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Chinese MA links - 02/25/06 10:56 AM

Here is a pretty good site explaining some of the terminology used in Chinese Martial Arts.
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Chinese weapons -
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Different styles -
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Wing Chun Link:

Wing Chun Forms

This link shows parts of the various forms with an explanation. This is not a substitute for a real teacher
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Praying Mantis (northern) site, good information on the art
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Heres a place where you can get tons of info on Southern Praying Mantis
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Articles/translations on Tai Chi Chuan
(in particular, I found the 'Tan Jing (Talking About Jing)
' section an interesting read)
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Excellent Thread, thanks!
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here's a very interesting one bound to boil some blood and pop some bubbles:

gotta take the good with the bad, people.
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Here you can find wing chun videos:

in a few days there will be a lot of wing chun videos!!
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is mostly a wing chun site but has a lot of information on the chinese arts..
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Some Chow Gar, Wing Chun, Tai Chi and Hung Gar clips:
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wing chun
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Anyone know a site that tells where wing chun practitioners are? I can't seem to find anyone to chi sao.
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Drunken Boxing:
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Shaolin-Part 1 -

Shaolin-Part 2 -

Shaolin Kung Fu: The Truth about Kung Fu History

Ignorance, Legend and Taijiquan

Commentary, October 17, 2003 & Falun Gong on PBS, Yellow Bamboo Analysis, Treasure Scope Challenge, Quackery In Med School, Scientific American Questions Encyclopedia Britannica, Vortex Relief, and SkepDic Is Out...

Independent Lens . SHAOLIN ULYSSES: Kungfu Monks in America . Talkback | PBS

Shaolin Temple Perspective - russbo Forum / Library

Dept. of Celebration: Drunk Monk : The New Yorker

Shaolin Spear Monk [Archive] - JREF Forum Shaolin Tour

Deng Feng Village, China (Where tourist put $200 in book to learn)

Shaolin Abbot Fights Back Against Critics

History @

Shaolin Monk Suicide Shocks New York Chinese Community - NAM

Martial Arts Supply, Samurai Swords, Nunchakus, Escrima Sticks & Karate Equipment
(Robes for sale)
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Fut Sao Wing Chun-NYC