What style am I looking for?

Posted by: Kujaku

What style am I looking for? - 01/09/09 10:31 PM

Hey all,

Basically, I have been studying in a Korean MMA style based mainly off of Hapkido and TKD and my local studio has fallen on hard times and it looks like it will, unfortunately, be shut down in the near future... In light of this, I have been searching for something new to train in. My previous training in Hapmudo is mostly that of defensive, more traditional, and non-combative training, and I was hoping to expand my horizons by training in a more military-esque combative style. So far, I have been unable to find schools in the local Washington, D.C. Metro area that satisfy my standards. I would love to study some of these arts but so far I am unable to find the right combative art for me with the right teacher (with good credentials...it appears there are many mcdojos springing up lately...)

Basically, what I want in my style would be a combination of grappling/throws and ground fighting as well as striking. I found a school which teaches Tukong Moosul, which looks interesting, but what have you guys heard about it? I haven't heard of it before and apparently it is the S. Korean special forces combative style...who knows? Here is a link to the local dojang, maybe you guys can give me some tips regarding this school or possibly any local Krav, Sambo, or Systema, etc schools in the area? Any help would be much appreciated!


Thanks again!