Where to train in Krav.

Posted by: RangerG

Where to train in Krav. - 07/09/05 10:45 PM

A google search for Krav Maga will give you well over 20 pages of locations.

If you enter Krav Maga - (your state or city here), chances there will be at least one hit.

Below are just some of the sites and locations:

Pennsylvania: www.ccmaa.net

New Jersey: www.israelikravmaga.com

U.S. Locator: http://www.kravmaga.com/schoollocations.asp

Australia: http://www.kravmaga.com.au/

Switzerland: http://www.eikm.com/english/index_eng.html


London: http://www.krav-maga.org.uk/

Ireland: http://www.kravmagaireland.com/

Belgium: http://www.kravmaga.be/pages/Accueilen.html

Poland: http://www.kravmaga.pl/

Wales: http://krav-maga-wales.com/

Nantucket: http://www.kravmaganantucket.com/

Colorado: http://www.kravmagaco.com/

California: http://www.krav-maga-d-fense.net/

San Francisco: http://www.kravmaga-sf.com/

Maryland: http://www.kravmd.com/

North Carolina: http://www.rhek.com/

Thailand: http://kravmagathailand.com

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