language of syllabus

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language of syllabus - 07/11/14 03:36 PM

Hi chaps,

I'm writing an article about MA for language teachers.

Could anyone tell me what the language of Krav Maga syllabus is. Is there a Hebrew terminology which is used across the board or is it just in the local language?

Example: When I trained TKD, we learned all techniques in Korean, allowing us to train anywhere in the world without needing the local language.

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Re: language of syllabus - 07/14/14 06:01 AM

Its an Israeli system but it uses the local language of the country its being taught in
Maybe contact the Israeli Krav Maga Organisation for answers to your questions

I see Krav Maga as Kickboxing meets Wrestling with many Traditional Martial Arts techniques thrown in for good measure

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Re: language of syllabus - 07/14/14 04:50 PM


I'm writing an article for an English teacher's magazine about MA and ideas for language classes. Was just pointing out how I knew all the parts of the body in Korean (from TKD) but not Polish (where I live) and I used the fact to prompt me to learn these terms. I was curious as to whether KM used Hebrew.

Apparently KM was designed by a Jewishboxer/wrestler who originally taught Jewish youths street techniques for defence of the Jewish neighbourhoods. He later moved to Palestine and taught it to the fledgling IDF.