Pencak Silat Serak

Posted by: sasori_te

Pencak Silat Serak - 05/09/08 11:45 PM

Hi everyone

I'm moving to North Carolina soon. I've been into Okinawan and Japanese martial arts for 20 years. A few years ago I was able to train with a very good knife instructor named Ernie Meyer in Phoenix, AZ. He opened my eyes to the effectiveness of the Philipine and Indonesian styles. I've been in contact with an instructor for the De Thouars style of Silat. Does anyone know anything about this system? Is it a typical style for the region it originates in? Thanks for the info.
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Re: Pencak Silat Serak - 05/10/08 12:42 AM

First of all, what part of NC are you going to be moving to? Are you going to be training with someone when you move? Good luck on finding De Thouars silat in NC. I have done a fair bit of Maphilindo silat and work that into the mix.

Who knows, you may find something. Where are you moving from?
Posted by: sasori_te

Re: Pencak Silat Serak - 05/11/08 12:22 AM

I've already spoken to an instructor who is listed as an advanced instructor with the De Thouars style on their web site. He recently re-located to the Charlotte area as well. I've researched the style online as much as possible. I was just hoping to get some first-hand information on the style.