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HELP PLEASE - 10/30/05 01:12 PM

wel i have been studying JKD for about 2 years and i am quite good at it ( if i do say so myself )and i have found it easy to put into practise in the area i live in. too many druken youth's to contend with.i have got every technique down to the point where i can do them wqithout even thinking about doing them but i have always wondered about the 1 inch pucn. ihave seen many videos of the master himself performing this technique but have never been able to use it.

so im just wondering if any JKD practitioner on here has perfected this technique and how they think it fairs up in a everyday society. and any tips on how i can perfect it would be appreciated

thanks guys
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Re: HELP PLEASE - 11/04/05 08:25 PM

I've been doing JKD for 11 years now (and other martial arts for god knows how long). I have yet to feel the streangth of the 1 inch punch. A person that does it on a regular basis is my Brother though.
It's all in the stance and how you focus your whole body in it. The movement comes from the twist of the whole body. An explosive movement is how it was explained.

I never gave it alot of attention because I never found practical use for it. My brother would dedicate hours after our training on that move alone. If you're interested about it some more, I'll persuad him to reply on this thread in more detail.

Good luck.
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Re: HELP PLEASE - 11/05/05 02:07 PM

This punch that everyone seems to so facinated with is really nothing too "special" its just a strong jab done "corretly".

The idea that Bruce was trying to push was that the power didn't come from distance, it came from body machnics.

I have seen boxers adapt this idea and do i cross from 1 inch. The punch Bruce used is a WC punch. If you want to learn it ( I am sure a normal JKD school would teach this..) you can get Duncan leung's video .. the 3rd form video talks about it I think.

They are all very very good.

I can do the punch (although sometimes my technique isn't soo hot). I have used it in all my sparring and a fight. I do not get 1 inch away.. but ITS THE SAME PUNCH. We call it a Bow and arrow punch. Why?? becouse you push and pull your body like you would shoot a “bow and arrow”.. lol you also have to use the ground ect.. Get a heavy bag and practise! Nothing will replace a real target for practise.

Try closing doors with the punch.. many punches can be done corretly from a 1 inch away.. with power. Its all about proper body machanics.
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Re: HELP PLEASE - 11/05/05 07:54 PM

A good way to practice the body mechanics for a 1-inch punch is to do it as a no-inch punch. i.e. put your fist to the target and use the ground force path. You will clearly see if you are simply using your shoulder or arm extension, or if you're using mainly your hips and knees, or whether you're really engaging the ball of your rear foot.
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Re: HELP PLEASE - 11/07/05 10:51 PM

I've never seen a 1" punch that wasn't gimic.

Illusion 1 (usually during a breaking demo):
In slow motion you can see the hand retract quite a few inches before snapping forward making the travel distance much further than where they started. The hands are quicker than the David Blane.

Illusion 2 (usually when demonstrating on someone):
(can combine this with Illusion #1) Take a subtle half step forward with front foot and deliver a fast push.

Thats it. until I see something different thats all I've got on this urban myth.
so my advice is to pracice your jab.
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Re: HELP PLEASE - 11/08/05 10:20 AM

Although I have practiced the one inch punch, and it does not involve stepping forward or retracting the hand, I tend to agree with Ed. Mostly a gimmick. Useful for learning short range mechanics, but not really practical in combat.
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Re: HELP PLEASE - 11/11/05 05:45 PM

Gimmick. Don't buy into the myth.

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Re: HELP PLEASE - 11/13/05 09:53 PM


-Taison out
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Re: HELP PLEASE - 11/16/05 02:35 PM

I have seen demonstrations of different types of short range/1" punch. Most wing chun guys I have seen do a push punch to centerline while standing in pidgeon toed wing chun stance. Most jkd guys do a push punch to center from a right or left lead, which ends up with a strong extended lead fist position. Lee's student Jim Demile teaches a shock type punch from a left or right foot lead which shocks then recoils. The first 2 I mentioned normally knock the person back, the third can drop a person where they stand.
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Re: HELP PLEASE - 11/18/05 09:06 PM


Done correctly there is no retraction and does not require a step.

It can and has cracked sternums and ribs.

The pushing method is used to demonstrate how much extension can be added with the torquing of the body.

The Jolting methods can effect you almost like whiplash in a car accident.

I have used it several times as a Bodyguard to drive someonw back or jolt them when they were getting hostile or violent and my hand was already placed on them to keep them away from my client.

Suddenly they are propelled back or hunched over and you and your client are gone!

Good luck!
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Re: HELP PLEASE - 12/31/05 11:24 AM

The one/Three inch punch is mostly applied from a finishing grappled or trapped postion where your arm has no time to recoil into one fully punch, so the quick sudden explosion of this technique can be critical.

I have not learnt this technque however i have a analytical eye on the concepts of JKD. i am beginner/intermidiate at my local JKD school and i have been going there for 4 weeks now an di am hoping we could learn this concept on the one inch punch.

A question for you guys!

When i do learn this technique from my Instructor, could i use my palm or even with my first 2 knuckles,becase correct me if im wrong arnt you suppose to use the last 3 knuckles and use an upward motion to do this technique, i am worried because i fractured my 5th metacarpul or'the boxers bone'4 so-to-speak 4~5 months ago , and i am quiet hsitant on applying pressure here.

Thanks for taking your time in reading my problems
Hopefully i can use my first 2 knuckles
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Re: HELP PLEASE - 12/31/05 12:05 PM

Quote by KyleJKD -


The one/Three inch punch is mostly applied from a finishing grappled or trapped postion where your arm has no time to recoil into one fully punch, so the quick sudden explosion of this technique can be critical.

I thnk I know what you mean (stand-up grappling?), but just to clarify, 1-3" punch will not be very effective in groundfighting. Especially from the bottom, as you will not be able to apply proper body mechanics to it.

As far as using the heel palm.....I guess so, but the strike derives a lot power from two things:

*wrist action
*small contact area

Heel palm wrist action is even more limited compared to the punch, and the heel palm contact area is larger, which will not maximize impact like a knuckle strike will.

First two knuckle use for the 1-3" punch seems much more useful. Similar overall mechanics, but you would have to reverse the wrist action to point the knuckles down and into the target instead of up as the 'standard' 1-3" punch is done.

Up and into the target (as far as solar plexus shots) will generally cause more discomfort due to the more severe contraction of the diaphragm muscles. I train that way.
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Re: HELP PLEASE - 12/31/05 12:14 PM

Sweet thanks for your comments its helped alot, i now know im not missing out on a good technique.