unrecognized kata

Posted by: William_Bent

unrecognized kata - 11/19/14 07:05 PM


I am familiar with most mainstream karate kata but I am stumped at trying to identify this form. I don't know how to embed the link so I am going to post the link.
The kata begins at 3:23

Anyone got a clue?

Posted by: bassaiguy

Re: unrecognized kata - 01/06/15 02:44 PM

Could it be some version of Chinto (Okinawan style)?
Posted by: cxt

Re: unrecognized kata - 01/12/15 09:44 AM

The link is kinda messed up on my end. I only get the first few movements before it goes all static filled.

But the start of it looks like a naihanchi kata......sort of.
Posted by: Shonuff

Re: unrecognized kata - 06/04/15 02:11 PM

I'm surprised you guys couldn't identify this.

The kata is Naihanchi (Tekki) Sandan.
Posted by: Dobbersky

Re: unrecognized kata - 09/08/15 12:36 PM

There was quite a few Naihanchi forms on the video I noticed