Shadow Boxing

Posted by: zeo

Shadow Boxing - 03/20/07 03:08 PM

I have spoke 2 1 of my teachers about shadow boxing with weights, i wanted 2 know what others views are with doing this???
Posted by: vgnpwr801

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/20/07 03:44 PM

I read somewhere on these forums that it rarely helps, and if you want to get more explosiveness from your punches do something that more mimics the exploseveness of a punch, like barebell chest presses.

I honestly dont like using them cause I have never seena difference in my training with them.

Posted by: Jer_sm

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/20/07 03:51 PM

i like shadow boxing with 2-5.

i mean it obviously does do something. Shadow boxing is about technique not developing explosiveness.

if you get use to shadow boxing with couple pounds it would be better.

i mean you cant say it dosen't do anything. for exmaple do a couple rounds with some 2-3 pound weights. when yuo put them down you will notice a slight speed increase.

but yeah, shoadow boxing is all about practicing technique.
Posted by: vgnpwr801

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/20/07 04:14 PM

Itll help build some small amount of muscle, I found my shoulders to be a little stronger.

And even though your punches seem faster afterwards, its more because your arms were used to punching with 2 lbs, now they have nothing in them when you drop the weights, thus making them feel lighter with less stress on the muscle. Not because your muscles seem a littles stronger. Its more physics than anything.

Maybe in the long long run it helps :/

Personally, I just found its better to do other exercises.

Even though everyone at the gym asks why I dont use them when everyone is doing shadowboxing.

Maybe Im wrong though, I think its up the individual.
Posted by: zeo

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/20/07 06:06 PM

i see, yeah it seems logical that in the long run it has 2 help in some way,

hmmmmm debatable
Posted by: MattJ

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/20/07 06:18 PM

Shadow boxing with weights is not a good idea. It puts too much stress on your elbow joints, especially if you are "locking out" your arms in full extension.

But I'm not a fan of shadow boxing in any case. Get a bag and some gloves.
Posted by: Jer_sm

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/20/07 08:41 PM

i think it would be better. using the propper techniques ofc.
if you lock out its just a lack of experience.
Posted by: Taison

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/20/07 11:56 PM


Shadowboxing with weights will put too much stress on your joints and will cause tear in tendons over a long period of time.

Now you might see some muscles develop, in another 10 years you'll notice your elbow joints being painful.

Punching with weights on your wrists, is stupid imo.

If you want resistance while punching, you could use those err... ok... I'm going brain-dead again. You know those elastic bands? Tie them to a wall behind you, and then try punching.

Another exercise you could try to is to punch away on the bag until you lift it up into the air. Keep it there, if you let it fall down to it's original place. Start over. Keep it up in the air for 1 minute.

-Taison out
Posted by: Ed_Morris

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/21/07 12:14 AM

I use a weighted vest sometimes thru solo form. seems to bloom some spring into to my dead trunks.
Posted by: Cord

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/21/07 06:41 AM

Think about where the resistance is being created/increased if you punch holding weight. As the arm extends, the extra weight acts as downforce, this means that the shoulder muscles have to divert energy from extending the arm, into holding it up at the appropriate height. This compromises neuromuscular coordination with mixed messages, and actually slows down and weakens your punches.

As Ed suggests, a weighted vest will be of benefit, as this focusses the extra power needed to generate the strike through the greater resistance firmly in the legs, hips and core. The arm is the least important thing in a good punch.
Posted by: Supremor

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/21/07 11:39 AM

I'll add that shadow boxing with wieghts is actually BAD for your technique. Think about it- when do you fight with weights in your hands- NEVER! Try and get good form without holding weights, and your technique will improve far more.
Posted by: Ed_Morris

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/21/07 11:58 AM

I don't hold the weighted vest in my hand...I wear it.
Posted by: Supremor

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/21/07 02:35 PM

Sorry Ed, I'm commenting on the original question.
Posted by: Chen Zen

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/21/07 03:02 PM

You run a good risk of tearing the rotator cup in your shoulder if your boxing with weights or bands.

If you want speed get a speed bag, and a heavy bag and get to work.
Posted by: alext

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/22/07 05:27 AM

I personally do both shadow boxing and work on a bag. But i wouldnt say that doing shadow boxing (more kickboxing) is a bad thing. I think that working on a bag makes it very easy to slack and take weight off onto a bag, where as shadow *kick*boxing and boxing would mean that you have to keep your balance well when training, also in front of a mirror its quite easy to see where the flaws are in technique.
There are small dunbells or what ever people do use, but i personally think if you want to train with weights your best off hitting a bag with some 16oz gloves ;P
Posted by: govt_issued

Re: Shadow Boxing - 03/30/07 04:12 PM

I can relate Ed. Try going on a 3 mile run in the desert with a flak jacket and two sappy plates inserted (probably a good 65 lbs total.