Question about Onguard position

Posted by: KyleJKD

Question about Onguard position - 01/01/06 05:15 PM

Hey i have been recently reading the Tao of JKD by Bruce Lee and his other books, and i must say they are really good and gave me a good insight into what its all about. But one thing that troubled me is..

His stance is Small Phasic Bent Knee stance or something and uses a right lead. Now his right lead is 'coiled' downwards so the elbow is kinda pointing outwards( alternating his low backward fist to high), this is so that there is no withdrawral for punch and 'telegraphing' this sounds great but!

At my JKD school we been learning our stance for left lead first and putting our weight into our right, i only been going for 4 weeks. Would you say im still at power training beginning level? and maybe later on i will develop this stance? i like the idea of striking like a 'cobra' colied.

Thanks for your knowledge and time
Posted by: Ayub

Re: Question about Onguard position - 01/01/06 06:10 PM

Seems as though your JKD instructor differs in opinion as to what the most effective way of fighting is, to that of Bruce Lee's writing in his books. Perhaps you could ask your instructors viewpoint on the issue and see what he says. Perhaps you can make your own decisionsas to whats best for you, taking what is best from the class, and rejecting what you think is unnecessary or less effective for you, in your own JKD.
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Re: Question about Onguard position - 01/01/06 06:46 PM

Yeah same here thanks for your reply
I guess ill raise this issue to my instructor, we only just come off the body mechanics for im like beginner/intermidiate still so.

Thanks for your opinion. and you still training in JKD?
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Re: Question about Onguard position - 01/01/06 10:54 PM

Remember Jeet Kune Do is a process not a set way of doing anything. There is a natural evolution to it. In the Tao of Jeet Kune Do Sigung Lee relates a lot of it to "his" jeet Kune Do (Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu). I am sure your instructor has a good reason for teach the way he does

Posted by: Ayub

Re: Question about Onguard position - 01/02/06 11:24 AM

Yes, I am still training JKD. I prefer to put my power side forward to make faster interceptions with my lead hand or foot. My own JKD is more focused towards western boxing style hand techniques than Wing Chun trapping. As my body is very similar in size and weight to Bruce Lee, my JKD is pretty much the same as his otherwise. I have just recently been getting more serious with the ground fighting aspect of fighting which is also very important.
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Re: Question about Onguard position - 01/05/06 04:36 PM

in my opinion,(like bruce lee's) i think that you should attack with your strongest weapons first. if you are right handed i see no reason why he is teaching left stances. he should be teaching the southpaw stance in order to attack with your strongest weapon first. Southpaw stance feels natural if you are a right hander anyway and thats what jkd is about "natural innaturalessness, or innatural naturalness."
Posted by: Chen Zen

Re: Question about Onguard position - 01/06/06 11:17 AM

Personally Id have to say go with what feels comfortable. A true JKD practitioner or teacher will understand that everyone's JKD is and should be as different as they are. Perhaps your teacher is left handed.
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Re: Question about Onguard position - 01/06/06 11:20 AM

I think your instructor is doing what is right for him. The "concept" and Philosophy of JKD is do do what fits you. You can try Bruce's stance and practice it a few times and see if it works for you. If not then don't use it. That's the great thing about JKD as opposed to many of the other arts. They tell you that you HAVE to do it their way. JKD teaches you concepts and different "forms" of how to defend yourself. In the end though it allows you to do what works for you.
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Re: Question about Onguard position - 01/07/06 11:56 AM

Ah ok guys,but one thing i dont understand is..
putting your hip into your right (powerful) lead hand. if your right shoulder is facing your opponent how do you put all your body weight into it by rotating shoulder and hip in (south paw) stance, with out rotating your body to the left leaving your back open.

any suggestions ?
Posted by: Ayub

Re: Question about Onguard position - 01/07/06 01:16 PM

If you are having trouble understanding this, it would suggest that your guard position is faced too side on. This will leave you very unblanced to fall backwards. You should move your rear foot laterally across so that there is a vertical gap between your two feet and you feel balanced. Turn in your front heel to make it harder to attack the groin.

From this position, raise your rear foot heel off the ground. Turning on his will allow you to turn your waist much more easily, putting your weight behind your attacks. Furthermore raising the heel allows faster footwork.

Now, when you punch, turn your waist towards your opponent by turing on the ball of your rear foot. Also, turn your shoulder into punch, and snap it back as fast as you can. Remember, repeatedly practicing will make your punch faster and better your technique.
Posted by: Kentao5

Re: Question about Onguard position - 01/07/06 01:21 PM

The strength of the lead strike is the body mechanics. Everything should be in alignment behind the striking area of the hand (closed or open). There should be a fairly straight line of alignment of the joints/body to give "strength in structure." If you are exposing your back, you are over-rotating. Extend your strike and have someone push against your hand to expose any weakness in your structure.