Training In Thailand

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Training In Thailand - 05/07/12 09:40 PM

Hi guys Have any of you trained in Isaan (north east) Thailand and if so where and what was your experience like
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Re: Training In Thailand - 05/16/12 10:15 AM

The issue is these days, there are a lot of Camps headed by some excellent Arjan and Kru in the western world who I would say are on par with those in Thailand. Thailand has one thing I would say is the best part of it, Thai women hehehehe
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Re: Training In Thailand - 06/10/14 06:00 PM

i trained in ubon rachatani at legacy gym with ole laurson the K1 fighter

training was so so

Re: Training In Thailand - 06/12/14 09:19 AM

My dad wen to Thailand once, he said that a white man against a small Asian guy in Muay Thai stick fighting is dominant cause we are so big lol. He taught me how to use sticks.
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Re: Training In Thailand - 12/21/17 05:02 AM

There are two gyms in Udon Thani that I have visi Ko ted, but I found them a bit to simple. It was all about conditioning and over training. Cool for guys that are on the weight loss and get tough route, but nothing for people like myself who want to learn about technique and training methods. I find the gyms on Koh Samui a better option.
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Re: Training In Thailand - 12/21/17 05:06 AM

They have two gyms in Udon Thani and one in Buriram that are interesting. the WKU send fighters from Germany to train there.