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Dumog - 03/25/06 07:05 PM


Has anyone seen these Dumog takes on trapping variations. I have never had the opportunity to study any empty handed Escrima stuff but it looks pretty good. This is part of the grappling part of Escrima, from Wickpedia:

Dumog is the term used in Eskrima to refer to wrestling techniques. A specific system of Filipino wrestling, Buno, is considered by some to be more advanced.

The term "dumog" is also used in the Philippines to describe dogs, kids or drunk people wrestling around without any skill (brawling).

In general, dumog is a basic Filipino technique that is often taught along with Silat, Kali, and Arnis styles. A dumog technique encompasses a variety of pushes, pulls, weight shifts and joint locks designed to "move" the opponent. It is a term used to describe a technique that creates a quick change in weight or force which is very similar to the soft styles of martial arts such aikido. The core of the technique is to utilize your own and the attacker's own body weight to force them to try to regain their balance. An example of this sort of dumog could be seen by a fighter defending himself from an attacker trying to clinch (like a Muay Thai syle clinch). The fighter would grab his other arm inside the joint of an opponent attempting to clinch him and drop his weight downward immediately. The sudden shift of weight forces the opponent to temporarily be pulled forward which could potentially expose an openning for a counterattack such as a headbutt or even another dumog technique to push their weight back as they attempt to correct themselves.

These techniques can often be performed just as easily with a weapon such as a sword or an eskrima stick. (e.g. replace grabbing your own arm with grabbing the other end of an eskrima stick.)
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I attended a seminar last weekend and we practiced some Buno, which utilizes the Dumog techniques. I found that Buno, like all aspects of Kali/Escrima/whatever/whatever/infinity is interchangeable with empty hand and weapon techniques. Some of what we learned on the ground gave me a better perspective on stick grappling. 50 bucks well spent!
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Interesting video. I have always wanted to see a bit of Dumog, thanks for sharing. Paul Vunak is a well known JKD instructor, and I have seen some of his other stuff. He seems to know what he is talking about.

Dumog looks to be a bit like Greco wrestling and Aikido combined, from what I saw on this clip.
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Interesting clip...I wonder what it would look like though if done at a faster pace/more live than having a cooperative partner. Are there any more video clips out there that show a more real application of Dumog?

Also, was it my cruddy monitor, or did the guy have some serious black eyes?
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QG -

LOL. Paul Vunak has always had the circles around his eyes. But knowing the kind of training he does, they might BE bruises!
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Dumog - 04/07/06 03:10 PM


I have practiced JKD/Kali for a number of years now and have been taught the area of this art. It is very powerful, and should be applied in sparring with musch care and concern for the other. I am used to moving people that are over 2oo lbs. and can attest dumog works well. With concern to weapons and dumog, it is effective also. I have used the push and pull techniques while knife sparring with large men and was able to apply a throw from this art. Again you must be careful with this, injury is highly probable. Enjoy the art of Dumog!