do to increase my development was just to relax and do the movements slowly. I feel the technique this way and learn my body mechanics. Try it and see if it helps.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/21/07 09:37 AM

I believe in practicing slowly too if something isn't getting you where you want to go. I do that a lot.
Posted by: Gabi

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/24/07 03:19 AM


I'm a bit of a fish out of water here. I'm not currently into marshal arts. Former runner, a bit of aikido and now a bellydancer, tribal fusion style - that means I need a lot of athleticism and flexibility and the hitch is that I'm 56 next month.

I've ordered the DVD and am ever so hopeful as I do need the splits in my school of choice, backbends would also be very nice but not necessary.

So I'm hoping there are other geezers out there who can commiserate.
Posted by: seito

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/24/07 08:29 AM

Hello. My name is Bob and I'm addicted to Martial Arts.

I have been training about 17 years. Current main art is Japanese Kenpo. Also have backgrounds in TKD, HKD, Aikido, Kali. Also trying to fit in iai and Aikijujutsu.
Posted by: Eregos

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/29/07 11:10 PM

Hello guys. I'm glad I found this forum, I've been looking for a place where I could find people that like martial arts and could give me some tips.

I just started Tang soo do 6 months ago after a 10 year absence but I'm back for good. I stopped when I was 17 at my orange belt and now I'm up to 6th dan.

I hope to meet great people and like-minded friends.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/30/07 07:41 AM

Eregos: you came back an orange belt and after 6 months you're a 6th DAN? Wow, were they glad to have YOU back!
Posted by: Taison

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/30/07 09:07 AM

Sounds fishy. Very fishy.

-Taison out
Posted by: Shellhammer

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/30/07 09:56 AM

Hi all,
Just returning to the martial arts after 15 year hiatus. It sure is nice to see some older people here too, some of the dojos I visited seemed to be youth cults! At the tender age of 47 I was at least 25 years older than the sensei
This time around I am looking for the transformative and spiritual side of the arts as well as the fitness/self-defense aspect as I have been pracicing meditation daily now for the last ten years.
Posted by: Eregos

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/30/07 08:31 PM

Lol, sorry about that. I did not mean 6 dan, it's all the posts I've been reading, I had a brain melt down. I meant 6th gup.

Posted by: Taison

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/31/07 01:17 AM

Thought so, there's an HUGE difference between 6th Dan and 6th Kyu. . err Gup.

-Taison out
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/31/07 10:33 AM

Splits are mandatory, eh? Lemme guess - Tae Kwon Do? Luckily for geezers like me, Okinawan karate doesn't require that level of flexibility!
Posted by: TimBlack

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/31/07 04:36 PM


Splits are mandatory, eh? Lemme guess - Tae Kwon Do? Luckily for geezers like me, Okinawan karate doesn't require that level of flexibility!

Not last time I checked, but maybe it's different in some orgs.
Posted by: Antikythera

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/03/07 05:24 PM

Hey guys, newbie here from the UK.

Been lurking for a while, and recently started Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu- look forward in chatting to you all!
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/03/07 05:28 PM

Welcome folks! Jump in and enjoy!
Posted by: TooFBrush

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/04/07 01:49 AM

Hello -

I'm Jo and I'm stationed in South Korea. I've been here six months now and after work today, I'm signing up for Hapkido. I'm really excited. I'm 26 yrs old w/ no martial arts training whatsoever! Cant wait!!!
Posted by: TKDoer

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/04/07 06:43 PM

Hi! My name is Becky. I've been studying TKD for about 2 1/2 years. I love martial arts, but I live and breathe TKD. I have dabbled a bit with Shaolin Kung Fu, Kendo, and Hapkido. I've been visiting this forum for a while and finally decided to join. I'm eager to discuss MA with my fellow practitioners!
Posted by: tulsaMA

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/04/07 08:21 PM

hello, i'm new to this forum.. i've lived and trained in tulsa most of my life. i began training with the late sifu terry gibson in 1986 and have remained active and affiliated with most of his colleagues and instructors
Posted by: Soul_Rebel

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/04/07 08:35 PM

Yo everyone, I'm Dylan, I'm 18 years old. I hail from Trinidad (the tiny island), I lived in Dubai for 6 years where I was first introduced to Martial Arts (TKD), after leaving Dubai I decided to try Shotokan Karate but quit some years ago. My reason for quiting stems from my boredom with the art; too much emphasis was put on katas I also had some issues to work through at the time. Recently with my discovery of UFC and Pride and the violent state of affairs in Trinidad, my fascination with martial arts has been rekindled. Upon moving to Canada (St. Catharines) this year for university I intend to take up a new martial art. At the moment I am suffering with a particularly serious case of Tendinitis brought upon by obsessive guitar playing without warming up, providing it heals in time I intend to train in Brazilian jujitsu this summer.
Posted by: deong

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/05/07 12:32 AM

I am 26 and I have always been a fan of martial arts but i have never stepped inside dojo. I have independently studied jujitsu krav maga and modern army combatives. I am now about to register for my first class still debating between karate and bjj. Wish me Luck
Posted by: Taison

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/05/07 05:59 AM

Welcome new folks.

Glad to have you all here.

-Taison out
Posted by: freedom_warrior

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/05/07 09:49 AM

hey, hope everyones training is going well, i have done Taekwondo, Budo taijutsu, Karate, Wushu, aikido and brazillian street fighting and have joined here to give help to those who need it, i shall try and answer any question anyone asks. train hard
Posted by: lilykat

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/05/07 11:40 AM

hello, Im lilykat, new to the site. studied karate for three years, had to leave my school, sadly... would love to hear from anyone who can suggest a good kung fu school in gloucestershire. I live in the forest of dean area.. if someone can suggest a new school for me that would be lovely!
Posted by: TimBlack

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/06/07 05:31 AM

Hello everyone! Welcome to FA.com!

lilykat - I don't know about kung fu schools, but you could check out an MMA club in Cheltenham here:


The other thing to do is ask around at local MA/fitness shops - they'll usually be able to point you in the right direction.
Posted by: thatguy

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/06/07 11:12 AM

Yo, I'm thatguy. You know, thatguy, from that place that one time? Ya whatever...

Anyway, I wrestle and want to take Capoeira and Muay Thai, but currently I'm stuck at a McDojo. No matter how much I plead my parents say "Get the blackbelt and then you can leave!". Well, anyway, looking forward to staying here!
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/06/07 01:24 PM

Welcome. How long does it take to get a black belt at McDojos?
Posted by: Altoman

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/07/07 12:14 PM

Hey people, just wanted to say hi! So... Hi!

I studied Wing Tsun (Leung Ting lineage, 2 years study), but I wasn't happy with the kwoon, so I am now a student of si fu Koviljac from Serbia (William Cheung's Traditional Wing Chun).

Hope I see you around!
Posted by: SeanIce187

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/10/07 04:23 PM

Hello, My name is Sean Im in Va Beach VA. i have been studying martial arts for about 12 years off and on. i have studied Shorin Ryu with master ron smith for most of the 12 years. im back at his school now i also studied kempo, tae kwon do, did some wrestling in high school, and then when i was in the army got to get back into it although the rules are a little different. while in iraq i started to learn krav maga and some brazillian ju jitsu(spelling) with my staff sgt. he had studied in isreal and was the company champion boxer. i do some boxing but more as a exercise rather than an actual sport. well thats about it for now .... oh and how do i edit my profile?
Posted by: SeanIce187

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/10/07 04:37 PM

nevermind i figured it out!!!!
Posted by: TimBlack

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/12/07 11:05 AM

Hello guuys!
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/12/07 03:28 PM

Posted by: SeanIce187

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/12/07 04:42 PM

Posted by: futsaowingchun

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/14/07 07:38 PM

Hello my name is Mike.I'm new to the forum.I've been in the M.A. since 1981 in the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu..I hope there is some other Wing Chun People here..
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/15/07 11:45 AM

Not of that style but welcome.
Posted by: HiiYa

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/19/07 08:45 AM

Hi, I found this site and joined immediatly!
I trained in JuJitsu,Aikido,Iaido, and Currently Wu Shu Kwan. Im a bit "jack of All Trades, master of non" But I'd like to accomplish black belt in Wu Shu Kwan,then focus back on JuJitsu and Iaido for the long haul!

Posted by: RNGrasshoppa

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/19/07 03:12 PM

I am Angélique, 6 months into Kyuki-do and Hapkido. I wish I had started sooner! Nice to meet you all.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/19/07 03:26 PM

Greetings to you both.
Posted by: stronghammer

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/19/07 07:10 PM

Hello, I am a seventeen year old male student of Iai, I haven't been studying long but some classmates say I have great promise.

Thank You
-Travis K-
Posted by: MayanWarrior

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/19/07 09:50 PM

hey y'all
I'm a returning martial artist currently wrapped up trying to learn the marital arts as well. Doing San Soo now because Aikido is poo in el asso (paso) texass. san soo is no nonsense, no sport, no rules, non spiritual, straight to the point self-defence. "the best defence is..."
I have been on Bullshido and fell in love with this site, I am excited to meet mature, caring and serious martial artists! thanx.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/20/07 03:13 PM

Welcome, folks.
Posted by: Axiom

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/27/07 05:45 PM

Hey there, friends. My name is Chad, and I've been in martial arts since I was five years old. (Don't get too impressed, the experience is all relative) I've studied Tang Soo do, Tae Kwon Do, and am currently practicing American Karate. Whazuuup?!
Posted by: HighKick

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/27/07 06:15 PM

Hi, I've been studying Tae Kwon Do (traditional, not for sport or competetion) for a little over 4 years and have recently dipped into a bit of Hapkido.
Posted by: Brash

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/01/07 01:07 PM

Hi, I'm Brash and I'm from Cardiff. I'm a Mod over at www.zombiehunters.org and one of the guys sent me this way when I asked about getting proper training. I'm 23 years old. 6'4'' and 255lbs. I have no formal MA training and I live and work in a pretty rough area. Just looking for some advice...
Posted by: TheReal

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/01/07 01:17 PM

Hi my name Randy and I do not have martial arts experience but I would like to learn sometime for the spiritual aspect and philosophy behind the arts.
Posted by: Boneman

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/01/07 04:25 PM

Hello everyone,

Just call me the Boneman. I have a bachelors degree in criminal justice and an interest in forensic anthropology, hence the ID. I go all the way back to the late 1960's in the martial arts when I did my first studies with a veteran whod' studied what he called "jiu jitsu" during the years he was stationed in Japan.

I doubt he held a black belt, though the guy was pretty good, good enough that years later my demonstration of some of the techniques he taught me was called "impressive" by a sixth-dan in an Okinawan style of karate. They've never failed me yet, though I've added more than just a little bit in the forty years since those first steps. I got into that because the fellow was teaching his sons and some of their friends, of which I was one.

A few years later My family moved about 1500 miles away to a little country town. That is where a few of us from different styles got together and cross-trained each other to round out our training. As a result, I learned Korean and Chinese kicks from practitioners of TKD and kung fu. I also learned a bit bit of hand work from the kung fu guy and a shotokan practitioner. I've even had the opportunity to dabble in a kindred combat only style, isgoshindo karate, courtesy of a younger brother who studied that style. That was the brother who broke my wrist with that kick while sparring. It had been a few months between bouts and I didn't realize he'd learned to project his power that well and tried to stop his kick with a trapping move some kung fu practitioners would be familiar with. Bad move on my part!

Some years ago I did the Uyeshiba thing by joining a sect which is quite pacifistic. Unlike the Otomi sect, they discourage the practice of the martial arts, so I haven't practiced as much as I'd like. But I've decided to get back into practice whether anybody likes it or not. To that end I've also been looking around the net a bit and seeing what there is to see.

In my city only three arts are available, TKD, Shotokan (through the local college), and Aikido (also through the local college). I am considering joining that Aikido club, the laid-back nature of the art does have its appeal for a fellow in his fifties.

As my orientation is more combat than sport, I have more of an interest in practical self defense and folks will likely see me around that part of the forum more than anywhere else.

That is my story.

Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/01/07 05:10 PM

Greetings folks! Always nice to get some detail and background. We appreciate it.

Jump in and enjoy.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/01/07 08:18 PM

Enjoy the forums. Welcome. Most of what you want should be found here somewhere.
Posted by: dongtran

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/03/07 08:59 AM

Hello, I am new to the forum. My name is Dong Tran, I have a dojo in Caldwell, NJ, called the Asian Arts Center/Tobukan (www.asianartscenter.com). I am the U.S. representative of the Goju-ryu Intl. Karate Kobudo Federation (HQ Naha, Okinawa). My sensei is Kurashita Eiki hanshi, the current president of the Federation. I also train in Yamanni-ryu kobujutsu with Oshiro Toshihiro shihan. It's great to see the interest in martial arts in this forum.
Posted by: harlan

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/03/07 09:19 AM

Sensei, I'm happy to be the first to welcome you. I have not met you in person, but a few years ago, looking for advice, I sent you an email asking for help. I found your words very wise, and have referred to them often in the past.

Posted by: dongtran

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/03/07 02:15 PM

Hi Harlan,
Thanks for the welcome. I used to train in Iaido with the late sensei Paul Sylvain in Amherst. Do you know them?
Posted by: harlan

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/03/07 02:17 PM

No sir. I was not training then, but do remember the accident. Very sad...he was well known here.

Posted by: Art

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/04/07 03:43 AM

Hi y'all!!
I am Art, 5th degree ITF Taekwon-Do. Into TKD for 30 years now and still love it totally! I hope to find interesting topics here!
Posted by: tea13reaker

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/06/07 07:25 PM

Hey! I'm just passing by here.
I have trained through judo, aikido, taekwon do when i was younger but then i quit..
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/07/07 07:56 AM

Welcome to advanced and beginner alike.
Posted by: jthurmanator12

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/14/07 12:32 AM

My name is Jack and I'm serving in Iraq just looking for a place to talk, make friends and talk about what i like to do, Fighting, and working out. I havent done any accual training except the Army training.
Posted by: Crobbie

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/14/07 06:22 AM

Hey im chris 21. i've been training for about a year in ARAKAN. I have come a long way since i started. and I still have a VERY long way to go. I love it. going for my first grading in october! can't wait.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/14/07 09:14 AM

Welcome guys. Jump in and enjoy.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/14/07 09:55 AM

Welcome guys. Doesn't sound like any of you are beginner beginners. Find the threads you want, read the stickees at the top of the forums and enjoy.
Posted by: egcprince

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/15/07 07:07 PM

Hey, Oscar here, I'm 19 and really only recently seriously began to practice the martial arts. I know I need to work hard to make up for lost time but I'm up for the challenge. I've been studing Shotokan Karate for 1 year now, and Capoiera for 4 months. I look forward to making new friends.
Peace and Love to all.
Posted by: Downsin

Ash - 07/15/07 07:46 PM


matial arts ??? tried some prefure my own style(s)
im 19, from the UK, i thought id sign up to learn some stuff.
maby if any body is on my lvl in my area pick up a training partner purely for fighting.
Posted by: oldman

Introduce yourself - 07/15/07 08:00 PM

I think this is a good time to remind the regulars that there is no trolling of the newbies allowed. No matter how tempting it may be.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: Introduce yourself - 07/15/07 10:07 PM

Exercising superhuman restraint here.
Posted by: underdog

Re: Ash - 07/16/07 08:35 AM

Welcome guys.

Sorry I deleted your addition to a stickie post Downsin. The thread should have been locked to prevent accidents like that and so I have locked it. You were adding on to something contributed by moderators as guidance/direction for the forums. It was not intended for discussion. They were something like the official point of view and your post didn't fit.
Posted by: Aesir

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/17/07 03:41 PM

Hey im Will, i'm 17 and have been practising jujitsu for about 7 years kickboxing for a year although have had to stop that for now as it's too time consuming with exams and all that. Also do Wing Chun and thats my 2 cents
Hello Everybody
Posted by: cyma

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/19/07 09:53 PM

I'm Angela (18).
I've been a practitioner of European Longsword for 10 years. I've studied various other styles, but I love my longsword!!:)
I have moved all over the U.S. and sadly, my current home has no sword school in a 50 mile radius.
But on a happier note, my master and I still keep in contact.
Posted by: Faelin

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/20/07 01:09 AM

Hey Everyone,

Just your friendly neighborhood Hapkido practicioner here. I just recently ,(as in yesterday) received my 2nd Dan in Kuk Sool Hapkido. I currently train in Kunsan, S. Korea and will for another four months when my travels will take me elsewhere. Then I will look for a new trainer/instructor/master/god.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/20/07 08:36 AM

Welcome, Faelin! Did Mrs. Ironfoot write your tagline?
Posted by: whitebeltjourney

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/22/07 02:51 AM

hi im currently blue belt in a mma hybrid system (just over a years training) with a blue belt in wtf taekwondo. i have also trained in muay thai, aikido and silat. I have an interest in all styles of martial arts and live in western australia
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/25/07 11:59 AM

Hey fighting-arts-forum, i'm 16 and i'm looking to take up some different arts. i did judo for about a year and a half, but quit, one of the things i regret the most. So i'm excited to get back into judo, and some other things, maybe TKD, i'm in a town of 7000 people, so there's not much here. P.S how do i find the clubs around here. i've checked out the posts about choosing a dojo, i just don't know where to find the dojos. thanks -kyle
Posted by: Dazzy

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/30/07 01:20 PM

Hi I'm 25 and have been kickboxing for a year now. I am an orange belt and have started sparring.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/30/07 04:12 PM

Welcome. You can find your forum and jump right in. Enjoy.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/31/07 09:37 AM

Longsword? That sounds interesting. I believe working with the bo has tremendous benefits for upperbody conditioning and flexibility. Bet the heavy sword does the same.
Posted by: mihai_1991

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/01/07 06:44 PM

Hi all my name is Mihai, i am almost 16 years old and i am from Bucharest, Romania.I like Martial Arts and i like K-1 aswell.Hope i will make new friends here.
Posted by: WhiteDragon11

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/01/07 10:18 PM

Welcome Mihai. You will get a lot of good info and tips from here. As well as making some martial arts friends.
Posted by: Gehimefaust

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/02/07 04:13 PM

good day alle, I hope to use this forum as a small tool in my training and so forth, any and all tips, advice and such are welcome. for the moment i am into the weight lifting and not so much martial arts, I plan on practicing kendo in the future. I used to practice taekwondo... well that went over well for the age i was in and the fact i had no desire to join in the first place, but now i would not be caught dead in a "belt system" you know what I'm talking about i am sure. where the belt is your god. yeah i guess that is it for now. later all.
Posted by: karatecop

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/03/07 05:27 PM

I am a 41 year old that has been practicing MA for the past 18 years with the United Karate Studios in Georgia.

Chang Moo Kwan practicioner - 4th dan;
Han Mu Do 1st Dan

I lost my supplier of uniforms and while searching for a new one i saw this forum so I just stepped in to see what was going on.
Posted by: AngelaG

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/04/07 05:24 AM

Hello everybody.

My name is Angela, I am 27 years old, and I am a Shotokan Karateka. I run a club down in Devon, UK with another instructor, and we also have another club in Bracknell, Berkshire.

I concentrate on karate for self-defence rather than sport, but I am also interested in the less tangible aspects of karate. I love learning kata, and I like the great feeling after I've got a good sweat on.

Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/04/07 07:49 AM

Welcome to you all.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/04/07 09:24 AM

Welcome folks! Enjoy.
Posted by: coxne7

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/04/07 07:09 PM

Not really new, as I came here quite often a couple years ago... but have gotten away from martial arts due to various issues, (no time, not alot of options for schools) I used to take shaolin for a year and a half, and bjj for about a year. Since joining the Marines, I have been taking the martial arts taught here. Would really like to go back to a traditional school though... am interested in learning tai chi, wing chun, and a sword art.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/05/07 07:50 AM

Welcome back. I hope we can provide you with some companionship while you serve.
Posted by: pigsy

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/05/07 02:08 PM

Hi my name is jon and i have been training Free style Kickboxing for a little over 3 year's. I love the sport and training has given me a lot of confidence. I have lost 2 stone and goten a lot faster over the time but i have so far to go. My mind and body are at diff levels and i need so much help and am loving the forums for lots of help and advice. I'm 31 and feel like i have a new lease of life since joining the UFBDA.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/05/07 03:17 PM

Great. I'm enjoying my martial arts increasingly for the fitness component as time goes on. Martial arts have been very good to me in everything I have received. Being fit would be a big part of that. Welcome.
Posted by: KirkhamsEbooks

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/06/07 12:58 AM

Aloha everyone;

Aloha Rick,
We would be glad to have you participate indiscussions on the forum. If you want to advertise you need to contact the site owner or his advertising dept.
Posted by: Aracon

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/07/07 08:55 PM

Hi Everyone. Most people know me as Aracon which is my spiritual name and I have been on and off training in the martial arts since 1979 where I first started in school, taking Rhee TaeKwondo for a while. I have also done White Cloud KungFu, Tai Chi, just to name a few. I like the more traditional ways, as opposed to the neo-modern ways that we see today. Traditional is more than just understanding techniques and katas, it is a way of BEING. So I hope to make new friends here and have many chats. Oh! And I live in the South Eastern Suburbia of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/08/07 08:03 AM

Welcome. You ought to be able to find a few soul mates here. G'day.
Posted by: Kaie

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/09/07 05:32 AM

Hi everyone; it's so nice to meet people who are so willing to share their experiences and be so supportive! I'm a 5ft 2" oriental woman who loves shiny swords and strange weapons. I'm 24 on Sunday living in the UK.

I have two years (blue belt) Muay Thai experience before I had an argument with my instructor and left. It was very upsetting as I loved my class and the people there, but then I found out a year after I left he was in jail for assaulting a woman; something about noise levels?! So I guess he had quite a temper and probably misconstrued what I said/did? I sparred from the first day and was surprised at the second club I went to, no one sparred until they'd passed several belts in their own gradings, so I left not wanting to start from scratch all over again, or to be used as a demonstrator and I hated not being able to spar.

During my undergraduate days as an English Language and Linguistics student, I then picked up a few months experience of Capoeira – which I thought was great fun as I have about 16 years of gymnastics training. I ran out of money to continue and I hoped to pick it up again at Warwick University (MA in Social Work), but found out they don’t have a club/classes. I hope to find another style that’s radically different from Muay Thai as I don’t want to confuse the styles. If I’m honest, I’d love to learn a weaponry based art. Any suggestions?

Aside from that I will probably try to pick up archery again.

Looking forward to pestering people to answer strange questions (I write fiction in what spare time I have) so I can make what I write at least based on some kind of reality. I hope people don’t mind?
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/09/07 07:38 AM

Welcome Kaie. Enjoy!
Posted by: Kaie

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/09/07 07:58 AM

Thanks MattJ
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/09/07 08:01 AM

Wow. Sounds facinating. Weapons is the weakest part of my training except for knives and clubs due to the AMOK part of my training. I was never gymnastic even when I was young. There are all kinds of people here though. Good to have more females. Enjoy and welcome.
Posted by: Kaie

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/09/07 11:58 AM

Thanks Underdog. Nothing wrong with knives and clubs . I own a few knives and spikes, as I loved throwing stuff when I was at school. I liked discus and javalin in athletics, broke a junior school record for throwing but I always thought that was a good thing - can't run a bean! If I got jumped, I'd need to take that person out or he/she would just run and get me again; I have two speeds running; slow and stop!

But no clubs - would love to learn staff fighting but that's as close to clubs I'll get. Hee hee.
Posted by: Yuushi

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/10/07 12:49 PM

Hi all,
My name's Karl Cunningham. I've been reading a lot in the reading room lately, and I have been on here in the past but only for a very short time.
I've been studying for 7 years at a nice little dojo in Vermont called the Green Mountain Dojo. It teaches a style of Goju-ryu, but only shares a little bit with mainstream Goju-ryu, thus we call it Green Mt. Goju. I've happily been teaching for about three years now and love it. Just this summer I got my Nidan.
I love all sorts of weapons and trying to improvise and work on different applications for techniques.

I'm glad that all of of here at fightingarts.com have the opportunity to share knowledge like this!

I should say this: About 6 months ago I was on the boards trying to figure out the lineage of my style. Some offered help, and I was grateful for that, but one person who knew my teacher rudely contacted me. After that I lost interest in the forums. I just feel like I might have been rude to some people who were willing to help, for that I am sorry.
Posted by: harlan

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/10/07 01:00 PM

Glad to have you back...always need more Goju on the forum.
Posted by: masonchemical

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/10/07 02:39 PM

I have always looked at life as a path. I took some TKD when I was a kid. I remained interested in MA but had not returned to a school until recently. I am 29 now. My son is 9. He and I currently study Yin Chuan at MPKA, developed by our Soke out of the styles, which he mastered, Kenpo, Chin-na, and Mu Du Kwon. The predominant style that MPKA instructors teach is Kenpo. However, in the study of MPKA's karate, there is also Judo, Jujitsu, Mu Du Kwon, Chin-Na and Grappling.

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to learn directly from our Soke, Dr. David L. Grosscup, PhD., 10th DAN! He teaches us that form and strength come with repetition and stresses the mental and spriritual aspects. He helps us to understand the importance of breathing, remaining calm and controlled, and the necessity of a positive attitude. He teaches us with regards to all aspects of life.

I just starting reading through some forum entries here a few days ago and it is very interesting and thought provocing. I will learn here.
Posted by: Yuushi

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/10/07 02:58 PM

It's very fortunate to find a quality teacher who knows their stuff. sounds like you found a good place. Glad to have you aboard!
Posted by: masonchemical

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/10/07 03:28 PM

Thank you Yuushi. I read in your earlier entry that you take a variation of Goju-ryu. I took a summer, intro course in something when I was 11 or 12 and I think it might have been Goju-ryu. Is one of the main fighting stances as follows?
- legs at 45 degrees
- knees slightly bent
- front foot is twisted inwards, toes pointing 45 degrees towards the center
I don't know if this was a Goju-ryu stance or something else. I remember the instructors stating that there was Ninjitsu mixed in also.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/10/07 03:53 PM


Dr. David L. Grosscup

In Baltimore MD? I attended a few of his tournaments, years back when I was teaching AKK. I didn't realize he was a 10th now.
Posted by: masonchemical

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/10/07 04:28 PM

Hello MattJ. Yep. I am lucky to live within a 5-min walk of Soke Grosscup's headquarter dojo in Dundalk Maryland. Yes, he has been 10th for sometime and was also awarded his PhD in MA.
Posted by: Yuushi

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/10/07 04:38 PM

Hmm, I'm trying to think of what that might be. It could be the Sanchin stance, a.k.a. Hourglass Stance. It could be a traditional Goju stance that my school doesn't have.
Posted by: Kaie

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/12/07 10:19 AM

Hi everyone! Just like to say "Thanks for the cake!" - Happy birthday to me...
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/12/07 12:00 PM

Hey- happy birthday.
Posted by: 1d3c

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/14/07 06:36 PM

Hi. I've been lurking around for the past couple of months and then recently joined the forum. I'm new to practicing MA. I was taking TKD for about a year & am now taking a class based on Tang soo do & jujitsu. (still do TKD when possible). Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/15/07 08:38 AM

Welcome. You seem to know your way around. Enjoy.
Posted by: OSX

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/22/07 02:49 AM

hellomy name is Dre I'm 16 years old and reside from Southfield, Michigan. I began Kickboxing a little over two months ago and decided to make it one of my hobbies. I'm very intrested in learning diffrent types of arts to stay in shape. I came to these forums to learn new methods of training and meet new friends in the Martial Arts world.
Posted by: Yuushi

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/22/07 12:08 PM

Welcome! What part of Michigan? I'm from Coldwater which is in the southern-central part of the state. Good to have you here. always great to see new people.
Posted by: OSX

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/22/07 03:52 PM

Right next to Detroit. Basically the subs of detroit.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/23/07 07:48 PM

Perhaps you should check out Master Willie Adams's Isshinryu school in Southfield.
Posted by: aishinka

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/24/07 04:27 AM

Hi All,

I'm Ashinka (Darren in real life).

I have in total circa 16 years of experience in martial arts. This spans karate, ju jutsu, aikido and wing chuan. I've done lots of other things in my time, but these are biggest influences.

I like philosophy and teach ju jutsu to a small group, I'm looking to grow my class over 2008.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/24/07 07:45 AM

Welcome to everyone.
Posted by: Colta

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/24/07 11:01 AM

Hi, my name is Carla.
I've actually been out of the sport for a few years, but this year I'll be getting back into some form of martial arts. I studied shintora-kai karate and chito-ryu karate for a few years. I then had to quit for personal reasons. I'm now looking to try out either tae kwon do or BJJ, but I'm not sure which one I'd like to do.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/24/07 11:06 AM

Welcome, Carla.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/24/07 11:49 AM

THere is such a big difference, you could almost consider doing both. I know I went for a "trial lesson" and spent a lot of time talking to teachers to see if I just wanted to add the BJJ as a second endeavor this past year. The only reason I didn't was because I couldn't work out the conflicts with the class times. I wish I could have worked it out. It would have added a lot to my training.
Posted by: docthai

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/26/07 01:44 AM

Sawasdii krab this is kun DOC from Fairtex Pattaya Thailand.




Become a Friend on:
www.facebook.com – Doc Docto
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/26/07 11:38 AM

Welcome. There is a lot to read there. Working on it still.
Posted by: rburleson

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/29/07 11:18 AM

Just introducing myself.
I am Randy Burleson Video Production Manager at Century Martial Arts.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/29/07 12:02 PM

Hi. Do you do martial arts or are you just in the business? What martial arts do you do?
Posted by: brianlkennedy

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/30/07 07:11 AM

Greetings from Taiwan,
I am originally from California. I have lived in Taiwan for the past 14 years and I teach criminal law in Taiwan for the Ministry of Justice. I also write on both criminal justice issues and on Chinese martial arts history.

My wife and I do a regular piece for Classical Fighting Arts magazine and North Atlantic Books published our book Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals: A Historical Survey a few years back.

I started Chinese martial arts in 1976 in San Diego where I studied Hung Gar. Then as time passed I trained in xingyi, pakua, taiji and most recently a bit of western boxing and BJJ.

I look forward to meeting the folks here.

Take care,
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/30/07 08:07 AM

Quite impressive. Welcome.
Posted by: Uloodara

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/30/07 08:31 AM

Im 15 from the UK, but i dont do any martial arts. I plan on training at home by exercising and learning some new things with the help of this forum My favorite martial art is Muay Thai as it uses alot of parts of the human body to fight. Also its not every flashy, yet effective. Thanks everyone i hope of posting more on this forum
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/30/07 04:09 PM

Not the best way to learn martial arts, but good luck. I'd consider changing strategies and getting a training partner at minimum and really trying to get to a school. For a complete beginner, style matters less than the ability to show up regularly to class and practice. Then when you have your own transportation you can pick and choose better and select the style of your choice more easily.
Posted by: Strabo

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/30/07 05:37 PM

Hello, my name is Joe Ford. I have about 8 years of fencing experience. I practice mostly european sword fighting styles, Roman and Greek types mostly.

I came to this site to look for a few other styles I can incorporate into my current style so improve myself.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/30/07 08:18 PM

Welcome folks, and jump on in!
Posted by: flynch

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/06/07 05:47 PM


Just introducing myself as I missed this before.

Been trainning of an on in Tae Kwon Do since 1986. In between I studied Hung Gar and recently Dual Yang Style Tai Chi.

Currently focussed on Tae Kwon Do under GM CK Choi. I recently just helped him with his new book on Tae Kwon Do and worked with him on the Tae Kwon Do pioneers effort.


The sheer volume of information on this site is impressive and will give me alot of reading material.

Posted by: Fluffy

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/07/07 05:43 PM

Hello, I'm Adam (Fluffy) Huntley. I'm a 5th Dan and own a Taekwondo school in Snohomish, WA. I'm also a proud Drummer, Father and Husband. I'm on a few other forums under Adam Huntley, MasterH and Fluffy.

Glad to be here!
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/09/07 03:26 PM

Welcome. I know there is a story behind the name Fluffy...
Posted by: khaoz_theory

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/11/07 08:42 AM

Hi, I'm Steve. Just started taking Taekwondo a few months ago and thought I'd take a look around the net to find out some additional info about what I'm learning.

Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/11/07 12:26 PM

Welcome Steve. TKD was my first also.
Posted by: Isgoshindo

** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/12/07 11:28 AM

Hi Im BT Im 36 and live in South Georgia of the USA. Im a career fire fighter and haved been studying martial arts since 1984. My main discipline is Isgoshin-do which is an Okinawan based karate form. (consists mainly of an Isshin-ryu and Goju-ryu blend) Along the way I have been fortunate to be able to train in American Boxing, some judo, taijutsu, and greco roman wrestling. I would love to hear from anyone and everyone who has possibly studied anything similar to these...
Posted by: TheDevilGene

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/15/07 07:17 PM

Ello. You can call me, Kasu. I grew up practicing Tae Kwon Do. As I got older, It grew old and uninteresting. So, I train myself in the Art of Muay Thai. I came to this site to observe and pick up a few things. I'm planning to major in Physics along with Martial Arts. This will be great.
Posted by: Null

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/17/07 09:33 PM

I go by null. basically i have not practiced any MA sence childhood. I am out of shape and am looking for a good place to start...Stretching....Simple exercises... things of that sort. Eventually i plan on practicing MA again.
Posted by: Taison

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/18/07 09:19 AM


Ello. You can call me, Kasu. I grew up practicing Tae Kwon Do. As I got older, It grew old and uninteresting. So, I train myself in the Art of Muay Thai. I came to this site to observe and pick up a few things. I'm planning to major in Physics along with Martial Arts. This will be great.

Hi Kazu. You're last name wouldn't happen to be Mishima, would it?

My name's Doo San. I practice WTF?. (Yes, ? is included).

Make yourself at home.

-Taison out
Posted by: wolf1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/18/07 09:22 PM

Hi! I'm Bob and i have been in the Martial Arts for 26 years and I also run a small Martial Arts school in the rual community where I live.I have studied Karate,Kickboxing,JKD,and Self-Defense.
Posted by: wolf1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/18/07 09:34 PM

Is there anyone out who knows how to contact Peyton Quinn? I ordered some DVD's from him and have not received them, my attemps to contact him by his e-mail and fax have failed. I can not find a working phone#. Help!
Posted by: StreetFighter10

Introducing Myself. - 09/28/07 09:23 PM

hi guys. Looking forward to fightingarts.com's information that it can provide me. I am currently learning JKD, Kali, Pentjak Silat, and Muay Thai.

talk to me guys. thanks. =]
Posted by: karate_popo

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/28/07 10:42 PM

hi my name is kyra, and i have been studying mixed japanese martial arts, for about 3 years, i take shotokan karate, hake ryu jujitsu and kodokan judo
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/29/07 07:47 AM

Welcome. I do a mixed Kenpo style and I enjoy this forum a lot. I like it most for the stuff that I don't like to study but want a quick answer on sometimes. That would be mostly history. There are some fantastic resource people here.
Posted by: FemaleTigerDemon

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/01/07 08:59 PM

I am Tammy, and I am a martial artist.

I have been practicing Shotokan Karate for about 4 years and now rank as a purple belt. I love to spar. Infact, it is my favorite part. Shotokan is certainly my passion in life. Nice to meet you all. Hope to make some new friends that have the "art" instilled in them as well.
Posted by: BrianS

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/01/07 09:03 PM

Welcome guys and gals! Remember to fill out your profiles.
Posted by: floatfishski

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/02/07 08:15 PM

Hi, my name is Dan and for years I studied Shotokan and a bit of Muay Thai. Since about 1990 I have studied Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung (San Soo) and just recently started working out with Sigung Steve Gartin in Kun Tao Silat. My 50 year old knees aren't real happy with Steve at the moment but working the techniques into San Soo is a lot of fun.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/02/07 08:39 PM

Knees.....I hear you. Welcome from a set of 38 year old knees.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/03/07 08:12 AM

59 year old knees here.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/03/07 04:36 PM

I had dropped out of MA for a number of years, and started back in shotokan after tearing my ACL. However, their basic stance involved locking the rear leg, and my knee couldn't take it. Not so sure my 58 year old knees could take too many low stances, either. Luckily, Isshinryu doesn't have them.
Posted by: Clyde

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/03/07 11:23 PM

I'm a part-time instructor in Covington, KY (Directly across the river from Cincinnati, OH).
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/04/07 10:50 AM

I had dropped out of TKD because of 2 reasons. One, I got Lupus and it was hard to train and the other was chronic hip pain from trying to do all those ergonomically wrong kicks. When I restarted training, I found myself a style that was far more compatable with an aging human body. I love what I do now and I could train it for a long time to come. You need to shop around. Also, as I become more advanced myself, partly from actually learning some things, but more with the wisdom of age and becoming more universal about these things, I see that the local schools should be more inclusive. If an older or otherwise physically challenged student comes to start to study, then adjust skills for them. Demand continuous improvement and let the student surprise him/herself with what can be done, and surprise the person's doctor as well. Still, the expectations for each rank should be attainable with physical body the person has.
Posted by: skadubstlyee

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/10/07 04:10 PM

hola im jeremy and im from florida. i trained in tae kwon do for about a year but i dropped out cuz i didnt have the money to advance a belt. so now almost 7 years later im sixteen and im wanting to get back into martial arts and im trying to figure out how to train in judo when theres not many schools in my area of florida. other than that nothing special. unless any of you have any books you might want to recommend?
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/10/07 05:59 PM

Welcome. If you are still technically speaking, a beginner, than the specific style is less important than the regularity and quality of the training. I'd recommend picking a style from what IS available in your part of Florida.
Posted by: diamondbar1971

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/10/07 08:54 PM

Anyone out there with LimaLama background......Got my first
Black Belt in LimaLama in 1971, from the Master himself, the Great GM Tino Tuiolosega. I also have Black Belts in Kenpo, San soo, and a bit of this and a bit of that and even though I don't teach anymore, well not on that level anyway I still teach my kids and my grand kids and at 57 i don't heal as quick as i used too, but no matter what age you get to be, you never forget and its still fun to go a few rounds once in a while just to get the kinks out and
once you have martial arts in your heart and soul, you always find a way to throw a kick or a punch.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/11/07 07:54 AM

Hi Chuck, welcome to FightingArts. LimaLama? Read about the style but never knew anyone that actually trained it. Enjoy!
Posted by: Aeras

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/11/07 01:32 PM

Well, what a vast community. Name is Andrew, 19 years of experience. 3rd degree black belt Wado-Ryu Karate, 13 years experience Jeet Kune Do concepts, and red sash Qui-Hai Gung Fu. Been working with the MTSU martial arts club and have had a blast having my butt handed to me by martial artists from every discipline imaginable. Currently instructing at a fabulous mixed martial arts academy and running people around in a big red ambulance. Love this community and I am having a blast reading around!
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/11/07 04:35 PM

Welcome. You sound like you know your way around. You are not shy. I see you have already posted on the other forums.
Posted by: Aeras

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/11/07 06:15 PM

Thanks underdog. True have posted around a bit...hopefully haven't cause any controversy. *smiles*
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/11/07 07:52 PM


hopefully haven't cause any controversy. *smiles*

Heh. I think you'll know if you did.

You'll be -

Then someone gets -

Then you get -

Then the mods get -

Then everybody is -
Then later, everyone gets -
Posted by: NormC

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/12/07 04:12 PM

I'm Norm. Been doing TKD for a year now. Lots of fun. I am 42 and not as flexible as I would like to be. Hopefully I will get more with time.
Posted by: Ank

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/14/07 10:21 AM

Hey, I'm Anastasia. I joined a local dojo about two months ago, and I love it. I also took TKD about five years ago.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/14/07 11:30 AM

Welcome. I'm used to do TKD also until my hips were in chronic pain.
Posted by: Taison

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/14/07 10:55 PM

Welcome everyone, hop onto the bandwagon!

-Taison out
Posted by: Aeras

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/16/07 10:54 AM

Mattj.....too true! I love it.
Posted by: floatfishski

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/17/07 05:04 PM

Woo Hoo, another San Soo guy - I'm not alone.
Posted by: PatrickRapp

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/23/07 05:11 PM


My name is Patrick Rapp and I been studying karate for about 7 years. Right now I live in Stockholm, Sweden and is studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Looking forward to discuss the world of martial ars with all of you!
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/24/07 11:31 AM

Great! Welcome.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/26/07 01:06 AM

hi inm new to this site and to mma currently looking for any instrustions i can get on personal mma practices and and martial arts school in york pa , any help will be greatly appreciated thank you
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/26/07 09:24 AM

Attention new people. Notice how Patrick gave his style and location? There may be something to discuss here besides your screen name!
Posted by: Taison

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/29/07 06:35 AM


Välkommen till FA.com. Som du kan se, så har vi också många svenskar här.

Welcome to the forums, and enjoy yerself.

Which part of Stockholm do you live in? I was born in Älvsjö, but spent most of my time near Gamla Stan.

-Taison out
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 05:41 AM

Hi guys

My name is Jim Armstrong and I run a small RBSD club in Victoria, Australia.

I'm interested in anything involving the martial arts and having a good laugh. I usually incorparate both as much as possible.


Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 08:03 AM

Welcome, Jim.
Posted by: TheSandaPanda

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 11:24 AM

I forgot to do this when I first registered. But, hey, better late than never.

So yeah, hey guys. I'm Kin Moy, I'm from Boston (Massachusetts), and I've been practicing martial arts for the last eight years. I've upped the frequency and intensity of my training this year. At the moment, I train 5-7 days a week (though I usually take a day or two off), and I aspire to be an MMA fighter and eventually open my own martial art school. I train Boxing once a week, Sanda twice a week, Judo once a week, and Submission Grappling/MMA 2 times a week, and Kenjutsu/Iaido once a week. Admittedly, I'm pretty aweful at swords and Judo. I feel confident in my striking game, though I still have much to improve of course, and moderately comfortable with my groundwork (though I'm pretty new at it). Also, as you can see, I like to blab about myself. =P
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 12:00 PM

Welcome. I'm from Mansfield Massachusetts. I used to live in Boston.
Posted by: TheSandaPanda

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 12:04 PM

Thank you! How do you like Mansfield in comparison? I've been thinking about moving to Newton someday...
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 12:39 PM

Newton is a wonderful city. Expensive but probably has the best of both worlds city and suburb. It is half way between. Excellent schools.

I like Mansfield because I like that it is quieter.

I'm impressed with your training. I'm not familiar with all that you do. I would find that difficult. Everything I do really compliments everything else and makes a good cohesive whole.

The further you get from Boston, the more difficult it would be to maintain that diversity I would think. At least Newton is very close.
Posted by: TheSandaPanda

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 01:30 PM

What art(s) do you train in?

Also, which art that I practice are you unfamiliar with? I'm sure you've come across/seen some variation of it, despite the name. For instance, I don't think that Sanda is particularly well known...
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 06:11 PM

Yes. Never heard of it. What is the name of the school? I'm curious. I'll check it's web site.

I train a local style that has it's orgins in Cerio Kenpo and Shotokan with a lot of influence from Tom Sotis (AMOK) and Kyusho. It is called American-Te.
Posted by: TheSandaPanda

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 06:25 PM

Sanda/SanShou is a style of kickboxing -- chinese to be specific. The rules varies per competition, and depending on whether the focus is on self defense or sport. Kicking and punching targets include everywhere by throat, groin, and back of the head. In some competition, knees are allowed. In all Sanda or San Shou comps, takedowns, throws, slams, etc is allowed and emphasized.

The website for my place is www.chinesekickboxing.com

I'm not familiar with Cerio Kempo. Could you tell me more?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 07:06 PM

Hi! I'm Adrian and I'm 19 yrs old. I practice Taekwon-Do for 4 months, and I started to interest in martial arts in general meaning few months ago.
Posted by: TheSandaPanda

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 10:02 PM

Hey Adrian, I'm Kin. I'm new here too. Welcome to this forum. I'm sure more experienced members of the board will welcome you too, and then it'll feel more official. =P

What kind of TKD do you do? WTF, ITF, other? Whats your fav kick?
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/30/07 10:38 PM

Welcome folks! Jump in and enjoy.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/31/07 12:02 AM

Hey I'm Vince, I have no formal MA training but I would like to start it for the self discipline and to get in shape. Unfortunately I do not have the money for long term lessons so I still need to save up, but once I do I was thinking of training in Krav Maga.
Posted by: Anonymous

Post deleted by oldman - 10/31/07 06:18 AM

Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/31/07 09:33 AM

Vasil, is this an ad? Ads are not appropriate for this section. This is an introduction section. Are you introducing yourself or selling something? Please abide by forum rules.
Posted by: clmibb

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/31/07 09:49 AM

I vote for "ad". All Vasil's posts have been the exact same thing in the first 14 threads. I also vote for a ban on him/her it it hasn't been done already.

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/31/07 11:51 PM

Hi, my name is Jeremy. I live in Western Mass and study Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu.
I have been here before under the name aoishi but couldn't find my password and finally gave up. I just created a new user if it is okay with the mods. I didnt exactly have a deep history of posts as aoishi and consider it no loss.

About myself, I am a Japanese translator. I do mostly video games and anime and related stuff. I have been doing karate for about three and a half years and am a brown belt.I enjoy spending time with my kids, reading history books, listening to music, surfing the net and watching MMA on TV.

Posted by: lopezma

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/05/07 04:27 AM

Hello and Hola
My name is Freddy Lopez from Austin TX. I was looking for business ideas, and i found you guys by accident. I've only looked at the forum for martial arts business, but I already like it. Hope to receive and share many ideas.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/05/07 09:07 AM

Welcome Freddy.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/06/07 12:32 PM


My name is Adam, I've been training in MA for about 3 years now. Did Chinese kickboxing for 18 months (graded to blue belt), now I training in Systema. Really enjoy the forum and it's a great source of info.

Want to learn more about the other MA's out there and expand my knowledge.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/06/07 01:10 PM

Systema keeps you in shape. Last time I went to a systema session of a seminar, I knew that I was too old and too inflexible to ever get good at it. Did learn some very cool training exercises though that were useful in our own style. Welcome.
Posted by: acc47

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/10/07 04:59 PM

Hi everyone,
I am Alexis. I just started taking Southern Shaolin Chinese Boxing not too long ago. I am now a yellow belt and going for my green!
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/10/07 05:44 PM

Hi Alexis. Welcome to the forums.
Posted by: acc47

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/11/07 11:55 PM


Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/12/07 08:59 AM

Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/12/07 07:02 PM

Introduce yourself. This is an introduction thread for fighting arts.
Posted by: ffgottke

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/13/07 11:17 AM

Im a firefighter in central southern ohio, lookin to get in taekwando. Im am 24 years old and am currently enrolled in college.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/13/07 03:04 PM

Awesome. This is the best time to begin!
Posted by: jhgirl

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/22/07 11:25 AM

HI, I am just a small town girl from Alabama. Right now I am taking Kung Fu and loving it.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/22/07 01:32 PM

Welcome. Always nice to find another female in martial arts. There aren't enough.
Posted by: jdproce

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/26/07 08:40 PM

Hello all, My name is Douglas, I'm a 2nd kyu brown belt in traditional Okinawan karate. Am also studying traditional Okinawan weaponry. I've been currently training for two years and love every aspect of the martial arts.
Posted by: iceman7

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/26/07 10:39 PM

hello, im 22 yrs old and im from the philippines.i started martial arts when i was 15.i was on aikido at first but later i realized to go on to striking arts to understand better the way of budo. currently im a red belt in filipino tang soo do and also im starting to train in filipino tapado. peace..."goodness is the only investment that never fails"...:-)
Posted by: Anonymous

Post deleted by oldman - 11/27/07 01:01 AM

Posted by: JAMJTX

Re: www.totalwarrior.com - 11/27/07 01:57 AM


Did you really think that spamming the board with all these messages was going to get you a warm welcome?
You had a very busy day here, but unless your goal was to [censored] everyone off and give us a good laugh, your day was not very productive.
Posted by: BrianS

Re: www.totalwarrior.com - 11/27/07 02:47 AM


Hi my name is Marc, and I'm following Sensei Rick Tew College of Martial Science., here in Pai, Thailand.
Thanks and may you have a nice and productive day.

Hi Marc! Prepare to be banned.

Bye Marc!
Posted by: shills11

Re: www.totalwarrior.com - 11/27/07 04:12 AM

If hes in thailand why dont you just set Thaison on the guy
Posted by: Cord

Re: www.totalwarrior.com - 11/27/07 04:44 AM

I am having a nice productive day Paininja- DELETING YOUR SPAM AND BANNING YOUR A$$!!!
Posted by: underdog

Re: www.totalwarrior.com - 11/27/07 08:40 AM

Welcome iceman7 and jdproce. Pardon the interruption. I think the co-mods were taking out the trash.
Posted by: MattJ

Introduce Yourself! - 11/27/07 09:07 AM

Nevermind, I got it.
Posted by: nate7

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/28/07 06:15 AM

Hi my name is Nathan
Posted by: Panaman

Gutted - GKR fast-track Belt system. - 11/28/07 10:11 AM

Gutted ! , have taken my whole family to GKR and now feel cheated. I was truly feeling that Karate was making a difference and felt great achieving the yellow belt along with my family. Personally they approached me with regards the express train to Black belt and really feel gutted, I have never cheated my way in life and feel that I need to re think what’s next for me.
Can you suggest a alternative within the TW16 area?
Posted by: Dave_adams

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/28/07 05:27 PM

Hi everyone. I'm also new to this site. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and have trained in Krav maga and kickboxing.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/28/07 05:51 PM

Welcome folks!
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/28/07 06:32 PM

Panaman - I'd check a few other schools. Don't sign contracts right away. A good school will let you try out before asking you for a contract. There are also still schools out there that don't use them. You may have indeed realized a bad situation.
Posted by: LoMe

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/29/07 10:48 AM

Hey I'm LoMe, (because it's short for my last name) I've been into martial arts for a long time.
I do many martial arts such as Ju Jitsu, Kickboxing and Gung Fu, although I tend to focus on Ju Jitsu the most. So yeah that's all you need to know about me.
Posted by: seibukanUK

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/30/07 08:45 AM

Hi...my name is sean, I live in London England. I am currently studying Mugai Ryu Iaido,Kenjutsu and Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu. I have previously studied Kempo,Taijiquan and Wu Zhu Quan.Ok...I am not the youngest!But hey I luv training
Posted by: Bunny_Warrior

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/03/07 07:12 AM

Heya, I'm from Croatia, and I've been training for 13 years, mostly Tae Kwon Do. I've also been lifting weights for 5-6 years now, although I am not a body builder. I do serious weight training but nothing extreme.

I'd treat you to my sad life story, but I don't wanna bother you. Well that's me in short, training to be a better fighter is my passion, and my life

Thanks for reading.
Posted by: underdog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/03/07 08:16 AM

Great. Hope you'll find some like minded folks on Strengthening and TKD forums.
Posted by: Bunny_Warrior

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/03/07 10:10 AM

Thanks. Can't wait to check out some of the forum sections, hope I can find some good stuff on decent training methods
Posted by: xiaowang

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/03/07 10:25 PM

Everyone!I am a chinese girl. My name is ailsa. i like kungfu very much.If you are a chinese kungfu lover, you can contact me by my email <ailsa-2008yan@163.com> we can communication Chinese kungfu knowledge each other. I am pleased recognize some kungfu lovers.
Posted by: BrianS

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/03/07 10:44 PM

Welcome to all the new people!!
Posted by: wisd0mseek3r

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/03/07 10:46 PM

Hi! Im new here... Im s sport minded girl.. im a Kyokushin karate-do student.. Letz be friends pls.. ;0) Osu!
Posted by: xiaowang

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/04/07 03:32 AM

I am happy to recoginze you.You like kungfu very much. we have the same habby.If you want to know much more kungfu knowledge, you can contact me <ailsa-2008yan@163.com> or my MSN<jingmao-2008@hotmail.com> . we can talk about kungfu knowledge each other.
Best regards for you!
Posted by: RGager

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/07/07 01:31 AM

Hello I am Ron Gager. I have just now signed up so I am a Newbie! I have trained with a lot of teachers!
Posted by: shaolinbhoy

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/14/07 05:22 AM

Hi all, I'm a British guy studying full-time in Traditional Shaolin Kungfu (NOT Wushu) in Muping, Shandong Province, China.
My days are tiring but extremely exciting and I am thrilled to have the chance to study something I love so much. My Sifu is amazing and to live and study in China is a dream come true
Posted by: Bunny_Warrior

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/14/07 07:20 AM


I plan on going to china myself in a few years, and training kung fu there. Hope you like it, it's also a dream of mine to study martial arts in china.

Welcome to the forums
Posted by: xiaowang

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/16/07 04:30 AM

You like Chinesekungfu, don't you?Chinese kungfu including: wushu taiji qigong and so on.There are a lot of foreigners came to learn kungfu at the Chinese kungfu training center. Very wonderful!

Best regards
Posted by: ericjones80

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/18/07 10:45 AM

Hello, Eric here. I'm from PA and I've had some Muay Thai and BJJ training.
Posted by: Hunt3r

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/20/07 03:58 PM

hi... im from croatia and i always wanted to learn how to fight(also im not a guy who likes to fight, only if thats necessary).... i want to learn(somehow).... and how to call the ki energy and control it(i know that ki blasts like in dragonball are b****hit)....
Posted by: xiaowang

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/21/07 03:56 AM

I am ailsa. Thank you for your reply. Do you want to learn how to fight? You can consider our Chinese kungfu summer camp. If you have some good ideas, you can tell me .we can talk each other. you are interested in our summer camp .Please contact me.
Best regards
Posted by: TwizDead

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/23/07 03:34 PM

Hi I'm TwizDead It's like a name I've used on random forums, so I thought I'd use it here.
I'm an English 19 year old university Student.
I currently do: I'm a orange belt in Ju Jutsu (SMRTJ) at uni and have been doing it for 15/16 months, however I also have been to some judo lessons at home, and I also enjoy boxing (although never done any actualy matches, just training and light sparring.
I also go to the gym alot to do weightlifting (I pretty much do pure strength stuff n some cardio).
My friend showed me some threads here and it looked pretty cool, so I thought I'd join.
The things I want to improve are:
My groundfighting (because I love it)
My general strength and conditioning. I literally want to be a 5'8, 70-75kg monster.

Eventually I would love to try some MMA.

Posted by: kez

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/25/07 04:32 AM

hey my names kez, iv done 6 years of shoalin kung fu for 6 years now still am im currently a brown sash first tip, three more tips till black but thats still a fair way off to think about :P, its my passion and skill that aids all areas of my life. i reside in sydney australia,..
Posted by: Zombie Zero

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/27/07 11:06 PM

Welcome to all the new members!
I'd greet you all by name, but I'd feel like I was looking through the Magic Mirror on Romper Room.

I'm one of the Admins here. Please take a moment to look through the Beginner's Area to familiarize yourself with the site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the Moderators , or me, or just post a question on the Beginner's forum.

Posted by: aiki456

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/30/07 12:56 PM

Hello, I'm 48 and have studied martial arts, on and off, for most of my life. Mostly Japanese Jujitsu styles but I've have been training at a mixed martial arts school for the past 6 or so years. Very non-traditional school - no uniforms or belts; not even a real curriculum but it's a great school and I've learned more here than anywhere else I've ever trained.
Posted by: Toki

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/01/08 01:47 AM

My name is Charles Im 19 years old. I studied Tae Kwon Do for 4 years. I' have been out of practice for 2 years, but am looking for a different art to study. I attend a university about 8 hours from my house so the search will be difficult but will yield a result.
Posted by: martialartspeon

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/02/08 11:21 PM

Hi All! I've been studying kung fu for the past 3 years and can't get enough. I'm looking to try Muay Tai as well as a few grappling martial arts.
Posted by: montagna

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/03/08 04:31 PM

Montagna here.
35 years old. soon to be first time dad.
was hoping to start taking some BJJ classes around Baltimore, if i can find time in between changing diapers!
in my teenage years, i studied TKD, but can barely remember any of it, but have a great desire to learn more.
until later, be well.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/03/08 05:51 PM

Welcome Montagna! RazorFoot and myself hail(ed) from Baltimore.
Posted by: montagna

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/03/08 06:04 PM

cool, thanks!
where did you two train in town?
i haven't started going anywhere yet...
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/03/08 06:09 PM

I trained at Hans Kleimisch's kenpo (Dundalk), Joe Palanzo's kenpo (Pikesville), and Jim Frederick's kenpo (Towson).

Razor trained at Jim Frederick's for a while, too, as well as TKD and Kung Fu at a few different places.

While I haven't been there, Baltimore BJJ is highly recommended.
Posted by: RazorFoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/04/08 03:12 PM

Yep, I also trained with Joe Palanzo and with Brian Heinz in Cockeysville for a while before training with Jim Frederick.

I believe Jim Frederick teaches Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 system now that incorporates a lot of BJJ into the striking set they already use.

Good luck with your search.
Posted by: AntonieBlack

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/09/08 09:48 PM

Whats up all

My I'm Antonie, from Louisiana. I pratice WTF-TKD--if that makes any sense. If not please correct me. I've been in TKD for just over 3.5 years. The first 2.5 years i did alot of competitions but lately i've had to back off because I'm trying to get a PhD in chemistry and just finished my general exam. I'm about get back on the tournament scene and I just got my black belt in december.
Posted by: McKensei

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/11/08 01:42 PM

I'm a 29 year old import from Ireland. I now live in New York state. I've been out of matial arts for quite a while and really want to get back in.
My main area of experience is in Wing Chun, but I've also done a little jujutsu and Thai Boxing.

I'm looking for a traditional type of class that will allow me to learn strikes as well as grappling. I'm intersted in wooden weapons like the cane and staff and am tired of being afraid to ask about classes that will help me develop my high and jumping kicks! i enjoy that stuff and always got frowned on by othe Wing Chun students for enjoying something that wasn't 'economical'.

I'm 29 DAMMIT, the time i spend in class is supposed to be fun and practical!

Anyway, i was considering ninpo or hapkido. ANyone got any experience in these?
Posted by: Lythinca

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/12/08 07:16 PM

Hi my names Josh. I used to do Karate when I was 10, but stopped due to a knee injury. Ever since, I havn't done anything. Now im 16, and I need help choosing a Art. :3
Posted by: Raul Perez

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/14/08 01:12 PM


I'm a 29 year old import from Ireland. I now live in New York state. I've been out of matial arts for quite a while and really want to get back in.
My main area of experience is in Wing Chun, but I've also done a little jujutsu and Thai Boxing.

I'm looking for a traditional type of class that will allow me to learn strikes as well as grappling. I'm intersted in wooden weapons like the cane and staff and am tired of being afraid to ask about classes that will help me develop my high and jumping kicks! i enjoy that stuff and always got frowned on by othe Wing Chun students for enjoying something that wasn't 'economical'.

I'm 29 DAMMIT, the time i spend in class is supposed to be fun and practical!

Anyway, i was considering ninpo or hapkido. ANyone got any experience in these?

Where in NY do you live?
Posted by: BrianS

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/14/08 06:55 PM


Hi my names Josh. I used to do Karate when I was 10, but stopped due to a knee injury. Ever since, I havn't done anything. Now im 16, and I need help choosing a Art. :3

Read the stickies. Take a look in your area, visit some schools to compare, and decide for yourself.
Posted by: Saghy

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/16/08 05:29 PM

Hi my name is Zach. Ive done wrestling for 5 years. I'm 15 years old and extremely interested in learning more into fighting/self defence. This is my first year at a new high school, and lets just say its alot more rough there. I want more that anything else to become a good fighter, as street fights are more then common at my school. Thats a little about me
Posted by: Stephen87

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/17/08 04:58 PM

Hi all, Im Steve, Live in North Wales UK. Been training in Wado Karate for nearly 4 years. Look forward to speaking to you all!
Posted by: Ethann

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/18/08 12:01 AM

Hi, i'm Stephen.

While i have very little experience in martial art, I've always found them interesting. I took karate classes for a year and street self-defenses classes for a year as well, but never went any further. Now I'm looking to do something new since i have more free time and i will probably go with baguazhang. I find this forum very interesting, keep up the good work everyone!

P.S.: Keep in mind that my main language is french so I'm sorry if i offend anyone with bad spelling or if my sentences lack structure sometime.

Posted by: BrianS

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/18/08 01:08 AM

Welcome everyone! Come on in and prop your feet up!! Great to see new people here!

Posted by: MatsFondelius

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/18/08 04:38 AM

Hi, a long but still brief "Inro" about myself..!

Mats Fondelius , Since 1970 I've trained karate (with some “time-outs” due to moving & kids) in 4 different styles...
I started 1970 with Sankukai then Shukokai, Shotokan and now Wado Ryu karate.
Now I'm taking a "time-out" to become a Certified OCFM Self Defense Coach !!!

After moving around raising family I am now back to practicing Wado Ryu – however after joining the OCFM Platinum program +100% of my focus is on OCFM firsthand.
I have a vast network of MA Schools/coaches in EU, USA, and Brazil and other countries.

I live in Sweden at the present - but will probably settle down with my training partner and now also the woman of my life – my equal and True Twin Flame – Lúcia from Brazil. We have many options where to live: USA, EU or Brazil and we will take our time to find the ‘perfect’ place – suitable for both a “Temperate Penguin” (me) and a “Tropical Camel” (Lúcia)…

I Moreover I am training Tai-Chi, Qigong and have discovered the enormous power using your CHI/KI/Inner Power in MA as well as in my daily life.I haI have an "opened mind" when it comes to applications of MA and believe that I have finally found an approach to MA and self–defence that I find being amazingly close to my own experience of MA, views and beliefs in the “OCFM-training” – thanks Russell ..!

Other interests involve MA of all "categories", applied fighting and self-defence.
To enhance my CHI to grow even stronger for the benefit of me and my fellowman.
Healing power – here I’m applying Hypnotism, Body-electronics, PP-points, EFT, Energy-manipulations, Aura/photo interpretations and “Spiritual connections” (NOT as “spooky” as it might sound to someone that doesn’t know the full context...) and naturally my CHI.

On the more personal level I enjoy extreme skiing, sailing, surfing, scuba & skin diving, reading, GOOD movies, the beauty of nature and sacred places and of course my family and children!!!

About me as a person
My background is as everyone else in Sweden: born Protestant. I have my own thoughts about religions…
I get harmony and inspiration with positive people & outdoors in nature - exploring, hiking, skiing, scuba & skin diving. Sports such as martial arts (karate), badminton, tennis, etc. keeps me fit physically and spiritually.

A strong inner spirit, positive thoughts gives me power to achieve my dreams in life!
I have lived in USA from CA to NY & have seen “both sides of the coin” living in US as well as in Sweden and shorter periods in other countries - France, Austria, UK, Greece - I believe every society has a "flipside" - but being a pragmatic person I always enjoy the best life has to offer wherever I am!
I consider myself being a true believer in brotherliness and try to contribute to make things better in the world – practically it means my companies sponsor R&D in the ongoing research of finding cures for cancer. I also do charity work against poverty.

I have a lot of life experience both triumphs, grief & “knockdowns” that have made me both stronger, more humble and rendering a good insight of myself; together with being very open minded – I consider myself a stable grown up man equipped with strong self confidence being in touch with my true feelings, emotions and still recognising the boy within me.
Honest, determined, humble, unprejudiced, respect for my fellowman, stubborn with the ability to distinguish between what matters or not are also my trademarks...
I am also equipped with a great deal of self-irony/-distance, humour & empathy.
Creativity, entrepreneurship, a lust for adventures also ring a bell as well as getting cozy back home in front of the fireplace, watching a movie or having a candle light dinner - are all high peaks in my life.
Even though I am a stable, strong & confident man I’m also quite romantic and emotional…
I live my life by the Universal law of Love – lately published as the book & film “The Secret” – However I and a few friends around the ‘Globe’ have taken it one step further and have scrutinized and researched WHY and HOW the “Law of Attraction” really works…

My ambition is to live a Rich life were I can share my Positive Energy and “gifts” to people around me!!!
Posted by: tccw83

Introduction - 01/18/08 12:06 PM

hi, i'm thomas here
black belt in TKD & shitoryu karate.
quitted training for about 2yrs+

nice to know u people, hope to share our passion for MA in this forum
Posted by: used2b

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/19/08 09:45 PM

My name is Jim and i trained for ten years. Started with Tang Soo Do, moved on to Okinawan Kenpo then Chinese Kenpo then found a mixed style of the two later styles. One severe injury made me think twice about training. Now i realise I quit for the wrong reason....my mistake.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/19/08 10:43 PM

Welcome folks. Jump in and enjoy.
Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/20/08 10:41 AM

Welcome to the Forum, and it's never too late to start again.
Posted by: Vennificus

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/21/08 09:16 AM

My name is Adam. yes I whatch anime. The main reason being that I like swords. Alot.
now that that's out of the way.

I don't have any formal martial arts training, save the hours I spend practice sparring with my friend jordan (who I am very jealous of. He's got SEVEN swords, and I? I have wooden swords. Two poorly done ones.)
I'm trying to get into Tai Chi, but discipline may prove a problem. I barely have the will to practice what I know (nor do I have the room).
I draw swords for a laugh (http://claybob.deviantart.com)
and I'm in my last year of high school (I'm gaining more dislike by the second aren't I?)
I like being a pacifist and begining sword fanatic at the same time.
I have many friends who are deep into martial arts, and most of them are involved with Ki/chi applications, an area of particular interest to me,
I am creative, but I'm more of a filler. Give me a bit of information, and using what I know, I'll try and fill in the holes. sure it's like the old europeans saying the world was flat, but hey, It's better to walk on sand than on naught at all.
I try to find a way to use everything in my dishwasher to disarm someone (nerdy am I right? The mugs are like butterfly swords and mallets mixed together)

I aspire to be a videogame desginer, specializing in the design aspect of (you guesed it) WEAPONS (yayyyyyyyyyy).

I joined these forums so that maybe I could learn something about swords, fighting, and how to better design weapons (cause let's face it, SURE you can use a twig of crabgrass to disarm someone, but It's not practical).
That and It looks like an interesting community to be a affiliated with.
Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/21/08 09:33 AM

Welcome to the Forums.
Posted by: Raul Perez

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/21/08 01:46 PM


Sounds like you have a weird sword fettish. And if I would meet you I probably would rough you up a bit.

Take an Iaido class.
Posted by: Vennificus

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/22/08 01:52 PM

I was going to join kendo but I have exams coming up.
Sword fetish? nah, I appreciate the Art that is a sword. A tool to kill? Yes they are, but words have done more controversy than swords.
Death is not glamorous, Killing is not glamorous. But the motion of blades, The curious design, the Chess game that went through the warriors mind when choosing over every kerf and ridge, the weaknesses and strengths, the beautiful dance of equillibrium, conflict, and skill that lasts both seconds and centuries. This is the song that draws me to swords.
The sword is the symbol of mankind's poetic approach to violence, and regardless of words written, such bloody poetry can still be beautiful. Like owning a fancy Car (a concept which I am still not entirely sure of, (they are not shinier, more efficient, nor more comfortable, all they are is more expensive? does that not denote stupidity?) Admiring a sword is simply a prefered genre of art. Like Fine wines, or boats, like games or teacups. They are something that pique the interest of anyone who sees their true beauty.

If that answer doesn't suit you, i'll just say they are shiny, and be done.
And yes, I still prefer humans.
Posted by: frodo

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/23/08 07:36 AM

Hi Guys,

I'm a 27 year young man with a green belt in TKD - i've been training in GTF Taekwondo for about a year.

Posted by: ButterflyPalm

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/23/08 08:09 AM

Hi Frodo, have you seen the movie yet?
Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/23/08 10:28 AM

Welcome to the forums!
Posted by: SNieves

Re: Hola - 01/24/08 09:59 AM

Been lurking for awhile and decided to formally introduce myself. I would like to start with my "resume":

2006-Present: Opened up Oriental Martials Arts Academy – St. Paul’s Chapter to help individuals reach their fullest potential in life through Martial Arts training.

2003-Present: Oshirokan Goshin Budo Bujutsu, Master Leaston Chase, Cleveland, OH.
Awarded Sandan December, 2006. Assistant Instructor under Master Chase.

2006-Present: Training with Soke-Dai Leaston Chase, IV in Okinawan Kempo Jujitsu, Cleveland, OH.

2007-Present: Training with Shihan Bernard Alvino in Oshirokan method Budo & traditional Kobudo.

2006-2007: Trained with Shihan Najee M. Abdul–Hakim (Kyokushin stylist) in various fighting methods (did not seek ranking).

2006: Trained with Master Marcus Forte in Kajukenpo (did not seek ranking).

2005-2006 : Trained with Master Ray Szuch in Tae Kwon Do (did not seek ranking).

2000-2001 : Trained in American Freestyle Karate with Master Joseph Alexander, Alexander’s Martial Arts, Huntsville, AL. Served as Enrollment Director and Instructor for the intermediate class. – Reached Green Belt proficiency.

1998-2000 : Trained in Tae Kwon Do under Mister Greg Goff of USTA (now ITF), Huntsville, AL, 1st Degree Black awarded. Was an assistant instructor under Mister Goff.

1991: Aikido & Judo, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH – (did not seek ranking).

1986-1987 : Parker System Kenpo, El Paso, TX. – Yellow Belt

1986-1987: Judo, El Paso, TX – (did not seek ranking).

1985-1986 : Okinawan Gung-Fu (Tiger-Crane), El Paso TX. – Green Sash

Affiliations: - Oshirokan – ID#: 2554-0116-056-70970
-YPAA Martial Arts Association

First some explanation on the above:

Unfortunately, I don’t remember some of my instructors' names from pre-1998. I don’t know what the heck “Okinawan Gung Fu” was but that’s what my then instructor said he was teaching. After many years in the arts and research, the Crane techniques he taught me and I still remember were indeed “authentic” Crane techniques. Both my Okinawan and Kenpo instructor were Brown belts and classes were held at a Rec Center in El Paso Texas’ west side near Jackie Robinson Projects. Note they were two different instructors with no direct affiliation.


I had written this long dialogue about my training between 1998 and 2001 and ‘justified’ some things about previous instructors and classes. I realized after I read it a few times that I don’t need to do that. I can’t do anything about what happened and where I trained in the past. I can take care of today so that tomorrow’s knowledge and techniques will be good. Currently I am training hard to maintain a high level of proficiency and I have a great set of teachers and wonderful students.

Because of that dedication, I was invited to train with the “old sensei on the mountain” (as he calls himself) in the “heiden” (sp?) curriculum of our “house method”.

I don’t have some fancy Japanese/Okinawan paperwork and nor can I list a long lineage of Asian masters. I realize that I don’t have to do that. I believe in what we do in Oshirokan Goshin Budo Bujutsu and I know that, after checking and through personal research, the kata I am taught are authentic and techniques WORK.

Be gentle with the noobie.


E. Samuel Nieves, Sensei
Sandan, Oshirokan Goshin Budo Bujutsu
Head Instructor – Oriental Martial Arts, St. Paul’s Chapter.

PS-Excuse the poor grammar and typos.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: Hola - 01/24/08 10:42 AM

Welcome, SNieves. Thanks for the detailed Bio! Wish more folks here did that.
Posted by: SNieves

Re: Spoke way to soon - 01/24/08 01:09 PM

Here I am saying I have no great lineage and I find out differently.... As I was reading the thread (http://www.fightingarts.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=15980994&Main=15980269#Post15980994) this morning regarding catching arrows and what not, I saw a video link of Ronald Duncan. My instructor, Master Chase, trained with Professor Duncan in the early 80's. In fact, Chase was promoted to 4th Dan by Professor Duncan on 07/02/1983 (I have Master Chase's resume here, but I do not have permission to copy it in it's entirely). I have heard of Professor Duncan but never truly realized his place in the Martial arts world. Regardless of what you may think of that "arrow catching" video Professor Duncan is still a well respected Martial Artist.

I am humbled.

Posted by: slix

Re: Spoke way to soon - 01/26/08 10:19 AM

1988-1989 - Tang Soo Do -- I was 6 and this was closer to Rex Kwan Do than anything respectable. Then again I grew up in the sticks and the Sensei did a traveling type of teaching where he went to a different town in the area a different night each day. I progressed to Green Belt but never really gave it the time and effort to take it seriously.

2007-Present - Presently I'm a residential member at the Shim Gwang Sa Mind Light Temple of Shim Gum Do located in Brighton, MA. I have been training in Zen Sword under Zen Master Chang Sik Kim for several months and also practicing and learning Zen under his tutelage. It's an amazing sword art for anyone who hasn't heard of it.


I am currently at the Green Belt level and am about a year and a few months from my Black Belt test. The curve seems to be a bit fast with Shim Gum Do but since there are 33 levels of Black Belt I guess it makes sense.

I'm very interested in weapons and Aikido/Self Defense and plan on taking Aikido when I move away from Boston and want a local art to train on top of my home Shim Gum Do training.

I'm very interested in both the physical and spiritual aspects of the Martial Arts and commuting them to those in the world around us. Every morning at the temple we're up at 5:45 to recite the Homage to the Three Jewels and the Heart Sutra which generally put me in a very positive energy for the day.

I also go to grad school but in my opinion that's far less interesting than my training. Hope to be active and around for a while to come.
Posted by: jieshi

Re: Spoke way to soon - 01/29/08 05:05 AM

Hey guys I'm new to the forums! I train in Kendo- I lived in Japan for a year as an exchange student and practiced everyday for my club activity. As of next week I will be taking Shorin-Ryu Shorin-Kan Karate lessons as well. I come from Sydney, Australia. I am also interested in Kobudo- bo fighting etc. has always been an interest of mine since I was younger. I can't wait to meet you all and learn from your expertise, experience and opinions- Emerson said "every man is my superior in some respect" I totally agree, especially in the realm of martial arts
Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: Spoke way to soon - 01/29/08 08:04 AM

Posted by: TKDat40

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/29/08 01:09 PM

Greeting All. I am new to TaeKwonDo and this forum. I am looking for a place to have discussions around TKD for us older participants. I am 40 and started TKD four months ago. I am the only yellow belt in my DoJang over the age of 12, kind of strange. I love TKD and am looking to share information as to what other people in my situation are facing and how they deal with it. For example, flexibility; mine has increased but I can't kick higher than the chest at this point......
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/29/08 01:18 PM

Hi TKDat40. Check the TKD forum here on the site. There are quite a few decepit-over-40 TKD folk there.
Posted by: TKDat40

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/29/08 01:43 PM

Thanks MattJ! I have searched the sight but am quite overwhelmed by the numerous posts. Could you guide me to the TKD "old" guy area?
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/29/08 01:47 PM

Posted by: TKDat40

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/29/08 01:53 PM

Posted by: TKDat40

Re: Spoke way to soon - 01/29/08 01:55 PM

Thanks for the welcome message!!
Posted by: BrianS

Re: Spoke way to soon - 01/29/08 05:47 PM


Thanks for the welcome message!!

Welcome! I started TKD in the late 70's at a young age. I still have my certificates,lol. I moved on to Goju when I was 17 and have been at it every since. I still like my high kicks though!
Posted by: xiaowang

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/29/08 11:12 PM

I am ailsa. i am interested in Martial arts. I like to watch kungfu films.Did you learn tae kwon do ?I admire you very much .Now ,Are you still learn Martial arts? Every day, how long time do you spend to learn kungfu?I live in China.
Posted by: YrewolG2

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/31/08 07:32 AM

Good Day All, been studying TKD for about 10 years and soon with god’s helps my wife and Girls would take the joy of learning any part of the art. Which I feel would round out any young person keeping them grounded and humble with ones self.

Until the next post see you on the other side of the mountain.
Posted by: xiaowang

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/02/08 09:48 PM

Do you practice Taekwon-Do? I know there are a lot of foreigners are interested in Taekwon-Do. You learn Taekwondo for 4 months. How do you feel Martial arts?
Posted by: Yrael

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/04/08 12:10 AM

My name is Tyler, I'm an avid guitarist and I play football. I'm extremely interested in meditation, and I love pushing myself to new levels of physical, mental, and spiritual strength.

I came here because I feel I do not have sufficient experience in realistic, physical combat, and I need information and tips concerning how I can further engross myself in martial arts.
Posted by: DuneDog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/09/08 02:17 AM

Hallo folks. I'm Matt, am 20 (almost 21, go me), and I started taking classes of Shorin Ryu karate in August 05, but I had to stop in Julyish due to money issues. However, with money to pay for classes, I can now go back to class. My last real class was my test for green belt, which I passed. So I guess that means I am a green belt.

I'm currently a floor salesman, but I currently go to college to be a video game designer. My interests are pretty nerdly and geekish, so I'll save you the anguish. I mainly joined up because of another user who shall remain nameless. Thanks, aikiuke! Oh....crap....
Posted by: aikiuke

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/09/08 02:27 AM

Yay a person I know who might actually use the forum!
Posted by: DuneDog

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/09/08 02:29 AM

Yea, I'm awesome like that.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/09/08 08:08 AM


I mainly joined up because of another user who shall remain nameless. Thanks, aikiuke! Oh....crap....

Any friend of aikiuke's is.........

someone that needs to leave yesterday.

J/K. Welcome to the forums.
Posted by: slix

Re: Spoke way to soon - 02/13/08 05:37 PM

Well I train an hour in class every day and mind train another 20-30 minutes everyday through zazen. When I'm not exhausted I train on my own as well sometimes using a saburito for strength training. I've been exceptionally happy with my experience here, learning under a founding master is always what I thought it could be.
Posted by: bonjopi

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/17/08 10:38 PM

Hi everyone. Thought I may stop by here for a few and share some info and read some people's comments. I haven't found anything in life more interesting than martial art's and meditation. Although I have met quite a few people who
did not agree with me.
Posted by: Shoujoboy

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/24/08 01:43 AM

Hi my name is Journel and I'm a videogame freak..I have lots of interests and Martial Art is one of them, I took a couple of classes at a young age and now I'd like to get serious about it and really get into martial arts
Posted by: fallen

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/24/08 09:54 AM

Hey, im dan, have been around various martial arts since i was young, dropped them when teen stupidity kicked in, then joined muay thai, about a year and a bit ago, ive taken my training very seriously since the fist class, and now am currently in pattaya, thailand on a 6 mounth muay thai bender, living in gym and training 2 times a day. though im 24 and prob wont have a real chance of taking this anywhere amazing, i want to go as far as i can... muay thai has saved me from many various drugs, over indulging in alcohal, and smoking. And when your in a punkrock band, not doin a few lines with the guys befor a show is hard stuff hahahaha so hello to everybody that has found the arts and have used them to improve them selfs both metaly and physicly (but martial arts will never improve my spelling)
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/24/08 11:31 AM

Greetings, Dan. Glad to hear that martial arts has helped you out. In a band, huh? You will find a few other musicians here, too.
Posted by: TKDKevin

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/24/08 03:29 PM

Hi, My name is Kevin. I live in Illinois in the USA. I have been in TaeKwonDo since 1978, and I am a 4th degree BlackBelt. I teach TKD part time. I have also studied a little ShudoKan Karate, Hapkido and Judo (for only a month).
I enjoy visiting other forums, I am on probably 4 or 5, and run my own Martial Arts Community and Forums.(see my signature)
I hope to make it back more often.
Take care
Posted by: Craigm

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/25/08 10:06 PM

Hey, my name is Craig. I live in Christchruch, NZ. I have been studying Shorinji Kempo for about 6 months now, and a bit of Judo before that. I take my training quite seriously and am always looking to learn something new!
Posted by: ShawnM

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/28/08 10:34 PM

Hey, I'm Shawn. I've just started practicing martial arts about a year and a half ago. I live near Vail, Colorado, and I practice Tkd, Hapkido, and kickboxing at InYoDo there.

I plan on sticking with this and later opening a dojang with my two friends (who recently became blackbelts) after college.

You can check out my school and our headquarters school (in California) by searching "Jun Chong Martial Arts".
Posted by: bigbadade

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/29/08 05:19 AM

Hi My Name is Ade, teach Wing Chun Part time to a small group. Love Martial Arts, but in particular Wing Chun.
Posted by: WhiteDragon11

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/29/08 06:14 AM

Welcome to the Fighting Arts forum, bigbadade.
Posted by: Zenithh

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/07/08 07:18 AM

Hello guys. My hobbies are Art & music. I joined this forum as I wanted to know something about self-defence. Hope I may gain good knowledge here.
I found a Hillary’ous video. Wanted to share with you guys- ..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7150u9sfCo
Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/07/08 09:39 AM

Welcome, feel free to browse around. You should find all the info you need about self-defense.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/07/08 12:19 PM

Great to see some new blood that is willing to share some details about where they are, what they like, etc.
Posted by: Tony2776

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/10/08 09:54 PM

Newbie here. Just started taking TKD -- yellow belt status. Hoping to participate in all lively conversations.

Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/10/08 10:14 PM

Posted by: preangel

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/14/08 09:39 PM

heylow ppl! i'm in the midst of starting a sparing/mma club at three schools in the wisconsin area, i'm a high school student and i was in tae kwon do from about 4yrs to about 8yrs of age when i kept hurting my ankle and had to quit... a friend of mine is a black belt first or second degree in karate. we spare every now and again... and its lots of fun.

but does anyone know a practice that is big on taking the momentum from ur previous move (esply if that move was a miss) and using it to lead your next? ex: you thow a punch w/ your right arm going from right to left and at a downward angle but miss your target. then instead of recoiling you finish the swing and move your body through and as you spin from the force to do an elbow or kick.
Posted by: mjv

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/15/08 05:05 PM

HI there,

not much to say, 38 male currently living in Switzerland. started with boxing back in 1985, bored after 2 years and tried kyokushin had lots of fun for more than a decade , left Europe and had to stop for 10years (kids.....) back in business since summer 2007

that's it for now if anybody could recommend a dojo in Savannah/GA please drop me a line.........


Posted by: UG_Kungfu

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/18/08 03:49 PM

Hello everyone, I am looking forward to meeting new friends and having many fun discussions. Feel free to message me at anytime. I will post more about myself soon.
Posted by: BigBox

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/20/08 04:50 PM

Hello, my name is Tyler and im not to well experienced in the Martial Arts. I did a week of Hapkido when I was 4.
Posted by: Bracholi

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/22/08 07:20 PM

Hello, My name's Brach, and I'm a noob to martial arts.
I'm joining the Army here though so I figure I'll be learning a lot about martial arts and applying it to my work.
Posted by: blakmetalpanther

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/23/08 12:57 PM

'sup. I'm 27, doing ninjitsu. still in 9th kyu. I've got experience in funokoshi karate when I was a kid, did some kickboxing, went on to goju ryu, but I was lead to the ninjitsu school I'm at now. Last week I injured my MCL ligament on my knee, from searching for solutions to my injury I was lead here. My grading is in 3 days and I'm worried about my leg. If I mess it up then I can kiss my speed and agility goodbye.
Posted by: WhiteDragon11

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/23/08 02:48 PM

Hey welcome to the forums. You should be able to find good advice on your knee, so post around.
Posted by: Novum

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/25/08 02:17 PM

Hi, my name is Paul. I'm 19 years old and have been doing martial arts for maybe ten years. When I was little I did some kempo training but when I got my brown belt after two years I called it quits on that dojo. Since then I've been doing hybrid bastardizations of muay thai, BJJ, togakure taijutsu, judo and so on and so forth. I'm always looking for a good teacher to learn from and I'd be interested to meet up with fellow martial artists if any of you folks are in the southern new hampshire area.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/26/08 08:28 AM

The man to talk to would be Victor Smith. He's in your neck of the woods and perhaps the most respected member of the forum as well.
Posted by: hotrice

inroduce yourself - 04/03/08 09:01 PM

hello, my name is Brian and I have been training in the martial arts for 13 years, I have training in kick boxing and taekwondo
Posted by: tlambert

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/04/08 10:12 AM


I'm Tim. I practice Yin Style Bagua Zhang (He Jinbao line) in London. Been trying for 6 years and lovin it.


Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/04/08 11:07 AM

Welcome folks.
Posted by: kngfu

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/04/08 02:28 PM

Hi, my name is Mike and I have trained in Southern Shaolin Fukien Tiger Crane (my shifu's name for the style) and Ving Tsun. I am a big fan of all forms of martial arts and would love to contribute to this forum. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted by: WhiteDragon11

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/04/08 07:28 PM

Hey welcome to the forums Mike. As long as your are contributing, you will be well liked here.
Posted by: Oge

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/05/08 06:47 PM

Hi folks. My name is Clint, I'm 30, and I've always been interested in martial arts. Never pulled the trigger on training until a year ago when I took a month of kick boxing. Didn't keep it going though. Then I enrolled my 4 year old son at USSD's Kenpo Karate school in Temecula, CA. Watching his classes just drew me in, and I've been training since September.

I just find it interesting talking to people about martial arts, so here I am.

In addition to being able to help my son train, my goals are to learn, grow, and help others grow. Hopefully we can all do that here!
Posted by: WhiteDragon11

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/05/08 09:10 PM

Well this forum is pretty endless with martial art talk, so you should find what your looking for.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/07/08 10:17 AM

It's not uncommon at all for those in the arts to have started because of their children or friends, and it turns out THEY'RE the ones who stay long after the kids/friends have moved on. Welcome.
Posted by: taekwondist

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/21/08 03:21 PM

Hi everyone! I recently moved to Dallas area and I'm looking for a taekwondo dojang here to continue my training. St. Google brought me here xD
Posted by: jeff_andle

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/21/08 07:04 PM


I did a couple months of toshindo before moving. After talking to a few people I enrolled the kids in ATA along with myself and my GF. Now her son, she and I are 3rd dan. She and I own a school in Maine.

Score one for ironfoot's post above - we all started because of GF's daughter being in an in-school program before the move and of the six that started, three of us are active.
Posted by: WhiteDragon11

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/21/08 07:45 PM

I find that very interesting that you and your gf have remained doing martial arts together, and now have a school. That must take a lot of dedication.
If one of you slacks off, you will always have the other to motivate you. That works well!!!
Posted by: firstgrowth

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/26/08 04:46 PM

My name is Jeff and I'm 48. I have 2 kids ages 11 and 15. The kids have been studying for the better part of three years and have not been making much progress within their school due to their lack of outward agression. My 11 year old has entered a few tournaments and won his age category at a statewide tournament a year ago. They're getting frustrated watching kids they know they can beat get promoted ahead of them. I started taking classes at the dojo to get them to attend more often. I'm fairly fit (able to run 10 miles or bike 60) and end up sore after classes no matter how long I train. I know it's the wrong place for me. I'm thinking it's time for a change for them too.

Is this a fairly common occurrance? Is there any kind of an online rating system for schools in my area?

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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/26/08 06:44 PM

Its normal to switch schools if you are having problems with it. If your kids arent content with the school, then it may be time to change. However, although your kids may not want to hear this, getting ranks/belts isnt the most important part of training in martial arts. I am not saying your kids only train for their belt/rank, but I just want to let you know that may not be a sufficient reason to leave the school.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/27/08 08:34 AM

When you say your kids aren't progressing, are you saying they're not getting better, or not being promoted? Two very different things. Take the first over the second, at least for a while longer.

The important thing is, do your kids enjoy that school? Another consideration: if you jump schools, one of 2 possibilities comes into play:

1. Different styles. They start virtually at square one.
2. Same style. Senseis know each other. Friction possible over "defection".
Only follow this if they aren't getting better.

Better course: if it's rank, talk to the sensei, asking what children need to "progress". But please don't start with attitude of "My kids deserve to be THAT rank". Leave that assessment up to the professionals.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/29/08 07:21 AM

I agree that the most important thing is that they progress in technique. I can't get them to show up if they are unmotivated. This is after all a voluntary activity and they do have busy lives. My older son likes the kids but is beginning to outgrow (in age) his contemporaries. The younger one has just tired of it and I'm trying to breathe a little life back into something he's good at.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/03/08 03:50 AM

Hi there, I'm somewhat new to the forums I've been in martial arts my whole life. I've trained in karate, judo, BJJ, muay thai, savat, krav maga, the marine corps VLINE techniques (neighbor was an old war vet) and general MMA. I know theres alot but a few of them are relatively knew with the school I'm at now and I only took 6 months of the VLINE and Savat.
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Hi, I am new to martial arts and to this forum. I am a 36 yr old female and I started studying Tang Soo Do in January of this year. I recently acheived an orange belt in this style and have become "bitten by the MA bug" so to speak. I love it! I was heavily involved in gymnastics up until I was 9 yrs old, but thankfully I have never lost that flexibility.

I am very lucky in that a few months after considering taking up martial arts, a dojang opened up within walking distance of my home. I'm studying martial arts to improve tons of things in my life: focus, balance, commitment, perseverance, fitness and overcoming fear. For me it is an extension of my journey through the 12 steps - integrating the physical with the mental & spiritual. I have been out of shape for a very long time but am just now getting into fighting shape.

I will probably lurk more than post, but I wanted to introduce myself.

Tang Soo!
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/04/08 12:19 PM

Welcome folks! Enjoy.
Posted by: WhiteDragon11

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/04/08 02:17 PM

Well your reasoning for doing martial arts are all very good. So you shall definitely be able to meet your goal. Good luck!!!
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Greetings All: My name is Glenn. 1st deg. b/belt Moo Duk Kwan, Tang Soo Do 1969, 1st deg. b/belt ITF, TKD 1970; 2nd deg. TKD 1987 I believe I've got alot of experience to share. Had some very memorable and honorable moments. Thanks, ---glenn
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/21/08 02:15 AM

I'm 17, have done martial arts for 5 years in my life, getting back into it now.
Posted by: skinters

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hello i did post this in the main beginners then seen this so

just joined forum and wanted to say hello ..been looking for a ma forum to annoy everyone in and found this haha .
to be serious for some reason ive been unsure to join a ma group or not as some seem stuck in they ways and follow they way like a religion . i admit i used to do the same but im at a stage where i know in my heart its the person who holds the key and not the style ,but man needs to beleive in something other than himself . sounds a bit deep but just a taste of what im about .if i can help in anyway with forum or advice i will ...try stopping me hehe.

anyways ive already posted a few in jkd threads and think ive emptied the place oops haha

jase .
Posted by: conan701

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/27/08 04:40 PM

My name is Dan. 38yrs old.Experience in WT Escrima TKD.
My current inerests are RBSD and Dog Brothers/FMA .Trying to get more TPs in southwest Chicago suburbs.PM me if interested.
Posted by: Pathfinder

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/03/08 12:48 AM

Hello all,

15 years kung fu and kempo, 6 years boxing and wrestling. Hobbyist MA teacher, semi-professional writer (had books published, but royalties were about enough to take the wife out for a good dinner ). Love to study, practice, and teach the Arts, and hope to someday have something worthwhile to write about them.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/03/08 08:49 AM

Welcome, folks.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/03/08 10:30 AM

Hello everyone, my name is Aran, I live in the bay area and love it here. I have been lurking around on the site for about a week now and finally joined last night. I'm 24 and have spent about 15 years in and out of MA. I spent about 7 + years in TKD, took some time off and then studied about a year of ju jitsu, shortly after I studied muay thai for 3+ years and now I have been in KM for about 8 months. I love KM and its philosophies, however I am not able to go but once or twice a week ( if that ) because of my work schedule.. So I look forward to many fun times on the board!
Posted by: Roaken

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/04/08 03:10 PM

Hi i'm dan, I have 5 years of ju jitsu experience and had the privilige of training under the great Kancho Brian Wrightson 8th dan. I am interested in ki aspects and would love to broaden my knowledge of it.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/06/08 07:25 PM

Hi I'm James, I'm from England, but I'm living un Hungary for a while, I started wing tsun earlier this year and I'm loving everything about it, I'm fairly new to the world of martial arts, but I'm eager to learn
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/11/08 09:14 AM

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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/11/08 12:03 PM


Just wanted to drop a quick intro post. I've already posted on a few JKD threads here. I have been studying martial arts for a few years now. I studied Wah Lum Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis under the tutelage of Sifu Calvin Bascomb in Lanham, Maryland and am currently studying Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do with Instructor Luis Sanchez in Falls Church, Virginia. Look forward to conversing with you all.
Posted by: Kelsey

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/12/08 11:10 PM


I'm a teen who has been studying taekwondo, a version of hapkido, and jiujitsu for about three years. I'm at 4th gyup right now.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/22/08 05:11 PM

Hallooo, i've been loitering around this forum for the better part of a year now. I joined simply b/c this forum seems to be one of the more active ones that i familiar with. I have been doing TKD for about 8 years now and have Thoroughly enjoyed every day of it.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/22/08 07:26 PM

Hello all,

46 year old grandma that started Kung Fu training last year. I was practicing Tai Chi and Qigong, a new studio opened in my town and ...well... I joined! Oldest student in the kwoon, but I love it.

Our Sifu teaches a 'blend' of Wushu, Shaolin, Choy Lay Fut, and Wah Lum. I was rather interested in the self-defense aspect of training and he's been great working with me to polish up my 'street skills'.

I'm an avid backpacker and started Bo Staff work recently. Love it! It transfers over to my trekking poles beautifully! I'm also working with the broad sword this summer as well.

Aight...that's my intro! See you around the forum.
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Welcome folks!
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/22/08 10:14 PM

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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/24/08 10:40 AM

Interesting how "bo", the Japanese word for the staff and "kun", the Chinese version, get interspersed. In my Okinawan style 2 of the 3 staff kata use "kun", and here Lil Gray Hawk's kwoon uses "bo". Go figure.
Posted by: AEF

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/24/08 11:42 AM

I am Alfredo and I practice IOGKF Goju ryu. It is good to be here.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/28/08 06:43 PM

I'm Adrian and i've been involved with various martial arts for the last 17 years. Im Looking forward to discussing my greatest passion with others on the boards.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/28/08 08:47 PM

My name is John. I am 52 years old and started martial arts when I was 34. I hold 3rd dan in Kwanmuka Karate and 1st dan in Tae Kwon Do. As I get older I need to find new ways to stay in shape and motivated.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/29/08 10:58 AM

Welcome to both of you!
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/30/08 01:05 PM


Welcome to both of you!

Thank you for the warm welcome.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/30/08 01:10 PM

Hi I am Jim, practice Kenpo and Krav, but mostly Kenpo. I hold a BB in Shudo Kan Karate under David Brownridge from Illinois. Been out of the arts for a while but back in for the last year (amazing how bad I got after a few years of rust)

Anyway I look forward to learning and giving input where I can.
Posted by: SOLIZH

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/01/08 03:51 PM

hello everyone i just started doing MA about 6 weeks ago. i have always love it, but never really got the chance to do it. but now i finally have the chance ,and the only regret that i have is that i did not start sooner.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/02/08 09:13 AM

Just work harder at it to make up for lost time. It's like a marriage; the more you put in, the more you'll get out.
Posted by: SOLIZH

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/03/08 08:33 AM

thank you for the advice. it seems that everyday it gets easeir. and i understand a lot more.
Posted by: JokerOfPoker

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/21/08 06:08 PM

Hi i'm James and 24,

I haven't studied martial arts yet but looking to take it up for health reasons, seeing as i have a specific question about taking MA, i'll start a new thread.

Im a nerd and my interests are (if you havent guessed by my name) poker and computing. I hear MA is good for fittness and mental discipline. Which will be good for life and for poker.
Posted by: KickingAngel16

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/30/08 07:12 AM

I'm 17 and I recently started TKD. My boyfriend got me into it and I love it. He's a 2nd dan black belt, so I feel very inferior right about now. At my last test, Master Stone said I should see if I like team. That means I might be doing olympic sparring soon! I have done Tang Soo Do in the past, but only got to an orange belt. Didn't have anyone to talk to and the prices skyrocketed. I'm hoping to make a lot of progress in TKD though.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/30/08 09:44 AM

Welcome and enjoy!
Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/31/08 08:17 AM

Glad to have you here!
Posted by: TridentOne

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/31/08 09:45 PM

Working towards bjj blue belt.

ufc 87 predictions:
Posted by: Yugen83

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/02/08 01:24 PM

Hello, nice forum. Glad to be a part of it! My experience is 5 years of Traditional Japanese Karate. I look forward to getting to know everybody.
Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/03/08 08:22 AM

Welcome to the Forums, Enjoy!
Posted by: mambawaba

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/06/08 02:36 PM

Huge forum!!
Ive practiced kendo for some years and more recently started on jogo do pau, the portuguese staff and baton combat system. Ive also done some taekwondo as a kid.

Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/06/08 02:51 PM

Welcome! Jump on in.
Posted by: jon1all

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/08/08 11:04 AM


My name is Jon O'Neall, I'm almost 41 (in 3 weeks). I've been training in traditional jujutsu for 17 years (instructing for 5).

I enjoy this site and forum and figured I'd go ahead and register and introduce myself.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/08/08 11:12 AM

Greetings, Jon. Enjoy.
Posted by: shuri10

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/08/08 12:17 PM

Interested in arts like Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Kuntao, Kungfu, Ninjitsu.
Posted by: fitch

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/17/08 01:26 PM

Hey guys, I'm Fitch. I am 27 years old and just finished a daunting eight years of college! Towards the end of that time span I found myself in a work/sleep/eat/study/eat pattern with a serious lack of athleticism, which caused me to gain some pounds (to the tune of 20 extra). It was in late May that I decided to get into some sport/art so I joined a gym and started with just kickboxing and boxing classes and really liked that. I had also wanted to give BJJ try for sometime after seeing it early in college but I was very reluctant to try it. Well, this past week I gave in and took a shot at it and boy am I glad I did, because I really liked it. Needless to say, I start a regular plan with those classes tomorrow!

I look forward to meeting some new folks on here and talking about training and getting tips and advice from all of you more experienced artists/athletes.
For now, you guys take care,
Posted by: Uniballer

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/20/08 10:46 PM

Hello all! I do karate!
Posted by: kimikari

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/20/08 11:29 PM

Hello all, my name is Parker Bailes. I was browsing around the web and stumbled on your page, although I do not do any martial arts...yet I have enjoyed the help I have gained through meditation, the peace of mind, and I would like to further the piece of mind, and to gain the self discipline. I have done tai chi twice, once this past summer and once the summer before at camp, and it sparked an interest, just haven't found anything so far in my area. I would like to start some sort of martial arts, just not sure what yet....
Posted by: janxspirit

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/21/08 04:07 PM


A thread for new users to introduce themselves. Tell us your martial arts experience and anything else you feel is worth sharing!


I run St. Louis Training Circle, a fight club in St. Louis Missouri. We use Straight Blast Gym training methodologies and have a great time trianing MMA
Posted by: damen

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/27/08 12:41 PM

Hey all, I'm Damen. I'm a computer geek from northern virginia. I'm 25. I've been studying martial arts in one form or another since I was about 6, including Tae Kwan Do, Judo, Aikido, Karate, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, and Tai chi (and a few more, but it gets to be a long list).

Currently, I give private martial arts instruction (a hybrid style, but most closely resembling kung fu), but am not affiliated with any school. I am in the process of building a small dojo for my classes and for my own training.
Posted by: JasonM

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/28/08 04:31 AM

Hi and welcome. Whereabouts in NOVA?
Posted by: damen

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/28/08 10:04 AM

just moved from Lorton to Woodbridge
Posted by: JasonM

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/28/08 11:18 AM

Cool. I used to live in Lorton and have a good friend that lives in Woodbridge..I am in Fredericksburg.
Posted by: dojoman

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/28/08 06:18 PM

I started at age 10 in kenpo karate,then did japanese goju ryu as well as okinawin goju.I now after the age of forty am doing tai chi mostly.Never been in a fight outside the dojo.......until last tuesday!I'm here to ask a question which I will post in the reality outside dojo title.
Posted by: BrianS

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/28/08 11:04 PM


I started at age 10 in kenpo karate,then did japanese goju ryu as well as okinawin goju.I now after the age of forty am doing tai chi mostly.Never been in a fight outside the dojo.......until last tuesday!I'm here to ask a question which I will post in the reality outside dojo title.

Welcome to the forums fellow goju guy!!
Posted by: damen

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/02/08 07:50 AM


Cool. I used to live in Lorton and have a good friend that lives in Woodbridge..I am in Fredericksburg.

small world, huh?
Posted by: Iam

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/06/08 03:53 PM

Hi all,

I started in TAGB Taekwon Do nearly 20 years ago, stopped it after 3-4 years, at red belt, & restarted, this time ITF Taekwon do (after about 4 lessons of WTF that didn't suit) here in sunny Barcelona about 6 months ago.

I'm now in my 40s, but the bones are holding together so far

I've been lurking on this site for the last few weeks, thought it time to say hi.

Posted by: InternalArts

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/08/08 05:01 AM

Hai I am Juliet in Singapore and I like internal arts self defense using chi such tai chi or inner power. Right now I am student Tridaya Inner Power by Master Lukman and I have blog so we can discuss about internal arts form any country.

Love you all
Posted by: BrianS

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/08/08 05:59 AM

I love you too baby!!

Posted by: Aikipad

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/10/08 02:41 PM

Hi I'm Pad and new to forums,I am from Wales in the UK. I practice Aikido and have done so for many years. I now practice in a small club, called Ffenics(welsh for the firebird 8-)) aikido. Cheers
Posted by: klim69

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/21/08 07:39 AM

Hi, I am Eric from Belgium.
I would be interested to discuss with some tridaya students.
Please contact me (klim69@gmail.com)
Posted by: Forsaken1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/21/08 04:17 AM

Konnichi wa, I figured after spending a few days lurking around this forum I might as well join. Due to a shaky schedule I fade in and out of martial arts, but I continue to train however I can outside of the dojo. I am officially trained in karate (Orange belt at last leave, though only partly for lack of adequate skill, mostly for lack of time to train) and have observed and studied many others as to better understand future opponents.

I hope to fit in here as best as I can, and while my limited dojo training may cause me to forget specifics such as kata names...rather often actually, I can hold my own on average and have grown to understand much of the art's spiritual aspects.

...don't mind the bragging, I tend to resort to that old act when I am not quite sure what to say. Thank you for listening to my ramblings.
Posted by: ClaytonOT

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/21/08 02:14 PM

I've actually been here for a month, but guess I forgot to introduce myself.

I'm Clayton and from Pittsburgh, PA but go to school in Indiana, PA. I'm currently training in Ying Jow Pai Kung Fu (Northern Eagle Claw). I'm currently at a purple belt.

I'm learning from Master Rothrock's son, Arthur, since he's a close friend of mine. I'm looking forward to talking to some fellow practitioners of Ying Jow Pai.
Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/21/08 06:13 PM

Welcome, to both of you!
Posted by: vanguard

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/22/08 09:15 PM

Hi to all. First of all, I'm really glad that I've found one bigger forum that mainly all about martial arts.

I'm Marc and I'm from the Philippines. I practice Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Yaw Yan (A hybrid MA from the Philippines), Aikido, and Arnis/Eskrima/Kali. I'm also trying to learn Krav Maga through video tutorials with my friends.

I'm going to enjoy my stay here and I hope I'm going to make a lot of friends here.
Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/23/08 08:04 AM

Welcome to the Forums, Vanguard
Posted by: berserkerofdeath

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/26/08 04:46 PM

I've already made a couple of posts here.
Hello everyone.
I am from the Inland Northwest. I sell outdoor adventure equipment. I also perform variety entertainment at various local events. This includes magic, comedy, and strongman stunts.
I am in school to become a personal trainer.
My martial arts experience is varied. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I have also trained in Goju, Nin-Po, and Shaolin Kung-fu. My favorite training I ever got was in Jun Fan/JKD from a student of Jesse Glovers. I trained privately with him and another instructor who speacialized in Brazilian Jiu Jutsu. I really got to learn a lot about grappling at this time, and combining the Jiu Jutsu training with the Jun Fan training taught me to combine the ranges more effectively. I learned to integrate the grappling seemlessly with my striking.
Unfortunately, my instructor got a bad job working 7 days a week and long shifts so he didn't have time to teach any more.
I have also taken sports nutrition classes in school.
Posted by: Ritual

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/07/08 07:19 AM

Hello my fellow human and other assorted beings, i have been lurking for a few hours now i suppose, in all honesty.. its 7am, i have nothing whatsoever to do, and im bored out of my skull after being awake all night pi.. uh, downloading software i fully intend to buy(at some point), ahem... anyhow, i came across this forum by chance, and decided that it was time i became a member of a martial arts forum, as it were

I have been involved in martial arts since i was 9, i started out in a relatively small room in the back of a Chinese restaurant learning northern shaolin kung fu, the school did grow larger, moving to its own building and such,eventually i had to stop attending for personal reason, i was young.. the school was a good distance away, and i had no way to get there any longer, BUT.. i never gave up learning, in the absence of a person to teach me physically, i continued refining what i had learned, and put much more effort into the mental aspect of training, through books and many lonely nights spent in a dark bedroom with nothing to do but ponder, as i still do...

i grew up in the south.. was raised in a "country" family i suppose, call em rednecks if you want, good people nonetheless, i have a lot more experience with physical confrontation that i would like to admit, i have learned a lot from all of that as well

though i am now.. pretty out of shape, at least compared to what i once was, mentally i am much better off now than i ever was, and the good thing about that.. it only gets better with time and continued effort, and i would like to further my physical training, to play catchup with all the thinking i have done over the years, i suppose

so anyway, thats me sorta, i figure hanging out here for awhile, will be good for me, maybe inspire me to get off my lazy ..ness, and do something again... not to mention, i really look forward to the opinions of others on the "philosophy" side of martial arts/fighting

Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/07/08 08:10 AM

Welcome to the Forums! You should be able to find all that you are looking for.
Posted by: Aggeneys

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/11/08 07:49 PM

I'm relative new comer to martial arts, having studied Goju-Ryu Karate and Arnis for around 12-months in my native Australia. I've also spent a month training in Muay Thai in southern Thailand at the Sinbi Gym which was a great experience. Needless to say the martial arts now facinates me and methinks it will become a life long persuit.....

Earlier this year I got sick of work and decided to take some serious time off and travel. I'm currently traveling in the America's heading south and planning on being in Brazil in early 2009. Hopefully there I can spend some time and experience some BJJ and maybe even some Capoiera (from a balance and core stability point of view rather than a defence form - this isn't a troll on its fighting merits ).

I've been following the forums for a while and hopefull will be able to get some tips on schools for BJJ and or Capoeria in Brazil.....

Glad to be here.......Glad to be alive.......Aggeneys
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/12/08 09:51 AM

Sounds like you're well-rounded, Aggeneys. I'm jealous of your ability to "walk the world".
Posted by: Patrick89

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/17/08 11:12 AM

Hello all. I've been lurking around this site for the last 4 years or so but never really got involved in the forums. I'll be looking forward to getting to know some of you and hopefully learn a thing or two about MA.

The name's Patrick btw. I've been studying Shotokan Karate for the last 7 years and earned my 1st dan earlier this year. I've stopped learning karate since I've started uni this year but still practice it with friends though. I'm now studying Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu and Kodokan Judo.

I hope I'll be able to pick up a few hints and tips around here.

Posted by: Ames

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/17/08 03:21 PM

Welcome to the forums, Patrick!

And congrats on your dan test.

Posted by: TienFook

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/17/08 11:53 PM

Hello I’m Tien Fook, 72 y.o., retired Federal Library Technician at the NAVIMFAC Technical Library. I have been deaf since 11 y.o. I learned Siulumpai Kung Fu when I was 17 y.o. and stuck with it for 30 years. My teacher was Clifford Wong and I was member of Gee Yong Physical Culture Club. I know for a fact that only Chinese people can learn Kung Fu, no other race is permitted. Do you have any feedback on this Chinese people only?
Posted by: JasonM

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/18/08 06:43 AM

*father to son...father to son*

Ya got proof of that?
Posted by: Ishin_Ryu

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/02/08 05:30 AM

Hi I'm 29 and live in England. After years studying "plastic" martial arts I found Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu and have been studying for two years. My ultimate goal is to earn my Shodan and be granted permission to open my own Dojo in Edmonton where my family and I hope to emigrate in a few years time.
Posted by: Ames

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/03/08 03:04 PM

Welcome Isin Ryu, enjoy the forums!

Posted by: jeffrosaint

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/03/08 07:53 PM

G'day All,

Jeff from Sydney Australia here....just started some martial arts training & found this forum recently as well. Hope to chat to some of you soon.

Posted by: Ames

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/10/08 12:03 AM

Welcome and enjoy the forums jeffrosaint.

Posted by: frankthetank117

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/15/08 07:43 PM

Hi, I'm Adam. I take, and have been taking for 8 years, Tien Shan Pi. It is a northern style of Chinese Kung Fu. Its name literally translates as, "Three Step" meaning that within three steps or three moves, your opponent should be on the ground. This is accomplished through a variety of sweeps, throws, and grapples.
Posted by: ThomsonsPier

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/16/08 06:13 AM

Greetings! It's always nice to see another kung fu chap.
Posted by: screamingflea

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/21/08 02:04 PM


I'm a total novice at MA, having been at it for a grand total of one month. I got started with a freebie "Self-defense" class in Systema, and I immediately got hooked! I have so many questions about MA philosophy and psychology. I can't wait to meet you all!
Posted by: Ames

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/22/08 04:20 PM

Welcome to the forums!

Posted by: linktoforumsf1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/26/08 10:46 AM

Hi everyone
I am new in this forums
I am working in seo
I hope this forums is very helpful to me

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Posted by: jujitsujim

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/05/09 12:57 PM

Hello from Illinois. My name is Jim. I studied Okinawa Karate when in high school. I reach the brown belt. Left due to joining the military. I am now 35 and have just recently started studing Kempo Ju-jitsu. I have only had one lessons so far but I think I am going to love it.

Posted by: Ames

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/05/09 05:13 PM

Hello Jim, and welcome to the forums.

Posted by: lousypadrummer

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/07/09 09:54 AM

I'm Mike. I live in Central PA. I started in Goshin Jutsu in the 1980's for a short time. Now in my early 40's starting over again in TKD with my son.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/07/09 10:18 AM

From one lousypadrummer to another, welcome.
Posted by: chadfreeze

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/16/09 08:18 PM

Hello I have been training 30 years. Here is my first black belt certificate;

Posted by: WhiteDragon11

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/17/09 06:18 PM

Hey welcome to the forums. Nice diplomas btw. At least we know you are not a fraud hehe.
Posted by: linktoforumsf1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/25/09 08:27 AM

Good Bye!
Posted by: Ames

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^ spam. Poster has been banned.

Posted by: Silverfang56

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/01/09 12:38 AM

Im David, I don't know martial arts yet... But i have made it my prime goal in life to master 5 martial arts and kendo.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/16/09 09:33 AM

Good luck - hope you're young.
Posted by: AdamAlexander

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/16/09 02:11 PM

Welcome, Chad.


Im David, I don't know martial arts yet... But i have made it my prime goal in life to master 5 martial arts and kendo.

Master just one and you'll know them all.
Posted by: karl314285

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/23/09 01:27 AM

I'm Karl314285. Just jumped in and never introduced myself, sorry so rude. Well I'm mid 40's, cant count stint with Master Ed Mally Judo age 10-12. Went to Univ of Florida in Gainesville, chem eng dropout(bad move) to BA in ...Philosophy (bad move). Dont want to discuss Tai Chi time$$$$, fell off bike and my friend Ron said we should learn to roll, joined Cuong-Nhu karate and stayed, lots. Wanted to learn Judo (again) Master Dong said too soon (actually "man who chase two rabbits no eat dinner"), asked again after shodan, permission granted provided I still teach and not Judo, "Aikido Master on 5th ave,go there" Sensei Minoru Oshima), so it sounds like all I did was work out but I was Bartending for a living(as a Philosophy major can do), workout, lady friends abound, beer, ah to be 20ish. nuf for now, just hoping to converse with others in MA, as girlfriend and her family dont like what has occupied half my life.
Posted by: karl314285

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/25/09 12:28 PM

Hi again, (if anyone reads this what is the 'signature' and as I have dain bramage, how do i attach a photo?)
*I tend to be verbose so initial introduce self has gaps and stops early. I was laconic once so little more intro for those who care.
*As a Bartender 1/2 my regulars were Law enforcement (A mix of all up to, but excluding, the then Chief Of GPD), Firefighters. The other half, well everyone was off duty (usually) so my 60 ft long bar was like Casablanca, truce zone. Why mention this, well when I first walked into Oshima Sensei dojo, theres the Deputy Chief of Police and a detective, some SWAT. In the Cuong-Nhu Dojo several of my instructors were also LEO, most were ex-military Vietnam era.
*This leads up to the beauty of having the Deputy Chief of Police suss up my character via dedication and attitude in training...My first invitation to closed training (SWAT only, kinda like they got free ammo to practice, everyone else on their own dime), empty hand PP control tactics, After surviving 4days w/o complaint I was accepted and offered more invitations (usually involving lingering pain, esp as non LEO I was not allowed to cuff "read I'm your Huckleberry", OW).
*During the serial killings here in g'vill in the 1990ish time, the now former Dep Chief of GPD, J. Michael Jones subcontracted me to help give free seminars on Safety and SD, over several weeks ~ 2000+ residents were "introduced" to alien concepts like lock you doors (I found out wearing the Big Man full contact armor helps, unless the Lady had prior training, OW).
*So from age 17 to 30 Tai Chi, Cuong-Nhu, Aikido and assorted intense seminars with GPD SWAT (most of whom began to retire after the serial killings). Then I had to wander as a Nuclear med Tech.Nuf, y'all prob skip over my posts anyhoo,cant blame ya
Posted by: DaveB

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/27/09 03:13 PM

Hello I am Dave im from South Jersey. My martial art currently is Judo and I am 17 years old. Id love to continue my martial arts training in JJJ/BJJ/10thPJJ and a few striking arts. Im just here for knowledge and to talk to people who share a similiar passion
Posted by: monkeymagico

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/28/09 04:25 PM

Hi I usually just open my mouth to switch feet so don't be alarmed if I drop a clanger now and then kids...
No serious I just love training and meeting others into openly sharing information about their arts. I like the similarities... the potential of this forum blows me away.

Back on track I don't like talking about me much, Just to be fair though I'll let you all know that I have been training on and off for the last 24 years in martial arts
and as you might expect of course I have held various ranks - blah blah blah

I can't help but feel humbled just reading some of the high achievement a lot of the other posters have attained.

- these days I mainly just train my little tail off with a few old friends bout 3 nights a week... so with that said looking forward to checking this place out.

Hard Work Can Beat Talent If Talent Does Not Work Hard.
Posted by: Turnipdudette

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/01/09 07:58 AM

Hi everyone!

I'm Turnipdudette. Newbie here.
Posted by: lucifervalentine

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/12/09 01:16 AM

Hello,my name is a bit of a joke,vain love for those who cant make the joke
Posted by: SifuHax

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/12/09 06:41 AM

I practice Fut Sao Wing Chun. I live in Union County in New Jersey. I'm looking for people to chi sao with. I am not very experienced. I've only chi sao'd with three people. One of 'em being my Sifu.
Posted by: matt_mcg

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/12/09 07:23 AM

Occurred to me that while I've been posting for a while, I never introduced myself.

I'm Matt, I'm in the UK, and I train in savate.

I've done other things in the past [little bit of boxing, some karate, some wing chun] but when I began training in savate I hadn't done any martial arts training for about 7 years.
Posted by: hari001

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/14/09 08:25 AM

Myself Jimmy from Canada. I am glad to join this site. Growth is a necessary part of life if we want to succeed. Focus is also necessary. It is important that we focus on what we want and don't focus on what we don't.
Posted by: Zix

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/14/09 11:36 AM

Hi all!

Just came across this site the other day and thought I would join and see what I could learn.

A little about me...I'm 38, married, have a young daughter, live near Atlanta, do a lot of outdoor activities, and love martial arts. I was involved in a traditional Chinese style when I was a kid then took up Taekwondo in college. The little school I was attending folded and I never found another school. For the last ~15 years I have wanted to get back into MA but always found an excuse not to. Finally started training again last September (about 6 months ago). I love the TKD school I found as it is not a "belt factory" nor is it 100% focused on olympic style sparring (not that there is anything wrong with that - just not for me). Lots of schools in my area are that way.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and look forward to getting to know ya'll.

Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/14/09 02:59 PM

Welcome, folks!
Posted by: hanipsa

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/30/09 03:41 AM

hi! guys i am jay i am just one of the newest member here. I hope that i am welcome ^_^. well i am still a student i hope that i could learn something from this thread. thanks guys ^_^
Posted by: Cord

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/30/09 01:09 PM

welcome hanipsa, hope you enjoy your time here
Posted by: zanshin84

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/05/09 07:42 AM

Hi all,

I am new, and look forward to learning more about martial arts here.

I am currently concentrating on kendo, but have had some experience with judo.

Posted by: SchoolFighter

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/10/09 08:49 PM

Well, High im SchoolFight, its nice to meet you all, ive been reading this forum for like a year now and finally decided to join, im a experienced martial artist with Muay Thai, Boxing, Hapkido, and Jujitsu experience, I like to work out but recently got a bit chubby do to a broken knee in a skate boarding accident, so now im fat, to be more specific i just recently got back into working out and I went from 240 to 225 and i should be around 140 because I am bulky, ill give you a hint on my age, im over 13 but under 15 and im not quite yet 14(if you dont figure it out.... i wont even comment)

well nice to be here and i hope itll
Posted by: stevemc

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/05/09 05:43 PM

hello, been lurking for ages now and decided to finally get my arse in gear and register. I'm from the uk, and am a shodan learning shukokai

Posted by: jagganath

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/08/09 03:08 AM

Hi! I'm Gregg, and I'm very new here. I hope I can learn new things here.
Posted by: joshtheawesome09

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/10/09 07:50 PM

Hi, I'm Josh.

I have practice HaganaH for about a year-and-a-half and I hope to start taking Judo or Jiu-Jitsu soon to cross train.
Posted by: Arif

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/27/09 06:23 AM

Hi iam Arif. Im Also New Here. but try to Learn something here.
And i Start Some Exercises to make my Body Stone.
Posted by: angelo154

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/08/09 01:53 AM

hello guys! new here in this forum! im angelo from new jersey!
Posted by: Dedicated1

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/10/09 07:17 PM

Posted by: ThunderinJoe

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/10/09 08:26 PM

I am currently training with MMA athletes and MA instructors from many disciplines. I am here to do the very same thing with my mind, in the times when I am not at the gym. My background is in boxing and wrestling. I'm currently engulfed deeply in Kickboxing and BJJ to expand my fighting abilities. I would like to know which direction I should go next in my training. What MA would compliment the skills I currently possess and implement them?
Posted by: TeK9

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/11/09 05:16 AM

Nice to meet you all, I look forward to your comments. Please feel free to always post your questions and always post your opinions as they are important.
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/14/09 04:21 PM

Find the best karate instructor in your area. Good karate schools have striking (kickboxing, boxing) AND grappling (BJJ, wrestling). And good instructors recognize the worth of these disciplines.
Posted by: slideyfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/09/09 07:09 AM


I started BJJ in November 2006 at RGA in London, when I stayed until the economy collapsed last December. Currently at Combat Athletics in Coventry, at least until the end of August.

If you want more info than that, full details of my training here (and I mean full ;)). For everything pre-BJJ, summary here.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/09/09 11:17 AM

Welcome Slidey! I started BJJ around the same time. Enjoy.
Posted by: Christie

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/10/09 09:53 PM

Hey, hey slideyfoot! Welcome to the forum's smile
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/12/09 05:36 PM

Ah, another member of the Foot family!
Posted by: DavidCardamone

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/15/09 12:18 PM

hello, my name is David 'Pygar' Cardamone and I studied karate at Apollo's Karate, under the instruction of Dale 'Apollo' Cook. His style he teaches is now Tai Jitsu these days. Apollo was an amazing fighter with over 150 fights and 4 World Champ Belts.

I trained on and off, with Prozac to blame for years of lack of martial arts discipline. After I got off Prozac, I went back to training, and did 27 fights. 21 win, 21Ko/Sub, 6 loss.


the link has my fights on them.
Posted by: Kathryn

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/26/09 11:56 AM

Hello everyone!

I have enjoyed reading the posts here and decided to join.

Over the past twenty years I have gone in and out of MA training, mostly the Japanese arts. I studied aikido with Mitsuge Saotome at his dojo in Maryland and currently study battodo with Dave Drawdy at the Capital Area Budokai.

I also have a lifelong MA movie addiction, probably due to thoughtless exposure to Shaolin kung-fu movies as a child.

Most recently I started my own little website, mainly for my own self-study, and it has links to a few of the quality essays from this forum. (http://www.modernbushido.com)

Posted by: hope

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/26/09 11:49 PM

Welcome, look forward to hearing from you. Tried your site link, but got this message:
"modernbushido.com is registered to a client of Netregistry"
instead of content.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/27/09 09:28 AM

Welcome Kathryn. Enjoy!
Posted by: Kathryn

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/28/09 09:12 AM

Hope: I didn't provide the external URL. So sorry for the inconvenience!

Posted by: hope

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/28/09 09:55 PM

Thank you, Kathryn! Such a clear, clean site, with lots of interesting links...
Posted by: study36

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/30/09 11:46 AM

My name is dan and i have been into MA for about a year and a half, mainly study and some training. I have a question, what happened to plum flower press? They have many books i would like to purchase.
Posted by: Burro

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/04/09 08:43 AM

Hi everyone. I'm in fact not a martial artist, but a writer. Only experience I have is by watching WWE haha. I'm seeking advice and technical help for an action story I'm writing with details of fight choreography and I thought, who not better to ask than the real deal? You guys. So I hope you guys don't mind smile. Would really appreciate your insight.

Hope I'm welcome
Posted by: disturbed13

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/06/09 11:48 PM

noob here
i did take karate wwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyy back when
but its been a while
just sayin hi laugh
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/07/09 10:26 AM

Welcome folks!
Posted by: Boxkator

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/08/09 11:38 AM

Bad Link
Posted by: patru

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/27/09 11:24 AM

Hi, I'm new to this forum and to martial arts in general. ^_^;

If anyone has any advice, please let me know. I'm hoping to find one that will help me fight and keep me in shape. I'm small framed so I would probably need a form that would work for someone that doesn't possess really any strength themselves.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. smile
Posted by: Essential Oils

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/02/09 11:57 AM

Hi, I'm Kathryn Caywood, the Essential Oils Lady, and have been studying qigong for a few years now. My osteopath is my guide in this area. Yesterday he recommended the book, "Pressing Point Massage" by Plum Flower Press, but none of the online phone numbers work. Does anyone have a current phone number for them? Thanks in advance.
Posted by: AliD

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/07/09 07:24 PM

Hi all, I'm Allistair Dell and I have recently joined the martial arts. I started Aikido about five months ago and it is blowing my mind. I feel great and it's doing wonders for me, should have done this long ago.
Posted by: Yumi57

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/12/09 08:31 PM

Hello,I'm a newbie here.My interests are iaido and kyudo.I did practiced some MJER Iaijutsu a few years back and then left it but continued to exercise in some katas at home now and then.I'm also interested in kyudo but there is no dojo or instructor in my area so I'll go solo when I decide to start.I'm waiting to learn more of the martial arts world in theory here and interact with fellow forumites.
Thank you
Posted by: Yumi57

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/12/09 08:36 PM

I forgot to tell you I'm also interested and cultivate bonsai,but that is not martial art,LOL.
Posted by: Kathryn

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 12/30/09 05:20 AM


I wouldn't really worry about a lack of strength. We get this idea from the wonderfully athletic martial artists on film that everyone has to have rippling muscles to do this stuff.

Just pick an art, any art that interests you and go for it! The worst that could happen is that you find it doesn't suit you, and move on to try another. But I guarantee that you will gain some strength in the meantime.

Good luck!
Posted by: XxTaexKidxX

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/13/10 04:12 PM

Hey I'm Darian Bradshaw and I'm currently a camo belt in TKD. I'm glad I've found a website to were I can talk to people about MA due to the lack of interest people have in it where I live.
Posted by: kensoukof99

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/15/10 08:25 PM

hey glad to be here
Posted by: Ironfoot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/19/10 05:49 PM

I can't speak for grapplers, but in karate, if you're relying on strength, you're doing it wrong. Yes, it's easier for really large, strong individuals to throw you around or resist you doing the same, but alternatives can be found once your techniques are good.
Posted by: pinku

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/15/10 07:23 AM


i am neeraj i am from india

Posted by: Musubi Sensei

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/05/10 02:48 PM

Hello All

I am new to the board and thought I would take a few moments to introduce myself.

My name is Glen Pitcher and I have been training in the Martial Arts for 30yrs. I started when I was ten and if you do the math you now know how old I am...as I hate to say the words LOL.

I have spent the vast majority of time training in Japanese martial arts. I trained in Judo to my brown belt under Jim Walker 6th of Maple Leaf Judo Dojo. In Kenpo Karate to my brown belt under Roy Dixon 2nd Dan and Bujinkan Ninjutsu to my blue belt under Frank Hill of the Durham Bujinkan Ninjutsu Dojo. I then found Aiki-Jujutsu and decided that was what I had been looking for. I trained in Aiki-Jujutsu under Al Evans 9th dan Kaiden and Paul Fox 8th dan Menkyo Kaiden of Chokushin Aiki-Jujutsu. As well as Rob Stein who is a 3rd Dan in Aiki-Jujutsu ranked by the CJC.

I now run my own Dojo ( Musubi Dojo ) in Bowmanville Ontario I am ranked Mokuroku in Chokushin Aiki-Jujutsu ( this license is equivalent to 4-5th dan in the Kyu/Dan ranking system ). I have also ranked with Canadian Jujutsu Council and currently hold the rank of 5th Dan with them.

I have worked in the law enforcement & security field since I was 18 in various capacities. Some of those being as a youth correctional worker, Correctional Officer in adult maximum security jails , Armored Car Guard and currently in the Nuclear Security industry. While in Corrections I was part of our tactical teams ICIT and CET ( Institutional Crisis Intervention Team and Cell Extraction Team )and was also a Use of Force Instructor. I am currently active as a Use of Force Instructor in the Nuclear Security Industry and have been for the past 8yrs.

Through our dojo's law enforcement training section I have also had the pleasure of teaching local area high schools , held seminars for other martial art dojo's, security companies and the Canadian Armed Forces.

I hope this gives you some insight as to my martial arts / self defense background and I look forward to getting to know all of you.


Posted by: captin

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/15/10 09:27 PM

hey i was jus wondering if any one can give me an idea of the basis of kenpo b/c im looking at taking it with a friend of mine and i would like to have at least a lil bit of back ground info on it plz
Posted by: Zarith

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/24/10 06:28 PM

Hello all

I've been training martial arts for alitte over a year and a half now, trying out a few different arts fo find one that suits me.
Sofar I've done Kendo, still attending a Bujinkan class and had my first session of Taijiquan yesterday.
Posted by: boxermma

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/27/10 04:39 AM

Hello to all

I look forward to shareing and learning my martial arts studies with you. I have been in martial arts for over 27 years and I am still learning today and evolving.

Posted by: hope

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/29/10 03:03 PM

This is a test post. Please disregard.

[Posted by Zombie Zero on behalf of the user who is getting errors]
Posted by: soowrrt2

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/24/10 03:29 AM

Greetings to all. Feel free to read around and jump into any of the discussions.
Posted by: TKDSpar

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/29/10 05:39 PM

Krista here, 1R-D, songahm TKD.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/30/10 10:27 AM

Welcome folks!
Posted by: armourofgod1971

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/05/10 04:32 PM

hello everyone im a39 year old male and live in crystal river fla i have studied many diffrent arts through the years but my primary art is jeet kun do and im intrested in chatting with other poeple involved in all forums of art and picking their brains
Posted by: armourofgod1971

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/05/10 04:42 PM

Hey my name is Davis and I've been studying a variety of arts for years but my primary interest is Jeet Kun Do. Never heard of red guard self defense. What is it?
Posted by: Empty

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/12/10 07:26 AM

Hi I'm William.

It's been 5 years since I've posted anything >.< Thought I'd come back and I'm amazed how much of this community has grown since then!
I still train in WSL Ving Tsun. I stopped TKD.
Well I'll say again, nice to meet you all and thanks for all the advice and guidance back then =)
Posted by: Commander_Nitro

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/20/10 09:13 AM

Mark Jordan, Sensei, is a 5th Degree Black Belt in Budoshin with over 35 years of martial arts experience and over 20 years experience in teaching jujitsu ...
Posted by: JiujitsuDummy

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/23/10 03:04 AM

Hello everyone. I had been practicing BJJ for two years and a half, though not as serious. I had other stuffs going on.

I am an adulto with purple belt by the way. Lately, I want to settle and aim for the black belt. That is why I had joined the forum to learn from martial artist all around the world.

Hats off to all.
Posted by: JiujitsuDummy

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/27/10 03:39 PM


I am new to the site and to the art. I had just been training for a month or so in BJJ.

I am looking forward for guidance and great advices from veterans here.
Posted by: Lei

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/27/10 05:27 PM


I am new to the site and have been a Shen Xuan Kong practitioner for forty-three years. Just looking to see what is happening out there.

Ran Lei
Posted by: Per-Sev

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/02/10 02:14 AM

Hey, I am 50 years old and disabled and was told to use a cane to help me get around. This is how I became interested in combat canes and now have 5 of them and a few other unique canes. I have had no formal training but I do like to watch training videos online and on DVD. I am also a long time knife collector but not a knife fighter my canes are my main self defense tools. I look forward to meeting everyone here this is my first self defense forum or fighting arts forum I belong to a few other forums that talk about knives and flashlights. Thanks Per-Sev
Posted by: Prizewriter

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/02/10 08:22 AM

Originally Posted By: Per-Sev
Hey, I am 50 years old and disabled and was told to use a cane to help me get around. This is how I became interested in combat canes and now have 5 of them and a few other unique canes. I have had no formal training but I do like to watch training videos online and on DVD. I am also a long time knife collector but not a knife fighter my canes are my main self defense tools. I look forward to meeting everyone here this is my first self defense forum or fighting arts forum I belong to a few other forums that talk about knives and flashlights. Thanks Per-Sev

Hello and welcome. You may already be aware of the guy, but you should check out Mark Shuey for some interesting stuff on using the cane as a weapon.
Posted by: MasterPatrick

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/05/10 08:54 PM

Posted by: vincomgo

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/09/10 11:12 PM

hey,I'm Vincomgo,20 years old n I'm single :">
Posted by: Mark Jordan

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/17/10 05:58 PM

Hello, nice to meet you Lei.
Posted by: sstefan

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/26/10 03:40 PM


My name is Steven, i trained for 5 years in a style of free fighting created by my uncle who has a black belt in judo and also a muay thai practitioner. He combined that two arts into another that is much effective.
Posted by: hope

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/27/10 02:07 PM

Originally Posted By: Lei

I am new to the site and have been a Shen Xuan Kong practitioner for forty-three years.

Hello Ran Lei! Pardon my ignorance, but is Shen Xuan Kong a martial art? I thought it was a style of Feng Shui?
Posted by: Kathryn

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/28/10 08:33 AM

Originally Posted By: hope
Originally Posted By: Lei

I am new to the site and have been a Shen Xuan Kong practitioner for forty-three years.

Hello Ran Lei! Pardon my ignorance, but is Shen Xuan Kong a martial art? I thought it was a style of Feng Shui?

I practice Xuan Kong as well! Little known fact -- Feng Shui in the early days of China held the status of a martial art, because it was used in warfare. Not a physical martial art, but a spiritual one.

Posted by: hope

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/29/10 09:33 PM

Interesting! Thanks.
Posted by: chaoscombat

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/02/10 07:49 PM

25 yrs of Martial Arts and Combatives training and instructing.

8 yrs Law Enforcement including High Risk Warrant service

2 yrs Close Protection and Asset Protection in Post-Katrina NOLA and Gulfport Miss.

Creator of the C.H.A.O.S. conflict resolution system

I put a lot of time and energy into my "modern" martial arts...firearms training and weapons retention. I study and teach traditional Aikijutsu/Kenjutsu. I also use the principles of Aiki to teach modern unarmed and "not optimally" armed conflict resolution tactics to LE and MIL personell. I use a new strategy to teach old principles.

I follow the teachings of Soke Don Angier and Sensei James Williams, although I am not claiming lineage to these remarkable men.

My lineage is "Take Seiken Bujutsu" as taught by Sensei Colman Morris in TX

I have trained in Kamishin Ryu Karate, Paq Wa, Chinese Gung Fu, Kali Silat, Jeet Kune Do, BJJ, fought amature MMA and have trained formally with a former Army Special Forces soldier in silent dispatching, silent entry and demolitions.

Other than that I am a student first, no matter what system Im training in, and very open to suggestion. I hope to be able to offer some small contribution to this forum in return for some insight of my own. Thank You.
Posted by: MadPanda

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/02/10 08:37 PM

Hello everybody, my name is Michael and I am a business owner and an MMA enthusiast. I love the UFC and fighting in general. I stumbled across this forum and decided to join and start interacting. Here is so info about me.

Personal: I have trained in Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, & BJJ. I have been watching MMA since UFC 1, back when there were only a few rules and no weight classes. UFC has come a long way and really evolved into an amazing representation of the sport (for the most part).

Business: I own and manage a company called Mad Panda, LLC. My company sells self defense products and martial arts weapons online at the Mad Panda Store. Some of the items we sell include knives, kubotans, riot batons, steel shot SAP gloves, stun guns, pepper spray, blowdart guns, cane swords, throwing knives, nunchaku, daggers, and more.

I look forward to spending time on this forum and getting to know the users. Thanks for reading!
Posted by: Phenix_Rider

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/08/10 08:01 AM

Hey gang,

I started TKD MDK (unaffiliated) back in college. Not an MMA, but lots of additional techniques, with emphasis on practical boxing guard and punches, basic jiujutsu, and stamina (lots of heavy bag rounds). Trained there for 2.5-3 years, advancing to red belt and beginning training for black. Graduated, and couldn't find a good school where I ended up working. Lucky to find kiddie karate at racketball courts. Needless to say, I wasn't interested in paying a lot more to work out at one-tenth the intensity.

New job now in Philly, and I'm training at the old WTSDA headquarters. Good people, but I'm missing my time with the heavy bag. And the forms are just different enough that old muscle memory is a hindrence rather than a help in that department. And I really can't stand the headgear. At least I don't have to wear the silly chest protector though... In the end, it just feels good to collect my share of blisters and bruises again.
Posted by: RodrigoPablo

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/11/10 11:00 PM


I'm Rödrigo, and i'm 22.
when i was a kid, I trained karate and now i'm training ninjutsu...
.. maybe my english isn't so good, so sorry if i can't explain myself sometimes =)
and well, i hope to find a lot of interesting things to learn and share and, of course, interesting people..

Posted by: Nevinyrral

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/17/10 05:01 AM

HI, My name is Marcin and I'm from Poland. I'm 20 now and I study management.
My martial arts experience: in middle school I was learning kung fu and ju jutsu, thenn in high school I took some self defence classes, and now that i'm in college i started training shotokan.
Posted by: Tyron Hatfield

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/18/10 05:38 AM

Hello my name is Ty Hatfield from Utah

WJMF Director of Techneques USA
Won Jin Hapkido
USA Wrestling Director of Grappling Utah

I have wrestled for 37 years and 2 time State Champ, National champ Greco and Freestyle, College Wrestler BYU, All-American, 20 years Trainings 3rd Dan Korean Ju-Jitsu, 4 years Trainings 1st Dan Kenpo, 35 years Greco/Judo Training 1st Dan Judo, 3 years Sambo, 19 years training Brown Belt Gracie Jui-Jitsu, @ 13 years training 3rd Dan Hapkido.

Very much my honor to know you all
Posted by: sensei crane

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/28/10 03:08 PM

My name is A.J. I have been practicing the martial arts for 14 years off and on. I am a 43 year old woman who loved martial arts in her teens, but, as many do, got side tracked by life until her boys asked her to go to class with them. They helped me find a new love for the martial arts and so, I have practiced for the last 7 years pretty much non-stop (on a daily basis, I mean). My styles are Shotokan, Kenpo, & Aikido. I am very knowledgeable and love to pass along any great finds that I come across. I have already make a few posts sharing some of my great finds.
Posted by: Terri63

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/29/10 07:35 AM

HI My name is Terri...I am 46 yr old SAHM (stay at home Mom) who was looking for "something" to be enthusiastic and passionate about...nad I FOUND it! in karate...I study isshin ryu ...Im brand new at it..feel sooo overwhlemed by it sometimes..everyone is soo much more experionced than me! I can see this is the beginning of whole new way of life for me...would love to chat w/ ppl about it...Thanks
Posted by: Anddie

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/05/10 07:32 PM

Hi my name is Anddie and I am new to martial arts. I have always wanted to take a form of martial arts, but never had the courage to do so. Now at the age of 40, I have decided to do all of the things that I've always wanted to try. I've just started taking BJJ (1 month), though I love it. The drills are taking a bit of getting used to. I am the turtle of the class and usually the only female, but am determined to learn and enjoy. Any advice for a newbie?
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/06/10 10:00 AM

Welcome Anddie. Take it from a male turtle in BJJ - don't get discouraged, and keep at it. You will get better. smile
Posted by: hope

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/06/10 09:50 PM

Hi Terri and Anddie --

I started mid-40s. Found a few good tips in Sang Kim's book "Martial Arts after 40" (2000, Turtle Press(!)); much of it is common sense, but worth reading and quite encouraging. Have fun!
Posted by: Anddie

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/08/10 07:44 PM

Thank you! I will make sure to check out this book. I plan on taking it at my own pace. I'm also thinking of eventually adding karate to my training.
Posted by: zioze34

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/02/10 11:31 AM

Hello My name is Chris I am 30 and living in Atlanta, Ga. I have studied Judo for a short period in College, but only until recently have I gotten the motivation to actually study seriously. I have been studying Zenshin Goshin Jujitsu for 2 months now. Looking for a sparring partner to train with when I am not in class.
Posted by: tiger of persia

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/05/10 01:50 PM

Hello every body. hope you are having nice time and using it nice enough. I'm KAVOSH OMIDI from great land of PERSIA .it's been about 3 years im training KUNG FU TOA and i'me third form
if you want to know about my grade .i know tree years is soon for third form but i always try to get my self up and promote so fast.
my dreaming has no END cause i wanna be a LEGEND
in my life im a fighter that's why they call me THE "TIGER"
Posted by: Marsfcc

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/16/10 05:15 PM

Hi. My name is Mariana and I've always been kind of fascinated with fighting arts. Unfortunatly my family never aproved me praticing any of them until now. Even so I tried to learn what I could everytime I got a chance, like in demonstrations or with friends that were praticing ( as aikido). Now I finally got a chance to start, but i'm not shure what to choose. Help please?
Posted by: Raff-Striker.

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/01/10 04:13 PM

Hello, everyone. ^_^ My name is Raff. My real name is Nick, but I don't like my real name - So let's stick with Raff please? ^///^. I am 16, and I have trained in some Martial Arts. I trained about 4 months at a Jeet Kune Do place, and they moved eventually. I also trained in MMA. But, then I found out I'm not a big fan of...well, "THE OCTAGON." I trained a bit in Hapkido, but my friend died the next week...I haven't looked at Hapkido since. I remember learning Karate when I was five. I didn't like it...XD. I also trained in SAMBO. And I still do, but I am looking for a new art to train in as well. So, I will gladly "Spy" On these forums - And find something cool to my opinion! ^_^
Posted by: IZDemon

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 10/26/10 01:16 PM

Hello everyone,
I just found this site so I'll probably be lurking around awhile getting caught up on the posts. I am currently training Muay Thai and Arnis. I have previously practiced Bagua, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, & Qigong but I wanted something more physical.

I still have an interest in the Chinese arts, so maybe in the future I'll go back to it but for now, I am happy where I'm at.
Posted by: Chung Hu

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/01/10 09:44 PM

grin Hello, My name is Scott. I have been looking around here for a week now and there is still alot to look over. I love the diveristy of this site. I have been training for 13 years now and have studied TKD for 3 years, aikido for 2 years, I am currently at a school where I have been learning kali [off and on] for 5 years, BJJ for about a year but my main art at this school is Jeet Kune Do for the last seven years.

Since Wing chun is part of what we learn in JKD I am starting took look at it closely as well. I am excited to have found this site and expect I will be able to learn alot and hopefully share what little knowledge I have with others.
Posted by: Protection

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/04/10 07:14 PM

Hello All, new to this forum! I currently have a website and I sell NO ADS. I am looking to incorporate martial arts into my website, articles, products, best training? what to look for in a school?. Seeking all suggestions and ideas! Martial Arts is a great self defense technique, I think people would like to learn more and have some knowledge on it. Your feedback would really help! Thank you!
Posted by: AnnabelleR

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/29/10 08:03 AM

Hello everyone,
My name is Muhammad Ali and i am newbie here.I hope you will enjoy my company and we will share some useful tips and information with each other. smile
Posted by: NinjaBot

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/12/11 12:53 AM

Hi. I'm new.
Posted by: iaibear

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/12/11 10:32 AM

And welcome, too.
Posted by: TennoJuuin

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/13/11 12:58 PM

Hey, I'm Sarah, 18 years old, studying culinary arts. I haven't actually begun yet, but I plan on trying MSR Iaido in the next month or so. Kendo was what I had originally intended to study, but there's no schools nearby so I'll take what I can get. Other than that I'm a complete newbie to martial arts.
Posted by: iaibear

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/13/11 02:53 PM

Nothing wrong with Muso Shunden Ryu Iaido unless you are really into sparring. The difference is that Kendo uses a shinai (rattan splints) while Iaido uses a blade built to emulate a katana.
Posted by: TennoJuuin

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/13/11 03:05 PM

That's perfectly alright. Iaido actually seems much more fitting for me, anyway. smile
Posted by: tsalagi

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/13/11 07:44 PM

Greetings. I am new to the world of martial arts. I began training in Goshin-Ryu Jujitsu 4 months ago. I just tested and achieved my yellow belt last month.
Posted by: andygoju

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/21/11 04:21 PM

Hello, my names Andy, a Goju Ryu Karatedo student. Greeting from Great Britain.
Posted by: iammystyle

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/31/11 12:44 AM

Hey I'm Jake. 3 years of exp in MA. 15 yo. ninjutsu, and wushu are my favourite styles. Starting wing chun in March and Krav Maga when I'm 16.
Posted by: Mark Jordan

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 01/31/11 04:32 AM

I'm Mark Jordan. I started formal training in Jujitsu with Prof. George Kirby in 1987 and continues to be an active part of Prof. Kirby's organizations.
Posted by: Matakiant

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/08/11 07:39 PM

Hello, I mostly just registered to search the forums..

I am a full contact karate style practitioner.

Maybe somewhere You'll see me ask/pose a question or two (:
Posted by: Rob_IZVOR

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 02/12/11 10:51 AM

Hi! My name is Rob and I trained in Okinawan GojuRyu Karate-do for 18 years, then start training IZVOR - Russian martial art.
Posted by: KMIKI

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/12/11 06:48 AM

Greetings from Norway!
Morten here.

Been practicing Krav maga for some years now, and i love it and live it! I am now an IKI member, and instructor.

Also been an active powerlifter for the past 26 years, and still going "strong"

My third and also a big hobby, is music. Been an musician all my life, and just put together a couple of bands again these days smile

Best wishes from Norway!
Posted by: coolbeenz

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/29/11 02:20 PM

Hey people,
names Al, from Kent UK, begining to learn Iai.
I like the forum, hope to make good use of it.
cheers guys...
Posted by: iaibear

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/30/11 11:11 AM

Welcome. Hoping to see you on the sword arts forum
Posted by: Rixonhewit

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/09/11 08:42 AM

Hello, I am Rixon I recently came across your forum and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice forum, I will keep visiting this forum very often.
Posted by: iaibear

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/09/11 03:34 PM


Dare I ask which school of iai you practice?
Posted by: gojuman59

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/12/11 11:01 AM

Hello my name is Mark. I'm 51 and practice Sho Rei Shobu Kan karate(Okinawan Goju Ryu.) I want to tell you being a 51 year old green belt is a challenge, but is well worth the time and sweat. I guess it all depends on the quality of your instructor and if you can keep humble. I recieved my nidan in ITF TKD back in the 90's. I just didn't see how all the tournements made me so arragant about my abilities.
Now as a student in a traditional school I enjoy the learning process much more.

Posted by: lucastake

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/18/11 02:49 PM

hey all im Lucas 21 y/o looking to take up wing tzun!
Im from Northern ireland

Infact I am actually looking for someone, called Richard Walker, hes a sifu of WT over here but I cant contact him as Ive heard his dojo is the closest to me! So if anyone has any info please let me knw smile
Posted by: stoneco

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/27/11 08:39 AM

You're not as clever as you think you are.
Posted by: Manie Venice

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/01/11 02:05 AM

Glad to be here, I am Manie Venice Most recently from Iowa, originally from Chicago and grew up there.

I have an awesome free time,I love all 4 seasons , specially the Fall and with all its colors.

Business has been a part of my life for the last 7 years and most recently primarily on the World Wide Web.

I love to learn new things.

Things as they are, more and more people are seeking advice from people who have walked the walk and can teach others how to benefit from what they went through. Just ask if you need to know something from me.

I am a retired manager in the field of Science time management software.

Learning about new things is one of my passions.

I volunteer for valid causes that help the elderly.

Glad to be a part of this awesome venue and hope I can help.

Spam is not permitted here. Also, if you're in Iowa, why do you have an IP address from the Phillipines?
Posted by: Manie Venice

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/01/11 02:06 AM

Posted by: LilJohn

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/05/11 09:30 PM

Greetings to all, I am excited to be part of this forum. My limited experience with forums has been less than enjoyable.
I am a martial artist, studying American Kenpo and Tai Chi.
I have been studying for approximately the last 15 months and have discovered a wonderful art that has revolutionized my life.
That's me at present in a nut shell.
Posted by: boatingfun823

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/18/11 10:44 AM

hello everyone....im new here...my name is Bill Nguyen
Posted by: Buah Pukul

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/29/11 06:16 AM

Hey everyone..I'm Romi and i'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..new here..I'm late 30's and a silat practitioner.. I've learned some Seni Silat Gayong when i was in high school..Now i'm learning Seni Silat LianPadukan..To me,it's an effective & practical self defence techniqe..Different from most of others Silat Melayu..I's a kind of malay boxing..also known as 'Buah Pukul'..
Posted by: unladylikedefens

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/31/11 10:58 PM


My name is Nancy and I have been training Jeet Kune Do and Kettlebells under Sigung Paul Vunak and Sifu Harinder Singh for over 4 years. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone here.
Posted by: mumbaik

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/31/11 11:35 PM

hi i am new here..
Posted by: eagleyed

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/08/11 06:38 PM

Hieveryone. yeah i'm new here too. As far as the martial arts go i'm a jack of all, master of none. I'm currently practicing karate and chinese kickboxing and have experienced a few years Judo in my younger years. I did try Aikido for a while but it wasn't for me at the time. I'm now approaching my forties and wondering whether i should give it another go. Something to balance my ying yang out as far as Hard/soft styles go, if you know what i mean. Any suggestions welcome smile
Posted by: blaktiger

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/28/11 03:42 PM

Hello everyone.

I'm christopher and I'm a martial artist. I practice a few martial arts. I'm a great fans of martial arts.

Sorry for my english. I'm french.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/29/11 11:16 AM

Welcome folks! smile
Posted by: 47MartialMan

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 06/29/11 10:45 PM

Originally Posted By: blaktiger
Hello everyone.

I'm christopher and I'm a martial artist. I practice a few martial arts. I'm a great fans of martial arts.

Sorry for my english. I'm french.

Welcome. No need to apologize, my English isnt all that grand either
Posted by: Alicja

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/19/11 05:20 AM

Hello I'm new and I have a few experience in martial arts basically Muay Thai and im still shy to talk about it, I have been browsing alot threads and many topics are very interesting.
Posted by: seiken1111

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/16/11 02:54 PM

Hi! My name is Azlimmi Himzal. I'm from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I have been (and still am) practising karate since 1986. I have studied Shotokan (my main ryu), Okinawan Shorin-ryu Seibukan and kobudo. I run a small club and would love to learn from everyone.


Posted by: B_Rad

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/19/11 02:41 AM

Hi, I have a question about opening up your own dojo. As a good rule of thumb how many years experience is good before opening your own dojo? I am currently involved in Tae Kwon Do and will receive my black belt within two years of starting. I have self taught myself Jeet Kune Do, and have taken some kickboxing and aikido classes. My previous experience has helped in progessing me in TKD. Thanks in advance for your repsonses!
Posted by: Zinc

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/24/11 07:24 PM

Hello everyone! I feel slightly embarrassed about my previous post on the general martial arts forum, because I sprung such a question without even introducing myself.

My name is Jason, but I just go by Zinc everywhere online. I'm still a beginner (as I hope I will always be, no matter the age) in the martial arts world, as I only have around a year and a half under my belt. I currently train in Budo Taijutsu, or Ninjutsu as most call it. I realize that it is not *true* true Ninjutsu, and I am quite fine with it- I feel it is still an extremely potent art because of the various sources it draws from.:P I am extremely interested the history of Japan, and am hoping to go to college to receive a degree in it (Right now it's down to books, manuscripts, and web pages :D). I am 17, and hopefully in a couple years will be off to the reserves, and then a little of active duty after I finish college. God permitting I survive that, I'd like to travel to Japan to *somehow* make good use of that degree.

I am (as you can already tell) quite horrible at the moment in most things concerning the body, and I will be snooping about the forums here to hopefully better myself in these different areas. I ask humbly for a guiding hand when needed, and my hand in return in whatever modest areas I could help. I hope I am welcome here, and I thank you for letting me post on your forums!

Posted by: Lucy

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/27/11 02:34 AM

Hi all, I'm Lucy. I have no reputable training experience, but martial arts has always fascinated me. I did expend quite a bit of energy and had an overall positive experience at what was a semi-McDojo; but that was of course, when I was much younger for about three years. When I was a kid. And now, I'm still a teenager, but my interest in martial arts has never been more ablaze.

Nice to meet you...I'll probably be lurking about. smile
Posted by: iaibear

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/27/11 07:36 AM

I hope you find (or have already found) a dojo that suits you and the sort of skills you want to develop.
Posted by: choonbee

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/27/11 04:24 PM

If you're interested in martial arts like you say you are, then you should make an effort to find a good school and start training again.
As a teenager, you're at a point in your life where making good choices is important to your future, and starting back up again at your age would be an excellent choice, in my opinion.
I started at the age of 44, and while I'm learning a lot now, I only wish that I had the fore-sight to start at a much younger age.
Don't wait. Time passes much faster than you realize.
Posted by: gojuman59

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/29/11 11:15 AM

Let me second what Choonbee said. If you want it go after it now and not later.I can tell you from experience that learning the arts is easier when you are young.Good luck.

Posted by: Kenny Johnson

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/06/11 10:07 PM


Call me Kenny, I'm a girl I've been self training for years, I'm hoping only to improve.
Posted by: Zombie Zero

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/07/11 11:45 AM

I can't believe I have to dust this one off, but...

Seek the advice of a qualified instructor.
Posted by: iaibear

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/07/11 12:43 PM

Honest to Goodness, Kenny, that is the best advise you can get.
Posted by: Kenny Johnson

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/07/11 03:17 PM

Why? Is there a problem?
Posted by: MattJ

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/07/11 04:08 PM

Welcome Kenny. What do you study?
Posted by: Kenny Johnson

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/07/11 09:21 PM

Martial arts, judo, street fighting, kicking box, parkour, & free running. I want to learn Taijustu also - but I already have a lot on my plate.
Posted by: Zach_Zinn

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/07/11 09:50 PM

Where do you go to learn "street fighting"?

Combine that with Parkour and you have Gymkata.
Posted by: Kenny Johnson

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/07/11 10:42 PM

Because I'm in Las Vegas.
Posted by: Zombie Zero

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/08/11 11:07 AM

The question is, who do you train with?

That's a lot of arts to be "self-teaching".

How does one teach themself a martial art?
Posted by: Akexandros94

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/19/11 03:36 PM

Hello My name is Alexandros or Alex for short.I was born in Athens,Greece but was raised on an island called spetses from age 2 until age 8.I then moved to florida.When I was 5 I started Kung Fu for the first time.I kept up with it until I moved here.I have been to about 5 different schools but Had to leave because I moved constantly.I am currently trying to find a martial arts school near my new home.I love music, wolves, and everything that is nature.Its nice to meet everyone.
Posted by: meg3

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/20/11 02:45 PM

Hello! My name is Joy. I am a 35 yr old stay-at-home mom of 3 and wife to a hubby of 10 yrs. I have started attending a jujitsu class that I love. It is hard and I am usually hurting for days after a class but I can't help but go back. I look forward to learning from all of you also!
Posted by: gojuman59

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/20/11 02:52 PM

Welcome to the forum Joy.
Posted by: danicahover123

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/22/11 01:51 AM

Posted by: Jade Dragon

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/22/11 11:41 PM

Hi, introducing myself.
I have studied formally since 1971; Wide Circle Kung Fu, Nippon Kenko Juko Shotokan, Aido, Goju, Tiger Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Hapkido, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, BeiShaolin (Northern), Lohan, 7-Star Praying Mantis, and Hsing-i.

In Alaska now.
Posted by: David Donahue

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/24/11 08:07 AM

Hello, I'm David Donahue, son of the article writer on this site, George Donahue. I'm 18 years old, and picking Kishaba Juku Shorin Ryu with my father once again in order to further expand my fighting experience. I'm currently wearing a blue belt, there will be a green, brown and black belt test. I've become serious about the style for numerous reasons but most importantly; I'd like to pick up where my father will leave off! It will also be nice to have such hand to hand skills when I'm shipped off after joining the armed services.
Posted by: iaibear

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 09/24/11 10:38 AM

Sounds good. Wishing you well.
Posted by: Shinoken

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 11/22/11 11:42 AM

Hey. Here for a intro, so I'll begin.

I started training Thai Boxing almost five years ago then Brazilian Jiu-jitsu a year after that. Over time, my focus shifted to mostly BJJ since I was competing. Now I can't imagine life without being able to train.
Posted by: ZombieTest

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/10/12 03:14 PM

This is the Admin, Zombie Zero. I made a new account so I could test the new settings I put in place to prevent Spammers from mucking up this site.
Posted by: The_Beyonder

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/16/12 10:55 AM

Hello, my name is Raymond and I use to be in Tae Kwon Do years ago but I had to leave due to medical problems. I was in it for a little over a year before I had to leave.

I decided to try kendo now. I think that its really awesome. I am happy to be able to join this site with all of you. smile
Posted by: Zombie Zero

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/16/12 11:48 AM

Welcome aboard, Raymond!
Posted by: iaibear

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/16/12 01:10 PM

That can be a very active tactical exercise.

Posted by: john2054

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/24/12 04:27 PM

Hi everyone, my real name is John. I am from Derby UK, and got my first belt at Wado Ryu Karate a few years back. I have also pieced together things in Judo and Aikido. I have also just completed my first year at my local university. I have also been baptised in Jan at my local church. I am also going over to visit my wife and step daughter in Africa this July. And finally I have been banned from something like half a dozen ma sites on the web for spamming, insulting the mods, logging in on other peoples accounts and otherwise inappropriate language things. But I swear I have no intention of breaking the rules on this one ok? Thanks.
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(NA) Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/25/12 08:56 AM

Welcome, John. Thanks for the honesty.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 04/16/13 10:43 AM

Hi! my name is Alex I am new here and glad to join this forum.Its gonna to be very nice to share and discuss all new relevnat things here.Thanks to all.
Posted by: mmichelozzi

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/03/13 05:09 PM

I'm Mike Michelozzi and a few months ago I started taking taekwondo classes because my twelve year old grand daughter asked me if I would with her and I thought that was a good idea.

My only previous experience is reading and watching a lot of youtube videos of all kinds of martial arts - bagua and aikido being my favorites. So for a few years I just improvised and tried to mimic what I saw and did some forms along with the stretching and other things I do.

For the past ten years I've hiked a couple of hours every morning and a few years ago began alternating with cycling outside. So I'm somewhat good shape for a sixty-seven year old and tkd is waking up new muscle groups, joints and connective tissue which I like.

That's it.

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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 05/06/13 08:57 AM

Welcome, Mike!

I think it's great that you have something like martial arts to share with your granddaughter.
Posted by: Tuigwaachan

Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 07/29/13 10:30 PM

Hello, I am glad to have found this forum recently and look forward to sharing and exchanging ideas. I wish to be brief to keep you all from boredom so here goes. I feel/experience the relationship between martial arts and Okinawan/Ryukyuan dance and enjoy creating choreography (to include weapons) and performing which has given me an amazing sense of comfort via familiarity and enjoyment though each seems separate and independent (martial arts and dance) on the surface. My journey continues and it is nice to meet you.
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(NA) Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 08/01/13 10:59 AM

Welcome aboard, Tuigwaachan!
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Hello my name is Mr Frank - 09/12/13 10:24 PM

I have been studying Willem Reeder's art, Liu Seong Kung Fu (Chuan Fa/Silat) for 14 years and have been teaching for 2 years in Alexandria Va. Also, I am currently studying Northern Wu Style Tia Chi and San Miguel Eskrima. It has been a tough journey but I have enjoyed every bump and bruise.
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Re: Hello my name is Mr Frank - 09/13/13 10:55 AM

Welcome aboard, Mr Frank!
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Re: Hello my name is Mr Frank - 02/18/14 05:19 PM

Hi, my name is Johnny, practicing Karate, boxing and Krav maga for a long time.
Hope to enjoy the community smile
Posted by: Dobbersky

Re: Hello my name is Mr Frank - 02/21/14 06:07 AM

Hello Frank

I'm Kaicho Dobbersky, looking forward to reading some of your posts and threads
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Kia Ora from NZ - 05/16/14 06:42 AM

Hi forum dwellers,

Here's the obligatory intro. I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand. Love reading the forums and hearing peoples take on various martial arts topics. I've been training in various arts since I was an insecure 16 year old and I'm now 50. I've dabbled in Judo, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu, TKD, Hapkido, Kempo and most recently Tai Chi and Baguazhang.

My peers are joining lawn bowling and patchwork quilt clubs but I still refuse to act my age. Martial arts keep you young at heart. I'm actually the 'young lady' in our Tai Chi class. The oldest is 86. Not so much the Baguazhang class though which is a bit more energetic.

Looking forward to reading other peoples MA experiences.

Posted by: AndyLA

Re: Andy LA Simple Self-Defence - 08/09/14 05:20 AM

Hi, My name is Andy LA and I have just joined this forum. I like many of the threads that I have seen posted on this forum and I hope I too could possibly add to this list of interest. My main interest has always been Self-Defense, a key subject that I have studied over a period of 40 years – no nothing much to do with Krav Maga or Jujitsu but more to do with Self-Defense for ordinary folks.
All the very best
Andy LA
Posted by: Dobbersky

Re: Andy LA Simple Self-Defence - 08/11/14 05:03 AM

Welcome to all ,looking forward to your posts and chats
Posted by: AndyLA

Re: Andy LA Simple Self-Defence - 08/12/14 04:40 AM

Hi Pilgrims,
As I mentioned, I studied Self-Defence for many years before I retired mainly the kind of Self-Defence that many ordinary people were desperately looking for, not the Self-Defence often demonstrated in a Dojo which for ordinary people were too extreme, too physical and nearly impossible to execute out on the street. Please tell me of your thoughts and experience on Self-Defence – we never stop learning.
Andy LA
Posted by: AndyLA

Re: Andy LA Simple Self-Defence - 08/15/14 02:15 PM

Hi Pilgrims,
I would like to post this thread on Self-Defence mainly in answer to an earlier post by a fellow member who said “I want to learn a simple technique against a Mugger.”
Unfortunately there are no simple techniques you can learn from any Marshall Art Dojo with that question in mind. Any techniques from any of the Marshall Art Disciplines would take you years to learn to execute, because for it to be affective in a sudden surprise attack, you would have to execute that technique instinctively without any hesitation or thought – it has to be an immediate action. Unfortunately you can’t learn a technique for a specific street fighter, because there is no such a thing as a “typical street fighter,” you may encounter a knife fighter, and you may not know he has a knife until you feel it against your belly or your throat, a Mugger with a gun or a man with a baseball bat – there are no typical street fighters. And their main weapon is surprise, those who wait and descend on you from the shadows, someone who has picked you as a soft target. It’s not Randori (free practice as in Judo) out there on the streets or a one-to-one Self-Defense demonstration as practised in a Dojo. In these kind of scenarios could you ever imagine an ordinary citizen executing a Seoinaga (a shoulder throw) on a Mugger or a young woman attempting an arm lock against a 16 stone aggressive determined attacker – and yet this is what many MA schools still teach you, and those who have attempted these techniques have either ended seriously hurt or killed. AVOIDENCE then is your Key, 90% of a successful Self-Defence is AVOIDENCE and only 10% resort to a physical response when Avoidance has failed.
AVOIDENCE is a key part of Self-Defence; it is a mind-set on how to avoid a confrontation, and how to respond when Avoidance fails with a very simple and affective physical strike against your attacker with minimum effort and maximum affect. Students are often swayed by the Hollywood WOW factor, mostly all action shots are choreographed it would be impossible otherwise to survive some of the actions taken by many of our movie hero’s.
Andy LA
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(NA) Re: Andy LA Simple Self-Defence - 08/29/14 10:50 PM


Could you please explain what you mean by, "Marshall Arts"?
Posted by: AndyLA

(NA) Re: Andy LA Simple Self-Defence - 09/09/14 05:55 PM

Sorry for being so late in replying to your post -
My experience of the Marshal Arts revolves mainly around Judo and which is often incorrectly associated with Self-Defense, when the same techniques practiced in a Dojo is then attempted on the street –During my RAF service and Membership of the 42 Commando Judo Club under the instruction of Lieutenant D. Downton 3rd Dan on the island of Malta in 1956; much of what I learned about “Self-Defense” was painfully demonstrated by Lieutenant Downton and his Commando Students, lessons that remained with me to this day. There he clearly demonstrated the difference between the practice of Judo or Karate in a Dojo and UN-arm combat as practiced by 42 commando and with the different Mind-set of Self-Defense. The practice of Judo as with other Marshal Arts is a practice or competition between two opponents, each is aware of the other opponents techniques, counter techniques and combinations. Each knows what the other can throw at him, and each waits for that one opportunity, that one opening to execute his throw. Self-Defense is not a competition or Randori of two Judokas on the street, firstly he is not going to give you an opportunity to attack, he will rush at you and will kick, punch, stab or bludgeon you to the ground and in less than a minute or two. It is a no win situation when you attempt to bring the Dojo to the street. My main practice has always been Judo but my interest for 40 years before I retired was the Art of Self-Defense.
Andy LA
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(NA) Re: Andy LA Simple Self-Defence - 09/16/14 04:43 PM

OK. I guess I'm just wondering why you're spelling Martial Arts that way?
Posted by: AndyLA

(NA) Re: Andy LA Simple Self-Defence - 10/04/14 10:20 AM

Hi Zombie Zero,
Damn I did it again, just put it down to old age and a lack of concentration at times. To many it may not matter so much but it does to some. All I ask is that you understand the message. If I speak of executing an Osotogari against a Mae Geri frontal attack when I meant that he actually should step back and grab his attacking foot etc. to that error I would apologize and ask you how "You" would defend yourself against a frontal Mae Geri attack. “In high school I tried out for the spelling team, but only because I really wanted a letter jacket.”
&#8213; Jarod Kintz,
Andy LA
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Re: Hello my name is Mr Frank - 02/22/17 10:37 PM

Hi! my name is Alex I am new here and glad to join this forum and look forward to sharing and exchanging ideas. It has been a tough journey but I have enjoyed every bump and bruise.
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Re: ** Introduce Yourself! ** - 03/14/17 06:06 AM

Hi! I`m Peter. I`m new here and I`m happy to meet you all!
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I am Douwe Geluk Tai Chi instructor Apeldoorn Hol - 08/18/17 07:02 AM

Hello my name is Douwe Geluk from Europe actually the Netherlands. My interestd are Salsa dancing, Martial Arts especially thr Chinese martial arts.

My profession is being an engineer and i am also a Tai Ji Quan teacher at Tai Chi Apeldoorn Fu Yuan in the Netherlands. I teach Yang, Chen and Wudang Tai Chi. Also mindfulness, Qi Qong, Kungfu and selfdefense.

Bron van Geluk means: source of Happiness and that is the name of my school for internal martial arts.

Below is a demonstration video from me practising Tai Chi Chuan in a nice environment, i hope you like it: