Okinawan Kata Listings

Posted by: chusauli

Okinawan Kata Listings - 04/06/11 03:02 PM

Is there any listing of the Okinawan kata with all the names of movements in sequence anywhere?

In particular, I am interested in Seisan, Matsumura Passai, Chinto, Gojushiho, Ananku, Wanshu. They can be of any of the Shorin-ryu systems.

For example,Seisan Kata - Yoi - hidari chudan uke, gyaku tsuki, etc.

Anything would be appreciated.
Posted by: Prizewriter

Re: Okinawan Kata Listings - 04/06/11 04:15 PM

Don't if this helps, but the WUKO include most of the major Okinawan systems of karate in their Kata tournaments. This shows a list of the kata each of them include.
Posted by: chusauli

Re: Okinawan Kata Listings - 04/06/11 05:00 PM

Many thanks! Although its not quite what I am looking for. I was thinking of a list of movements that compose each kata from start to finish!

Thank you for your time!
Posted by: Tetsubo64

Re: Okinawan Kata Listings - 08/06/16 10:11 PM

No there is not a comprehensive list of all of the Okinawa Kata versions and their sequential movements. To do so would be a monumental task to record all of the movements (as they differ from style to style) of any one kata let alone all of the Okinawa Katas. Would you quantify this down to one Okinawa system (i.e. Ueichi Ryu, Goju Ryu,Seibukan Shorin Ryu) where these styles have standardized their katas and have recorded. If this is more along the lines of what you want I believe there still is no single list of movement by movement for that piticular karate house as I am sure they would want to teach you personally to ensure quality control rather than just some arbitrary practitioner adopting their kata and then claiming they are part of their system. I believe this will be a hostage situation where by you will have to become a student of that school. Just my forward thoughts.