Rick Faye Seminar

Posted by: Cord

Rick Faye Seminar - 07/18/05 08:36 AM

This weekend Rick Faye is coming to my school here in the UK to conduct a weekend JKD/Kali seminar. Naturally I am going!

Anyone here been to his seminar's before? I am really looking forward to it, but seeing as how JKD is so dependant on an individuals interpretation, i expect it to be different to what limited experience of it I have, and was hoping to get a rough idea of what to expect (apart from 10 hours of sweat and my ass hitting the floor a lot )
Posted by: Cord

Re: Rick Faye Seminar - 07/24/05 12:57 PM

Well, the seminar is over. It was awesome!! Rick is a very nice guy and an excellent MAist. We covered a lot of ground in the seminar, touching on Chi sau (spelling) Silat foot sweep drills, knife drills and training blade sparring, double stick, lots of panantukan progression, Jun fan focus mit combo work and sparring and a few other bits n pieces that escape me in my brain overloaded state
All this was delivered with dry wit and self depracation from a guy who is obviously deeply in love with his art (and extremely good at it).
Anyway, thought you may be interested in the verdict, and I would recommend training with Mr Faye without hesitation.
Posted by: Chen Zen

Re: Rick Faye Seminar - 07/25/05 01:23 AM

Glad to hear it Cord.
Posted by: ToddR

Re: Rick Faye Seminar - 10/04/05 12:34 PM

I was lucky enough to train under one of Rick Faye's students, Andy Wilson, when I lived in Seattle, and to attend Rick Faye's Wisconsin Camp for 4 days and I can say that I've never met a more humble and TALENTED group of people. Both Rick and Andy (who I'm more familiar with because I trained at his school for over a year) are the nicest, most humble people in MA you will ever meet, and they are both EXTREMELY gifted. I suspect this talent and humility stems from their studying under Dan Inosanto who, from what I've been told by his students, is also an extraordinarily gifted and humble martial artist. I have no doubt that the seminar was excellent and that you experienced "seminar brain" from all the information he threw at you.
Posted by: foreverrocker

Re: Rick Faye Seminar - 10/07/05 10:43 AM

I have been a student of Ricks for 15 years. I have trained with other great teachers, but he is the best. I really like his calm sense of humor and his love for fine beer.(Summit). He is worth the price of admission everytime.
Posted by: ToddR

Re: Rick Faye Seminar - 10/07/05 11:03 AM

foreverrocker, have you attended one of Rick's Wisconsin Camps? I was there two summers ago (I was the guy with the really lousy kali knife and stick technique! and pretty weak everything else for that matter!) And yeah, it was cool to get introduced to that fine beverage, Summit Beer. You are one lucky son of a gun to be able to train with Rick on a regular basis - he is a phenomenal instructor and his students' talent speak volumes about how effective a teacher he is. My instructor in Seattle, Andy Wilson, is a Level 3 instructor under Rick and Andy is the nicest guy you'll ever meet and has scary martial arts skills - good thing he's a nice guy! I really, really miss being in Seattle and training at Andy's school and I regret that I didn't take more advantage of his school while I was there. Now that I'm in a little town in PA with very few martial arts options, I fantasize about being able to study panantukan, silat, BJJ, muay thai, and jun fan/jkd all in the same school <sigh> .
Posted by: foreverrocker

Re: Rick Faye Seminar - 10/07/05 08:38 PM

Amazingly, I do not do the camps. I have not been to one. I say I am going to go every year, but don't. They laugh at me now when I say I am going. I was supposed to train with Paul Vunak last year, but backed out. I heard bad things about that session.
Posted by: ToddR

Re: Rick Faye Seminar - 10/08/05 01:22 PM

Well, it is kind of expensive, esp. because I had to fly in from Seattle. That one camp will probably be my first and last, for no other reason than I just can't afford to shell out that kind of dough anymore. And, I think what I need more than an intensive 4-day camp is steady, 2-3 times a week attendance at my local school. I think that would do me more good than anything.
Posted by: WushuStudent

Re: Rick Faye Seminar - 11/01/05 04:45 PM

Foreverrocker, isn't Bill McGrath going to be at your school soon?

I train JKD south of the river and my Instructor has thought about asking Rick to come down sometime in the near future.
Posted by: KyleJKD

Re: Rick Faye Seminar - 12/31/05 11:44 AM

I am currently attending a JKD school near me in Manchester and my instructor is Steve Powell, dont know if ya heard of him did a few films in the past. Steve is the 3rd. Generation,and Graduate Instructor under Rick Young,
3rd. Level Instructor in Jun Fan, Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Panatuken under Rick Faye.