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Posted by: Underground

JKD Text - 12/04/05 04:33 PM

I am looking for some books on the philosophy that Bruce put behind JKD. I have a couple of books, but nothing really in depth. Please post up some good books that I can get which may clear this up for me!

Posted by: MattJ

Re: JKD Text - 12/04/05 06:28 PM

Tao of Jeet Kune Do is pretty much straight from the horse's mouth.
Posted by: ryangruhn

Re: JKD Text - 01/01/06 11:20 PM

May I also suggest to Google Bruce Lee. There is a ton of information you can find on the internet.

Posted by: Chen Zen

Re: JKD Text - 01/06/06 11:23 AM

Also read into Zen Buddhism, Krishnamurti, Musashi's book of rings, and look into the philosophy of Wing Chun which was a huge influence on Bruce and the early developement of JKD