Posted by: Rob998

IN TODAYS WORLD - 05/12/08 09:36 PM

Not sure what art is better, in todays world.I have wife any three kids, I do not care about belts etc... only safety
Krav Maga or Okinawan Shorinryu,
Is okinawan shoriryu more kicks fancy fighting?
Which one would be better in the streets

Please advise

Posted by: JasonM

Re: IN TODAYS WORLD - 05/13/08 12:17 AM

First, welcome. Second please don't double post. Third, KM can be learned relatively quickly, but go try each style if they are close to you and talk to the instructor and express your concerns.
Posted by: Glockmeister

Re: IN TODAYS WORLD - 05/13/08 03:15 PM

There was a Shorinryu school not far from where I used to live and to say the least, in terms of self defense, I was not impressed. At the same time, maybe it was just that particular school. People may say the same thing about Krav maga from one experience at one school. I can only speak from my own personal experience. I would take Krav over Shorninryu or maybe take both.
Posted by: BrianS

Re: IN TODAYS WORLD - 05/13/08 04:02 PM

Could we combine or lock one of these threads?
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Re: IN TODAYS WORLD - 05/13/08 11:48 PM

Sure. I can lock this one but can't in the other forum. Since it looks like it is KM related maybe another mod can lock it.