Bas Defence

Posted by: chukspinna

Bas Defence - 08/12/06 07:53 AM

For all your self defence needs Look no further than the legend Bas Rutten.This is some funny [censored].
Hahahahahahaha wot a guy!
Posted by: Mr_Heretik

Re: Bas Defence - 08/13/06 03:02 AM

He caught me off guard in the beginning of the second video with the blade.

Funny stuff though... and yes, the groin kick is always the first option if available to me.
Posted by: Ayub

Re: Bas Defence - 08/13/06 06:26 AM

I loved the 'Don't ... you .... ever ... try..' whilst ramming of head into a table. Priceless Bas.
Posted by: chukspinna

Re: Bas Defence - 08/13/06 12:03 PM

Yeah man I luv these clips they so tongue in cheek,